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Alright the game is up. So I decided on a price equivalent to $5 u.s. dollars after going looking through other text games, narrative games, etc etc. Looking through the different prices, I decided $5 should be a generous price for the game.

Getting the file sizes right and uploaded to both itch and steam was more difficult than I imagined. I talked about this preciously but for some reason any time I tried to trim the game file size it would break whichever version I was working on. So I had no choice but to leave it the way it was. It's not terrible though, under 1 and a half gigs. Just a longer download than I would like to push on people.

I will probably only make one more post about this game after it's been out for a while, just to talk about how post release went for me.

devlog 11/7/21

Steam still has not cleared me for release. It has been about 3 weeks since I was originally cleared through review for both the storefront and the game itself. I have sent support a message. Probably just a silly glitch or something. We'll see what happens next!

Okay so I'm posting again because, well, I can't release the game on Steam yet. I believe I have met all of the requirements but it keeps pushing the day I can release back by one day. All I can do is wait a little longer and then if it doesn't become releasable I suppose I will have to file a ticket. Once I can release it on steam I will also release it here. 

Yeah so, this earliest release date keeps moving back by one day. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I've met all the requirements for this list so it should be releasable now. Unless I accidentally clicked something to restart the waiting process, or maybe a hacker trolled me?
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Dev Log 10/31/21


My game isn't much of a scary or spooky one but it looks like I will be releasing it officially tomorrow. It will be available on steam at

Getting through steam, well, I'm not sure what expected but it was it's own little obstacle. Mostly a lot of waiting and a lot of me being not as familiar with the software side of things as I could be. It made me realize I had no legal stuff outlined and fixed that. Added in the basics.

But yeah. So beware if you're new to publishing a game and think it's like an upload and done well it's not so simple. There is all kinds of legal stuff like if you have a business or not, linking your financial accounts, etc etc. Nothing too bad or unreasonable. The worst part is waiting haha.

Well happy halloween yall i'll update this dev log again after the game's been released for a bit. It will be available for purchase here as well btw.

ALSO: I forgot to mention, and I really wanted to mention this... After I uploaded the zip file I realized it was larger than I wanted it to be. So I went into the program and started pruning the files as much as I could but no matter what I cut from it, no matter how unimportant it was, it would completely destroy the game. Which means I had to leave it at 1.46 gbs. It should be able to be smaller but?? it literally won't let me take anything out anymore so like... that's how it is I guess. First published solo made game ftw though! 

DEVLOG 9/14/21

Okay so... I've made good progress on the game even though I have been so busy. I added advertisements (not real ones) and made them seem kind of like a bug. I'm worried that some players might think that it's an actual bug and not intended so I need to work on making that more apparent.

I've implemented most things into the game. I've added some sound effects. Mostly for button presses. I don't think I'm going to add effects for every little thing because it's only text based.

I would say the game is quite close to completion. It's been a bit of a battle, trying to wrangle everything into place myself. Much respect for solo devs. Never do I want to work alone again haha.

Mostly I only have testing left. A bunch of bugfixes, testing and maybe one or two more interesting features left. Should be done in the next two months.

Already started setting up a steam storepage. That's been a weird experience haha. Going to be fun trying to figure out how to decide what kind of trailer to make for a text rpg. Not sure how much I should invest into advertising, either. Anyway, once this is done, I will have a fully shipped, paid game under my belt. I already have paid writing experience for games. I also have unpaid development experience, like, with a team. So with this game I will have a fully shipped game with both writing and design experience, paid.

I've read a lot of about some of the problems in the industry at many companies and how that's been getting exposed. A little apprehensive, I think I want to try to stick to indie if possible. Hopefully I can find a good team to make something awesome with after this. Might take a little break first, though.

Dev Log 8/12/21

I did it! After tons of trial and error I finally found a way to make buttons have visual effects when hovered over and the button still does it's function and it seems bug free! It took like 3 days of constant trial and error T_T Why is it that the littlest things end up being so complex? I wish I could post a vid here to show it!

