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thank you! we are aware that the game is buggy and not finishable, sadly. In fact, we didn't even manage to pass the first level ourselves lol :( we didn't know it was possible, so glad to know that!

damn it's hard to get combos

i always like a take on greek mythology! i managed to get sisyphus to like 50-60% but then gave up cause it was too hard :( but fun idea nonetheless!

simple game that works well! i love the art and the sound design

very fun concept, and the art is amazing!

i'd argue that the role reversal is eh, but the game in itself is very good and addictive, almost got on the leaderboard

is the racing game supposed to be winable??? cause damn if i didnt go back half the time i would be happy... the rest is really fun nice idea

it has a really good mechanic, a banger soundtrack and amazing visuals! extremely good entry to this jam!

aaah yes... Charted!

i love this, it's so clever and fun!

stressful micromanagement with pretty art 10/10

it's very pretty and feels very good, and i havent done calculations by head in a long time, it was a good refresher!

maybe it was luck, but i found them pretty quick hehe, really fun concept

pov transition, 10/10

omg i need a full fledged mimic simulator, i love it!

i had long thought helios was kindof a bitch for killing icarus, well now that i was in his place, i get it. very fun and the art is incredible!

i never thought i was gonna play as a pin with a gun but here we are

i'll do anything to protect the femboy

ok thats really weird i have seen this anywhere, if it still doesnt work maybe try another web browser... or updating yours? idk i really hope you can try our game 🤞

oh no, what version did you try?

hahaha your game has the same basic concept as ours with a different idea i love it and it's so well executed as well!

i was very confused because the yellow sparkles are for the blue helmet and vice versa, but the concept is really fun and i agree with the others that it feels very overcookedey

i really love the atmosphere!

oooo it's fun and pretty love it

oooh it's very cryptic and i love the art direction i love it

its the game i have played for the most time out of all the ones i tested from this jam, its very addicting and i love the art

im really confused as to what standing next to the cannons do but the lore is wacky and visually its fun. also please tell me you didnt name all those planets by hand...

ooo i love the visuals and also that Nyx is my name

thank you thanks to this i discovered an entry where the name of the game is my name 10/10

really love the art and the music, and the cohesion between the two

the art is nice, but i didnt feel like i was doing much tbh

shoot, we should have thought of adding pop ups and captchas to our game

very pretty, tho i dont really see how it's a reversed role... it's not obvious you have to chase the monster in the beggining, and being chased by a monster is pretty standard business

HAHA bitch yourself! fun idea, kinda sad there's no sound or background but eh you do what you can

the quality of this game is impressive! and an online leaderboard????

i fell through the void :( but funny concept, kinda sad that there is no sound tho

i like the visuals! interesting twist on a pre existing game, level 11 is impossible :(

gotta admit it took me a few rounds to understand how it works, but it's so clever! i think you really nailed the playing against yourself way better than other people

HOW did you make so much in 48hours, and it's even fun and creative and engaging lol. absolutely love it

oooo that's a fun take and its VERY pretty too love it. no i didnt just put the circle at the very edge of the map.