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Thanks. We are still thinking if we should extend the project.

Thanks. I made an engine library to reduce the tile uses in main game. But most of the visual and game mechanic is done with GBVM and event system.

i am sorry. this project is using an experimental library for the connection (in hops of no need to host a server). so it doesn't work often

The art is minimalism and the control is apparently simple. but man, this game is very hardcore and challenging, but also very satisfying when player pass a level. I would say it's a very good game.

If there is no special attack erasing bullets, I probably can't finish the game. It's a nice one. I like the mission system that enrichs game the game experience.

The pseudo-3d visual is amazing. 

nice visual and polished combat system. sadly, it crashes after i finished stage 1 so i havn't finished the game.

Every minigame is easy to pick up and fun to play. If it was released in the GameBoy era, I can see that it's a good minigame compilation to kill time.  Good job.

The game idea of depolying maids on tower defense/food cooking is hilarious and fun.

In the begining, I feel maybe i should use the obstacles, or try controlling character to dodge bullet hell. But once I get one character to high level, I finally see what i am supposed to do in this game. I have tried several play style, and i would say investing on Jitochi is the best strategy, as her projectiles stay in scene longer, that enemies are neutralized by her shoot before and have less time to attack. So once she gets to high level, the game becomes no brainer

Some minor opinion, I feel it will be more handy if there are hot keys for items

ok i will do it

Thanks for reading.

I have tried your game. The minigames are fun and the visual is good. I haven't made a comment on your game page, because I haven't yet got enough time to fully play your game once. 

for the protagonist animation, it's just tile swapping via GBVM. The GB studio website, has tutorial about swapping one tile, but the engine actually has GBVM function that can actually swap big chunk of tiles as long as they are in order. 

And for the character movement, it's just moving the overlay layer / camera (depends on which layer you are using) 

Thanks for the feedback.

When i start developing a minigame, I focus more on the visual because of the technical limit of GameBoy. That's probably why 2 of my minigames end up with tapping mechanic. I will try other game control when I extend my project.

the graphic is so cute

the dithering is done well and the art is quite good. 

Thanks for the appreciation an feedback.

the menu was done in the last several days, and went through several change. originally, it should have an mechanic to load/unload tiles so that it's easier to add new levels. But i run out of time so everything is drawn on the single scene image. Definitely going to improve the menu, if people feel the project has potential to extend

Quite cool. How did you overcome the 5 projectile limitation?

Thanks for playing my game and give me feedback. Yes, I do agree that there should be some instruction before starting a minigame. If I have more time for the project, I need to improve it.

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Thanks for likeing my game.

The credit scrolling is actually quite simple, not even requires engine library. The text is on background layer scrolling, the bottom graphic is on window layer, every sprites is pinned and fading effect is just sprites with dithering

Your game is the blessing from Omnissiah

The artstyle is nice. The gameplay is simple but solid, Good for killing time

the artwork is amazing

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Thanks for reminding. I still need some work on the itch page so I will make it public after that.
(FYI, the password is "gbcompo23")

wow, you tried my game in gameboy. Thanks so much. 

yes, it's a multi ending. After the rate period, i will make a fix, so that it's easier to understand

unique puzzle game idea. quite fun

The music is energetic.

Thanks for playing the game. Nice to know that you have been in my city. The whole Song of Morus project is about protagonist Song the taoist priestess fighting ghost, undead and demon in Hong Kong . Maybe you will also like my other games in this series.

like the music switch system a lot. i don't remember any gameboy game i played has done something like that. the art style is cute. the game mechanic is easy to pick up but challenging. Good job.

the character and stage design is cute. I am look forward to your original project

The art style bypassed the Gameboy limitation and offers a refreshing vision. The game is short but fun. I like the story, not too much dialogue, just enough to show the characters' personality and make me care. Using simple daily item to satistory  eldritch gods is just hilarious. It's a good submission.

One thing. There is a option to leave. But if i use it, the progress is gone, and i lost my used item.

This game is so weird, it reminds me the game Yume Nikki

Hey it's you. Thanks for liking my game. Yes I am definitely going to make more games, probably also experimenting more platforms too.

It's a high quality submission. the graphic is beautiful and cute. The music is lovely and joyful. The gameplay is easy to pickup but with a suitable learning curve. Very polished. Well done.

Simple mechanic, but very challenging puzzles.

I am so confused. Are we in Matrix?

the puzzle and story is also fun. the graphic feels like pokemon style so godd enough. Overall I like this game. good job

Each level has different game mechanic. Quite a fun

I got the drown ending. is it the only ending? weird, but interesting

the isometric graphic and battle scene is absolutely outstanding. music is good too