I had to layer a hotspot over a hotspot lol

This is what I checked off of my list today:

X - Do a forced loss battle at the event outside of the first time at the Inn and take the numbers out of the dialogue question selections.

X - The Health Clinic doesn't actually have it's function yet.

X - Put cooldowns when the player leaves an area not when they arrive so that the status indicator changes at the proper time.

X - Remove Hoverboard from the start for proper testing.

X - try to come up with more original healing tech than liquid pods and glass bed pods.

X -Sometimes when choosing from sub options (such as travel options) going to ether the player menu or the hoverboard menu and then back to the main world screen can cause player choice buttons to overlap somehow.

As I get closer to the end I can feel the pressure rising, the depth of this water deepening. This is a marathon so treat it like one. I also had to fix some text errors and display errors when transitioning to and from battle scenes. I'm working on making effects for hovering over buttons, making them highlighted and glow and stuff. I like to remind myself that I have no real programming experience, my only real skills are writing and designing so for doing all of this by myself I am doing a wonderful job. Helps to have a no script engine to work with.

Dev Log 8/7/21

It seems that I have all of the battle mechanics firmly in place now. At this point I'll mostly be testing. The testing won't be for polish yet, it is to catch bugs, make sure everything is working smoothly, to see what kinds of design decisions I can change, how much can I reasonably add, what should I remove, etc etc. Other than testing the only thing I think I really, really absolutely NEED to do is to add more sound effects and hopefully expand on the music. 

The second most important thing I think I need to do at this point is make sure the game is as accessible as it can be and that it's not too much of a puzzle for normal game mechanics to be figured out and utilized. How and when to explain certain parts of the game and if those parts really need explanation, etc.

Dev Log 8/6/21

Working on implementing items has actually been quite a task. I ended up doing a couple other things while implementing the items into battles because it was such am overwhelming task. For example, I got all of the armor upgrades in and added the dialogue for the Mage, Thunder to give the player hints on where to find the armor trainers. Anyway, the items turned out to be really intense because, although at first it was only busy work, I ended up needing some complex conditionals to check for all of the status ailments for stronger potions/curing items. Which means I needed to add in an entirely new switch and weave that into different parts of the game which checks to see if the player has no ailments and if they have even one ailment then they are no longer healthy. This is necessary for when the player uses a restorative when there is nothing to be cured.

Also, I've found a bug caused solely by the game's engine that doesn't seem to have a reasonable work-around yet. I might have to leave it in the game when all is said and done but I spent like two days trying to figure out how to fix it.

Dev Log 7/27/21

> Trying to test out the implemented items to make sure they all work correctly. That's right, I'm doing all my own testing. And I only cry a little bit about it.

> Refresh variables weren't working, think I fixed it though.

>Took all the numbers back out of the buttons because it just looked dumb.

>Some busy work - still need to test the items because some of the else if conditionals definitely need to be fixed but I'm really, really hoping they don't.

Still working on this. Mostly implementing some items and getting them implemented for use in battle as well. However there is some family stuff, work and some medical stuff all happening at once. Since this is not my source of income, I have to slow down on this while I do other things. I still work on it a little bit every day, just not as much as before, for now.

Dev Log 7.18.21

>For some reason Travel Event buttons were off place. Fixed.

>Did the same for Hoverboard Travel Events.

> All merc functions are now in the game.

> Half of today's session was about finding a way to stop the skip button from freezing the text display if used too quickly upon the loading of a scene. I did not find a solution after experimenting with multiple things the engine doesn't have a way to prevent that apparently.

example of travel event

Current presentation for a travel event. It looks plain for now but this is a two second long quicktime event, meaning that the player only has two seconds to press that button.

Dev Log 7.17.21

I have been editing combat today. While going through the battle algorithms and changing the chances of certain attacks to land their effects I find myself wishing I could expedite the process with some kind of common event or prefabs but no matter how much I think about it, it seems like there are too many independent factors at play. There is no common denominator to place the multiple, very similar functions into one prefab to call on for every attack sequence. Which means I have to meticulously edit every single individual line of combat which is time consuming and annoying. Perhaps a real programmer would have been able to find a common denominator that I did not?

