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Sure Footing v0.93.4 Patch Notes Locked

A topic by Table Flip Games created Jan 27, 2017 Views: 151
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Good morning all and happy new year to our First-Access players! 2017 is off to a great start for Sure Footing as we roll out some new features and tidy up some old ones for our January build!

New Features

  • Power-Up Select UI has a new pop-up info screen so you can learn more about each item by pressing X on the Keyboard or on Gamepad when highlighting it.

Updates & Improvements:

  • The pop-up information screen on game start has been revamped to make it more consistent with our overall art style.
  • You can now de-select a power-up or buff in the Power-Up selection screen, previously you could only select another power-up/buff. It was not possible to select no power-up/buff in a given slot having previously selected one .
  • The market stalls and MIPs have been given an upgrade with new art assets, this has resulted in changes to our market street as well as the streets players run through during play.
  • The camera zoom during gameplay is more responsive to changes in height.
  • Improved the obstacle placement so they no longer overlap with each other.

Bugs Fixed

  • Removed a bug where power-ups/buffs did not appear on the HUD during your first run.
  • Removed a bug with signposts in K-SAN appearing backwards.
  • Removed a bug where the Deletion Buffer buff delays your death from a fall.
  • Removed a bug where crate particles still play after they're destroyed.
  • Removed a bug where 'auto-climb' would not be set correctly in the options menu: it would assume the default value of true in the options menu until the player opted to change it. After which it would reflect the saved preference.

New Bugs Found:

We're acknowledging and keeping track of bugs found in the game.

  • Bugs Scheduled for Removal in 0.93.5 build (February 2017).
    • The 1st sprint that players experience after rebooting can sometimes be very short, resulting in the welcome signpost overlapping with the next street.
    • Blips animations can sometimes appear broken in the character select screen.
    • After pausing the game, multiple instances of the background music may play at once.
    • Welcome signs sometimes do not appear when visiting new sectors for the first time.
  • Other Bugs Identified
    • We're investigating collision bugs that occur when a character jumps upwards into a platform and get stuck within it.
    • We're investigating a collision bug where a character runs along a downward ramp and falls through it.
We're working hard on some new features for the game that aren't ready to show off yet. But we hope you can see some improvement in the state of the game this month. Thanks as always for playing and please get in touch with any comments or feedback via the forums.

Tommy, Table Flip Games