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The art is fantastic!! wish you could see the bullets tho

Really fun game to play with a intresting mechanic. The music is fantasticly peacefull. :) 

A fun platformer with a great story behind it! :)

Great minimalistic puzzle game! All the mechanics are cleverly made :) 

Best game i have played so far this game jam! Loved the The block and time mechanic fits the theme so well. Also the art, game design and player movement are on point <3

My favorite game of this game jam so far! Loved the art, music and the perfect difficulty <3 

Pretty creative player movement mechanic. It only was really hard to switch from function with the mouse, maybe this could be changed to keyboard buttons? 

Really clever game and art! It is also really satisfying to shoot the beam :) 

Cool art style and a creative way of using the theme! The only thing is that i had a hard time controlling the player. 

Relaxing beach vibes! Pretty cool to play! 

Cool idea loved the art and the gameplay! Would love to play more levels :) 

Overall a great game! Good use of the learning curve :)

This is a solid platformer! Great art and level design. Eating the cakes did drop the frame rate but overall a great game. Good job! :) 

Quite challenging platformer. Loved the art style.

Cool and relaxing experience! 

The art style and music are amazing! Great work! 

Loved playing the mini games also really liked the art style. Good job! 

Loved the art and the sounds in the game. Have in mind that new player will always make mistakes. It is a big punishment to restart the whole game over again, try to avoid that by adding checkpoints. 

Good idea for the theme! Next time have a learning in the back of your mind, and know that new player will always make mistakes. At the start is was already pretty hard to reach the platforms. But overall great game! 

Great game! Loved the flying mechanic and the artwork <3

The fire was pretty hard to make out and maybe it would be cool if the goal of the game was communicated in some kind of way.

Definetly a fun game to play! Loved the lasers-mechanic and it fits the theme.

Next time try to implement a learning curve, it was quite hard to reach the goal for a new player.  Good Job! :)

Loved the aesthetic of the game! The beginning was pretty hard, but possible. Also really liked the lovely ending it has.  

Great simple game, with really nice artwork!

A really fun game to play! :)

Looks great! The abilities are awesome!

Fun game to play! :) 

Amazing gameplay! 

Such a great story! Loved playing this game every minute!

A really nice game! I love the art style and the gameplay :) 

It's a really fun game! With a lot of great puns, i also really loved the art style. Great job!

Thank you for making this! 

Fantastic rhythm game! Well done! 

The game looks great! 

Feels like a great game to play with friends! The art is also really nice, great work! 

A fun game, with a nice art style. 

A fun platformer, really liked the unique art style! 

Heel erg tof spel, met een goed concept! Er zitten zeker leuke vragen, voor tijdens een avondje met vrienden. Daarnaast ziet de art er ook zeker vet uit! 

Sick looking game! 

Really liked playing this game, loved the simplicity of the art style. The controls were pretty rough tough.