> Adjusted combat balance, changed chances for arm and leg focused attacks to activate special effects.

> Busy work, editing buttons to make them easier for the mind to separate and process.

Dev Log 7.15.21.

>Renamed Ranulf to Thunder so now it's [Mage Thunder] the Priest instead of [Mage Ranulf] the Priest. Had to go change his name in all instances of it's appearance.

>Fixed some buttons and some label transitions.

>Fixed some text.

>Added in rez packs known as "Juice Packs" with three levels of energy healing.

>Implemented the buying system for them.

>Split the resurrection cleric's interaction choices into "implant stuff" and "socialization."

>Fixed up the spell buying system which was set to buy spells for free during testing and figuring out economy balance.

Dev Log 7.14.21

>Armor and defense now properly implemented into the game.

>All armor can now be properly swapped out from player menu.

        >All variables now properly  adjusted with the swapping of armor.

>All weapon chips can now be properly swapped out from player menu.   

        >All variables now properly  adjusted with the swapping of weapon chips.

>All lethal weapons can now be properly swapped out from player menu.   

        >All variables now properly  adjusted with the swapping of lethal weapons.

Dev Log 7.13.21.

> Changed the weapon shop. Changed from buying 3 levels of each weapon to simply being able to buy the weapons. It was not fully implemented before but with the change, I added all the weapons to be purchase-able and fully implemented it. Now all I have to do is figure out the prices.

> Changed the armor shop. Same as the weapon shop.

> Added trainers for the 3 armor types. Mostly implemented. Only need to add the dialogue for the upgrades.

> Fixed poisoned food event buttons.

>Started working on the Cleric's basic identity at the clinic.

Dev Log 7/12/21

>Implemented apartment with sleep function and levitation bed

>Deleted some unnecessary stuff

>Implemented skill review section

Pic 1

In editor skill review selection common events

pic 2

In editor skill review selector which checks which weapon is equipped and pulls the relevant skills

pic 3
In editor player menu weapon options selections

pic 4
Levitating bed text, examination text

pic 5
My personal bugs/glitches/to do list

Dev Log 7 - 11 - 21

Grinded out a lot of work today. This specific task (getting ALL of the dialogue into better, more professional and presentable shape) feels somewhat overwhelming. I am not at a point in it where I can declare it any kind of a progress update towards the completed game even though a lot of time and effort has went in to it.

Also I need to change this one name Ranulf which is really kind of not stylish especially when compared to other NPC's like Requiem or Bandwidth...

Dev Log 7 - 9 - 21

>Implemented Health and Energy U.I. displays.

>Opening variables from the battle system and now that all of that stuff is working, I am testing getting certain variables to work fluidly outside of battle and to still be used in battle.

>Rearranged the user interface to make space for the status effect displays. Moved the money and debt tracker lower down because your health is more important than money.

>Added Status Effect Displays to the User interface for the three current overworld statuses that the player can be afflicted with.

>Implemented the status effects' actual effects to work outside of combat.

>Added some Hoverboard travel events.

>Removed the skeletal, unmade remains of the tavern kitchen from the project. If reasonable, will re add and flesh out kitchen at the end of the project. 

>Fixed some button placement and sizes.

>Added more of a uniform structure to some of the text, will finish next time.

Dev Log 7.5.21.

Realized part of the early main quest chain was to get signed up for an apartment at the inn. The point of this was to create a sense of actually living in an augmented future sci fi fantasy world. However, the scope of this game, working on it myself, simply will not allow for me to add a day/night cycle. Therefore there is no real reason to have an apartment that the players pay for. The Inn still exists and it's not really an Inn, it just takes that aesthetic because the future augmented world is sort of a low key roleplay mixed in to real life. People go to Javelin Mountainside to feel like they are living in a different time zone, enhanced by the augmented reality system, while still living a normal futuristic life. So although it's called an "inn" it's actually an apartment complex. 

