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Sure Footing v0.93.5 Patch Notes Locked

A topic by Table Flip Games created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 109
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Developer (1 edit)

February 2017 continues our gradual improvements to UI and performance that we started last month. You should see a number of UI improvements as well as some new gameplay features.

New Features:

  • Teleport Power-Up: Players can now teleport a short distance ahead to safety but it takes a long time to recharge..
  • Crate Shock Power-Up: Players can now destroy crates within proximity using a shock-wave effect.
  • Controller Support: We completely re-wrote the input system for Sure Footing in preparation for a big feature update late in the Spring. One benefit of this is that now the game supports PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and controllers on Mayflash adapters such as Wii U Pro, GameCube and DualShock 3.

Updates & Improvements:

  • Almost all of the UI system has been revamped with new art assets: especially the character and power-up select screens. Right now we're still making changes to the Pause Screen, Game Over Screen and Options Screen, which should come into effect next month.
  • New sound effects have been added to the UI system to help make it easier to understand.
  • Additional sound effects for the survival cut-scene.
  • Credits screen has been updated with new screenshots (and captions!)
  • We improved the rotation of the world when entering K-SAN to make it smoother. It was originally an instant and jarring process, so we wanted to make it more obvious what is happening.
  • 1st phase of some general improvements to collision and player movement.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Removed a bug where Blip's animations would not run correctly in the character select screen (removed on schedule).
  • Removed a bug in Polly's animations while she is running.
  • Removed a bug where Polly's costumes would not appear correctly in rare instances.
  • Removed a bug where the 1st sprint of the game after restart is really small (removed on schedule).
  • Removed a bug affecting the position/appearance of props worn or carried by each character, we removed many of the props in an earlier build, but have since put them back into the game.
    • Not gonna lie, this one's been bugging us for months. We're really happy we got it fixed. Also because a lot of our upcoming costumes all use props of some sort. So if we didn't get this one fixed, it would've been a real downer.
  • Removed bugs that would impact performance of the pause menu in-game.
  • Removed a bug where the background music would play twice if the game paused (removed on schedule).

Bug Tracking:

Following last month where we acknowledge and keep track of bugs in the game, we're also going to give updates on bug fixes in process.

  • Outstanding Bugs
    • Welcome signs sometimes do not appear when visiting new sectors for the first time.
      • This is close to resolved, but there are still minor edge cases we haven't ironed out yet.
    • A collision bug where a character runs along a downward ramp and falls through it.
      • We've made some improvements to collision in the game, but it has not resolved all bugs as yet.
  • Other Bugs Identified:
    • Crates in piles that are destroyed by Deletion Dave may result in floating crates that are not destroyed (does not impact gameplay, but it's annoying us).
    • There are periodic issues with the player hitting invisible ceilings. This is a very rare bug that we'd previously thought quashed. We're taking another crack at it for next month.
    • We've noticed the credits screen doesn't scale well on certain resolutions. That's on the to-do list for next month!

We've also been working on a lot of new features behind the scenes that have not been made public. Our plan is to turn on a couple of these new features in March and April for players.

Thanks as always for your continued patience and support! As always if you have feedback or bugs to report, please head over to the bug thread and let us know.

Tommy, Table Flip Games