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Great game 10/10 I hope in six years it blows up.

Lol, prob because I didn't get people to playtest.

I'll be sure to try it

Thanks, and yea its sometimes hard to keep track of enemies.

Great puzzle game, with an interesting mechanic, and the level design is good. There were a few bugs tho like if You froze a cube and Tabbed to move stuff the cube would still think it hadn't moved.


Yea good idea thanks.

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You have sent me into a spiraling gambling addiction. 10/10

Interesting concept, but the combat kinda boils down to hit a few time then run away.

The concept is pretty good, and the game is fun, 

good Game.

If you press w and d or any combination of movement keys you would move diagonally. 

It would count as two moves tho, but Enemies would only move once. Just thought it was funny.


Good concept. and fun game.

Fun concept, fun gameplay, but you could do diagonal (don't know if that's intentional).

Fun game.

The art is amazing, the gameplay is pretty fun. But there aren't many sound effects.  The game is great tho.

The art is good. but not much gameplay.

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Cool concept, The graphics are nice, It's too hard tho. 

Edit: glitched and I posted three comments at once lol

Thanks :)

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Thanks alot I had a fun time making it.

The art style is great and the Game feels very solid. But there is not much of a challenge, It gets repeitive. it's a pretty nice game.

The gravity is cool, but the mouse does not lock in the middle so my mouse would go off screen a lot,

pretty good game.

Nice game, but the movement felt off, other then that good game.

Thank you, this Game was a way to help me improve my pixel art skills.

Good game, i had fun, but the jumping was a bit clunky and hard to control, other then that i had fun.


Thank you.

Ok, thanks lol, just pretend that's a feature.

Space Game Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic dadasda


I am so sorry but i had to go to the hospital because i ate too much cookies.

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Really good, but was confusing at the start, other then that great concept and gameplay.

0/10 no cookies where eaten very disappointing.

    Thank you very much.

    Thanks for the feedback, and i agree with your points. I wish i had a bit more time for play testing.

    Thanks, and yea i did make them myself

    Thanks very much, and maybe.

    Thanks and i know, I did not have time for balancing.

    Ok thanks.

    Thanks for the feedback. And i know, i did not have time for play testing. Also the theme applies because the two genre are out of place to together.

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    Well, it's a local multiplayer game, one player would be controlling the space ship and would try to get to the end, the other would be controlling the towers and would try to destroy the ship.So i am confused about what you mean.

    Thanks for the feedback.  I did not have time to play test it. :)