Without a time function in the game, which would take a solid effort to implement, I won't really be able to have players have to  worry about paying for the apartment every amount of days. Therefore, I will just remove that altogether. However, while writing this, I realized I could still keep the apartment accessible to the player as a place to fully heal both health and energy for free. Usually free healing spots do exist in rpgs so it still makes sense to have. However there was going to be a big debt system that played an important purpose in construing a certain fable for the futuristic world. However, the I under-calculated the amount of work that the game was going to take working on by myself and the game still has plenty of valuable information contained within it so I am not too worried about losing one or two of the points I was hoping to make. 

Tasks finished

> Make sure to change music from story event 5 to the Health Clinic.

> Come up with new name for clinic (came up with health clinic).

> Try making the money and debt trackers more glowy and neonish like the hoverboard, but do it in a way that doesn't make it seem like a button and or make the hoverboard look more like a button.

> Add shadow effects to most of the U.I. text to make it seem like they are actually popping out of the screen to some degree.

> Add a separate event roulette for entering and exiting buildings.

> Changed the time pressure on enemy ranks. Rank 1 enemies give the player ample time (4 seconds) to make decisions while rank 3 and 4 enemies expect players to know what they're doing, only giving them (2 seconds) to make a decision. Previously, it was all set to 3 seconds, which is what rank 2 enemies are set as.

Dev Log 7/1/21

Sometimes it becomes really apparent that, when making your own project like this, there is no frame work or quest guide to move you along. You figure everything out yourself, you organize all the work yourself, you set your own task list yourself. It can be easy to feel somewhat lost in the sauce, even with a smaller scope project. If you finish one task you can sometimes find yourself floating in the soup of the game's development screens, trying to pick out the pieces of work that you need to do next from the heavy broth of the code and the tools. You know you need to fix a couple glitches and improve some of the balance but there is so much to sift through that even when you have a seed of understanding of what to do next, even when you have a task list outlining what's next on the agenda, it can still feel like swimming in an ocean searching for a small island to anchor your mind to.

However I feel like this experience gives me a lot of strength as a developer and that going forward it gives me a foot up on any competition, because I know what it's like to have been lost in the ocean of development and I know what it's like and how to navigate through something that seems to stretch on forever in all directions. I feel like I'm becoming someone that others can rely on and turn to if they feel lost in the cycle of creation.

That being said, I actually got more done than usual today. Today was considerably productive.

>Implemented a side quest chain.

>Communication with the Priest implemented.

>Always working on bugs. Always.

DevLog 6/30/21

>Implemented new, more exciting introduction.

>New introduction is functional and working but needs polish.

>Fixed some more battle issues. These never seem to end! Yay! 

>Added one more song at the tavern, feels nice to have multiple tracks to switch between to keep things fresh.

>Starting to work on balancing the combat better, starting to fine tune the chances of effects of attacking different body parts to make better effects more risky to try and less powerful effects more reliable to count on.

>Introducing a plain and simple side quest chain to add a little more excitement to the grind for leveling up between main story events.

>Got one chain in the new side quest implemented. 

>Mostly implemented contact with the tutorial guy whom players can contact through their interface's communication application at any time to ask for basic advice about the game.

Dev Log 6/29/21

Felt like I was getting dulled by the monotony of working on the same general parts of the game over and over again soooo I decided to jump ahead and make the new introduction today. I got most of it already implemented. I also added in a tutorial, which I'm still working on, but it's brief and is mostly just a watered down battle without time pressure to let the player get familiar with the controls. 

>Switched some music

>Implemented new introduction

>Started making a tutorial system

>Other stuff

dev log 6/28/21

>Fixed more battle system issues

>Fixed an issue where one location was not loading enemies but was still giving out victory rewards

>Added some more music in

>Got the final boss battles implemented

>Finished implementing the new cooldown times

>Implemented cooldown text to let players know something is in cooldown

>Had an issue where disabling skills that are cooling down from being chosen wasn't working by looping the label jump back to the start of the skill selection


DEV LOG 6/26/21

Convinced myself not to take the day off. I told myself, oh, I will just work on some of the easy, mindless stuff. You know, change the decimal variables to round up so that the engine doesn't accidentally return decimals in game. Well, 2 hours later I'm done with that and I'm like, "Interesting, this combat situation returns 50 less damage than it should." So an hour later I've fixed that and I'm now adding all of the cooldown conditionals because I noticed that skills aren't being locked for their cooldowns and I had overlooked this part when putting all of the stuff together. Well, over 4 hours have gone by and I've basically worked a shift at a part time job, nearing 5 hours, and my usual stopping time comes around. Look at that, I said I will just do one little thing and ended up working the full usual time.

