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Cool concept well made. I enjoyed the challenging platforming and levels would love to see more from this in the future well done!

Interesting game simple good concept done well controls were tight and only a few bugs well done!

I was not expecting to see a twine game this jam and I am glad you broke that expectation that was a very enjoyable story told in a jam unique medium.

Really unique premise and idea I especially appreciated the undo button so i didn't have to restart every puzzle from the beginning if i made a simple mistake well done!

A fun take on the tower defense genre the art was nice and cute I'd love to see more well done!

Super fun! Didnt take me too long to beat, hard platformers are my favorite genera! Would have loved to see some other implementations of the bound buttons! Maybe there was a timer and it switched between left and right? Or it was different every level? Something to keep you on your toes

I loved the puzzles they were very well done and had a unique art style well done!

This is fantastic! Final level took me quite a while to beat but I got through! The fact this only has 18 ratings is criminal! 

Super fun! Loved the troll in the last level, took me 8 mins to beat on my first attempt. The presentation, and gameplay is really solid!

Took me a bit to figure out how to play, woulda loved some in game tutorials, but I quite enjoyed it! The separate powerups were all fun to figure out how to use.

Unique concept I would like to see expanded on in the future. A cool take on the theme well done!

Really cool concept I really would like a trail to tell me where the other end is going to go but it is a very unique idea that I would love to see more of!

I really like the art style and I hope to see more from this in the future!

Really interesting game all of the movement and level design is really polished I would love to see more in the future!

Really with I could play this game because it looks super interesting but hey you made a game good job!

Really fun polished game everything feels done and well made good job!

Really impressive you made a full card based combat game in 48hrs and the art is fantastic good work!

Very polished platformer! everything just felt good well done!

Thank you! We tried quite hard to push that human/computer interface idea to the forefront and are glad it worked! 

We were actually thinking of going back to this after the jam and looking for a way to make it more educational. The typing programs I had growing up were awful as well. 

Oh dont worry that was part of the fun! We also hid an alt tab and alt f4 asteroid in there just to mess with people :)

Thank you so much for playing and we are glad you enjoyed! 

A fantastically silly game premise I love it the sound effects are the cherry on top well done!

This game is exceedingly cute and is super easy to understand really love it great work!

Very polished and well made game I enjoyed the music and sound effects I'm excited to see where this can go in the future!

I would recommend switching out of the first person camera or make a clear grid on the ground so you know where you can go. Overall I like the idea and would like to see where it goes in the future.

Really fun game with a unique art style the swinging feels really responsive and good well done!!

Interesting take on the typical zombie mechanic I'd love to see a more polished version of this in the future well done!

This game is visually stunning and the fluids work great I would love to see this expanded on in the future great work!!!

Hey Brandon! Thank you so much for the feedback and we are super glad you enjoyed it! Difficulty was very hard to get right and I agree it gets a bit hard a bit fast. I like the idea of making some easier double asteroids come first, in a next build ill add a new difficulty type! 

Very polished and a good looking game for just 48hrs well done!

Unique Game with an surprisingly deep combat for a jam and a super tight movement system.

This is extreamly creative and very well executed! Some of the later levels took me a bit to complete. It was very satisfying to stare at the list of people and figure out the exact combination in my head then put it all in at once 

Wow! I am very impressed with how good this game looks and how good it feels to play! Great work

Clean up the character controller a bit, add a few more levels and some sounds and you got yourself a fun and clever platformer here! Good work

Thank you so much! We are so glad you enjoyed playing! High praise from the superb Tut man himself 

Hahaha i'm glad you enjoyed it we thought it would add a bib of fun and randomness to the game if it got you to alt F4 ;)

Nathann can you narrate my every day life please? 

Thank you so much for the feed back! Yeah we need to increase the readability of some of the letters for sure.

As far as the space bar goes though, the goal was to play off the theme of Joined Together. By forcing the player to hold space the whole time they are physically joined with their computer in a way that makes the game much more challenging. Ill make a build without it at some point though and see if the games feels better without it though!

The goal was to play off the theme of Joined Together. By forcing the player to hold space the whole time they are physically joined with their computer in a way that makes the game much more challenging.