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Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I may be misunderstanding though. What are you saying should be changed about the controls?

Thanks for your feedback! I liked your take on this mechanic. The first levels were meant to be very simple tutorials to show someone who is unfamiliar with the mechanics how it works, and how to think about the more complicated puzzles moving forwards. Limiting the moves was a decision made to make the puzzles more challenging so a player can’t just endlessly roll around until they happen to stumble into the goal face up. It also helps the player stay on track and not get themselves into a difficult position/orientation. There may be a better solution, and again, it is good to hear feedback from someone who is more familiar with the mechanic. Thanks for playing :)

Super fun arcade game! I liked the boomerang the best :) Great usage of the theme and great aesthetic as well. Really well done!

Goofy and actually a lot of fun! Nice use of the theme too. Great job guys!

We used a very similar mechanic! Love your take on it, falling through the skies felt very cool, very relaxing vibes. Great job!

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Great minds think alike I guess! I love your take on this mechanic, so polished and I really like the mysterious feel. Really great job, I'd love to chat about your approach to designing your levels for this mechanic :)

Nice! Very similar to the concept we went with. I like your take, especially the mechanic of the moving blocks locking out grid spaces. Well done!

i am in tears

Fantastic. Was a bit tricky to understand at first, but once I fully understood what was going on, it became one of my favorite games of the jam. As other people mentioned, some kind of undo mechanic would be nice, but did not detract too much from my enjoyment. Outside of the design, great aesthetic, and great audio design (even if you didnt actually make the sounds yourself). Really well done. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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thanks for checking it out! You are right, there is not enough feedback on the level reset. We did not have time to implement something like that unfortunately.

Wow this is so similar to what we came up with! Really love your take, feels a bit more arcadey. I wanted to implement a similar concept of having multiple goals, but we did not have enough time in the end. Really well done!

The art style reminded me of The Behemoth games, really great job on that front. Felt good to hack and slash, and the head throw mechanic was also cool! The slot machine was interesting, but was a bit confusing and also hard to keep track of, especially because the camera would zoom in and obscure it often. Overall, great job with this one! Had a lot of fun, thank you :)

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Really nice and polished puzzler. Feels like something I would have found on my parents' old Window 98 machine. My one note is that it would be nice to have a bit more information to make it easier to plan further ahead. We went with a similar puzzle concept and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts! Really great job on this game, one of my favorites I have played in the jam.

I learned a new word today :) I love this game! The amazing voice acting and overall goofiness of moving the stick around and resulting shenanigans gave me some good chuckles. Really well done, thanks for the fun and the laughs!

This is a really interesting concept! Very clever. However, the randomization makes it a bit tricky to really plan out your moves. Maybe refreshing your whole hand with each time the cards are dealt could alleviate some of the difficulty and add a bit more control over your moves. Really good work!

Really interesting game! We used a similar puzzle mechanic of trying to manage the faces of a die in our game :) I like your take, it feels like a more mind bending and tactical version of tetris. Really good work! I know it can be tricky setting up the tracking of all of the sides of the die :P

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hmm, we haven’t seen this issue before. Did you try reloading the page? And what browser are you using?

Thanks for playing! Glad you are liking it.

P.S.: Just rated yours too :)

I was a bit confused by the gameplay, but I like the direction is is going! I enjoy the spooky style as well. Nice work!

Love the audio and aesthetic. Well done!

Really nicely polished puzzle game. Would be interesting to see some new mechanics later on, like special tiles that rotate your pieces. Really well done!

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It seems we ended up with pretty similar games! We had actually discussed using a mechanic for fueling the generator in our game as well, but ended up deciding against it. Cool to see it here and to see a different take on a similar concept. Well done, full marks for originality ;)

Very cool aesthetic, love the pixelating shader. Gameplay is kind of reminiscent of Devil Daggers. Wish there was a bit more feedback to indicate where enemies were, but maybe that was an intentional design decision. Overall, great work!

Short and sweet. I was a big fan of the audio. Felt like I was inside an old windows screensaver. I feel like this has potential with a few added mechanics to spice things up. Good work.

Short and sweet. I was a big fan of the audio. Felt like I was inside an old windows screensaver. I feel like this has potential with a few added mechanics to spice things up. Good work.

Very nice take on the "controlling multiple characters" mechanic. Some interesting puzzles and overall a polished game. Well done!

As mentioned in other comments, it is pretty tough, and I have seen a few other games in the jam use this mechanic, but this feels like the most polished one of the bunch. Level design is good, but could use some in-between levels to ramp up difficulty more slowly. Overall, very well done!!

A very charming game. Lots of fun little puzzles. Love the animation of the dancers! Well done.

A creative take on the theme, but was a bit frustrating to move around. Good work! Sorry I am so bad at your game :\

Overall a fun and polished experience. I'm impressed with the number of interesting puzzles you came up with! Good job.

Very impressed by the visual polish on this game! Also impressed by the implementation of the core enemy-swinging mechanic, I'd imagine it required some tricky programming. Everything felt nice and juicy with nice feedback for the player in all of the appropriate places.

A few notes:
When getting to the last enemy in an area, you just have to sit there and wait for them to die. Maybe you could implement a launching mechanic, where you are able to manually release the enemy after swinging them. Would feel really good to build up momentum in an enemy and then fling them back at their fellow gang members (or launch them off a cliff)!

Also felt like it would be nice to have more space to move around in the levels. Maybe it is an intentional design decision to make it more challenging to complete the levels, but it felt so good to just fling enemies around that I would have preferred if I could just focus on that. 

More nitpicky:
I died 2 times in the tutorial, and it would have been nice if I could have skipped the dialogue for the rooms I had already been in.

Actually not sure if it is possible for WebGL, but you should hide the hardware mouse pointer so you can show off your nice targeting cursor! (If you are already doing that and it's just a WebGL thing, ignore this)

More of a mechanic idea than actual feedback: Could be cool to have some kind of life steal mechanic while you are attached to an enemy, making the mechanic dual purpose.

Overall a super polished game, great use of theme, and actually a lot of fun! Really good work.

A fun and very pretty Puzzle/Action/Dash-em-up! Great take on the jam theme, and a nice implementation of the portal-style button press puzzles. I feel like there is a lot of potential for some very compelling puzzles with the core mechanic if you keep going with this! It felt really good to link together a bunch of animal sprite companions and dash around in open spaces, destroying the enemies. Beautiful aesthetic and great sfx/soundscape (although could be a bit loud at times when linking multiple sprites at the same time). Really good work by the whole team, a fun, beautiful and very unique game overall, that also fits the theme quite well.

You can also retry levels by pressing the restart button after failing a level! Thanks for checking it out.

Was very impressed by the tutorial polish. Fun little rhythm game with some interesting puzzle mechanics. Very well done!

Honestly was confused when I read 2D FPS, but now it all makes sense. Good work!

My favorite that I have played so far. If this is original audio, really good job to whoever created that! Was hitting some sick trickshots with that paddle.

A nice tower defense game. I could see a lot of room for expanding on this project! Good work

This seems like an interesting concept, but I am not sure how to play. Hope I can get some more info so I can try it again!

A very relaxing idle/clicker game. Wish I had more time for each round, and wish the animals could move around the garden. Really good work though!