Although, two days ago was supposed to be my day to relax and let the chips out, so today I did take it a little easier on myself than usual. I worked the full time but allowed myself to write other things down for other stuff, chat with some people, etc but overall I still put in a good amount of time and effort between when I started and when I stopped. Tomorrow I should really take the day off, though.

>Fixed decimal returns

>Fixed some text issues

>Fixed some variable issues

>Fixed some damage issues

>Fixed some cooldown issues

DEVLOG 6/25/21

Today I rolled my game back by two days of work, luckily these logs can tell me some of what I can do to speed up my devving time the second time around.

Battle system seems to be glitch free at the moment, woo!

I got some events cleared up, I got the beta for the final bosses implemented. It feels like I did a lot even if I don't have much to say about it. It was some busy work but had to be done regardless. Had to redo some stuff but that was quick and easy.

I managed to get the final story event working and loading, transferring everything correctly so far. As of right now the game is probably gold again. Still got a lot of flesh out, though.

>Rolled version back.

>Fixed battle system from there.

>Some fixing up of stuff.

>Redid did river color.

>Game is gold again?

(1 edit)

Today was going to be sort of a mental rest day for me. I was going to "let the chips out." However I found myself opening up the engine again anyway. I felt more ready for this today than I did yesterday.

I had set these resets and reward algorithms like, last week and somehow, even after looking at it almost every day, I didn't notice that I forgot to put all of the reset algorithms, for stats and conditions, in the victory scripts. So I had all of the resets set to happen after losing or after running but not after winning which means that for like a week+ I just couldn't figure out why the character damage was increasing by a multiple of ten after every victory. 

I mean I scrolled right past without noticing the algorithms for resetting were missing EVERY SINGLE DAY ALMOST. Nothing humbles you like some code I guess. And I use a no script system ugh.

Well, it was okay to ignore for a while since it didn't actually prevent player progress (rather, sped it up by a lot haha). So I still got so much done while that bug existed. Nice to finally catch it, though.

I also finally changed the river background color. Now it's a blue, but it's a greenish blue. I figured the water wouldn't be tooo clean and it would reflect a lot of green from the jungle around it. As well as that, I made sure to make it a little dark to give it the appearance of being under a canopy/shadowed by a lot of natural growth. Hopefully helps the player feel a little more like they are actually there.

Also i hadn't fully updated the reset algorithm yet, which is something I overlooked and didn't realized when expanding and fleshing out the combat. But it is now updated to reset everything after battle correctly.

Now I have come across another problem. I fixed the other bugs I found and it somehow broke stuff I already had working.


>The final boss story event is close to done.

>Fixed more bugs in the battle system.

>Changed river background to more of a shadowy blue-green to better represent being near the water.

>Added music for the final location.

>Fixed more bugs.

>Expanded the reset system to cover all of the perks.


>Add in background effects. Such as sounds of a crowd. Sounds of nature. Water rushing, waterfall, birds, wind rustling through leaves, rain, etc.

>Figure out what broke and how!

Worked on A.I. and battle algorithms for the final boss fight. Got a call about something from two jobs ago and dealt with that. Also had to deal with a spider appearing, not sure what kind it was but it looked like a recluse maybe. Overall, not the most productive day but I battled on and kept working until the end. 

>Worked on some boss battle stuff.

>Designed the boss battles, designed the skills and stuff.

>Added most of the stats and skills into the game.

