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Sure Footing v0.93.1 is live! Locked

A topic by Table Flip Games created Oct 31, 2016 Views: 79
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Hey everyone,

A quick update to announce that the latest build of Sure Footing is now online on You can download it either from the main store page or if you use the client it will patch the game accordingly. We're working hard on addressing some bugs raised by our players as well as gradually release new features. An overview of the updates made to the game can be found below:

  • New pop-up announcement UI: We're working on adding in new pop-up UI layers and to give it a test-run, we added in a new patch notes screen on the title screen.
  • New Sector: Visit the regal sector of LAN-DN. It might be wet and a bit grim, but they make a lovely cup of tea.
  • New Costumes: The latest fashion from Pixeley and LAN-DN are yours to wear in the character selection screen.
  • New level generation features: the PCG system has new toys to play with! Keep your wits about you as the game will be trickier this time around.
  • Improvements: Some small but significant changes to performance. In a perfect world, you'll never even notice them and we'll feel really smart about it.
  • Improved Music: We've remixed the title track and running music. Naturally we're biased, but we think they sound pretty funky.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved a bug where you could not run the credits screen twice.
      • Raised by the community and fixed.
    • Bug Fix: Resolved a bug with the control of the camera using the keyboard.
    • Bug Fix: Resolved a bug where the player could actually wind up behind Deletion Dave. Given Dave's job is to chase the player, that was a little bit awkward!
  • Credits Update: We've updated the credits to include our first-access supporters. We love you all! If you ever see us in real life, let us know and you will also get a free hug (only one hug per copy of the game)!
We hope you enjoy these new changes as we continue to work on the game. Thank you so much for being a part of our small but exciting first-access launch. We're looking at rolling out another update as soon as possible to introduce some new SFX as well as fix one or two bugs we've spotted while playtesting the new release. If you spot anything, be sure to leave a comment on our bugs thread and we'll address these as soon as we can.