DEVLOG 6/22/21

So today I started to be more critical of my work. I really feel like my writing and design could both be at a higher level and I am worried that using this as a portfolio piece could make my skills seem lesser than they truly are. The problem I'm seeing now, that I'm realizing now, is that when I'm making a whole game by myself, even if it's only a text game, means I have take love and attention away from my main skills - writing and design - and I have to spread all of that time and attention into everything. This means that I can't take my writing and design to their fullest level for this project without dedicating even more time to the project since I have to stretch the time out into everything else.

Maybe that wouldn't be so bad in another circumstance but given the real circumstance of having to work, this not being my main paying job, having lost a bunch of time to having to had worked months of overtime in an industry I hate, not being in a real suitable conditions i.e. living in a shared place and not being in a work office or somewhere suited to focusing directly on the work and also effing coronavirus... Well, that all leads to less and less time that I have to be able to devote to the game. Which means from now on, after this project, I think I will always try to work in a team of some sort that way I can focus on putting my full attention into doing my job with my main skills at the highest level of quality that I can.

So I hope that, using this in my portfolio, future hiring managers/team leaders will be able to see that I understand most of the process of making a game and that they won't only double down on only the writing or only the design as I have spread my skills into everything for this project.

Also, today, it feels like I've been a little more unfocused and out of it then I can usually force myself to be. I'm still putting in the full time I usually put in but something is just off today.

-Started working on fully fleshing out the final story event with the big boss fight.

-Need to find out why the variables in battle are becoming decimals after using double shot multiple times, even without a decimal variable in the health function.

-Add a "Spider-bear" enemy.

-Make two separate trap dodging events so that when conditions apply the player can have more time to dodge as if they really noticed the traps.

DEV LOG 6/20/21

So one thing I noticed today was that, all the time I originally spent at the start, adding the script/dialogue I wrote for all of the characters and NPC's? That was all done at the wrong time. I mean, it wasn't a "waste of time" exactly, but it didn't push the game towards a "completed" state because technically, I could have made the game without most of that dialogue. What I'm saying is, even though the dialogue adds information and deepens the world, making it more vibrant with knowledge and lore, making it more real and believable, it isn't necessary for the game to actually be completed. Some of the dialogue could be cut out from the npc's and the game's story and essential plot could still be written from start to end. 

I'm not saying it's wrong to have these things. Absolutely not, as that kind of experience is exactly what rpg gamers love, myself included. The reading and the learning is part of the fun, taking in all of this interesting lore about a new but somewhat familiar world. However, I should have waited until I had the rest of the game - at least most of the rest of the game - finished before I added most of that npc dialogue in. Being able to ask a shopkeeper about themselves and their shop isn't exactly necessary... yet it's interesting!

However when testing the game to get it all completed and figure out what prevents progress and how all of the variables need to be adjusted for proper playtime, most of this dialogue gets skipped over or not triggered at all because it's unessential to the core of the main plot. Again, all that means is I should have waited before adding that stuff - I only wrote out all of the dialogue and figured out all of this side information about the world because I was waiting for the VN maker to go on sale for christmas anyway, or else I might not have even written all of it yet and I know for sure that next time, at least if I work alone again anytime soon after this, that stuff should be held for later.

So I mostly bug tested the combat today (like 4+ hours of this). I added a debt tracker underneath the giga tracker. What today has shown me is that I need to add sidequests. So far I think the rate of progress is okay, such as leveling up and stuff. However I might want to make it happen twice as fast once I add the physical upgrades for health and stuff and armor upgrades for defense. Which only means doubling the amount that a data packet sells for.

I've also fixed the reward system so that it properly compensates the player for the difficulty of the match based on the level of evil of the enemy, their difficulty rank. I only had it set so that all monsters rewarded the lowest value reward for initial testing but found it time to expand to what the intended version is.

>added debt tracker

>bug test

>test bug

>punchy kicky buggy

>built the full and proper reward system for monster fights

DEVLOG 6/19/21

The bugs were really persistent today. I had to go in to every location and manually put in something to trigger text refreshing on the spot which ended up not even working even though it works in battles, which it didn't use to and I'm not sure why it started too. Secondary upgrades were going into main upgrades so instead of having like 3 levels in sword and 3 levels in bow I had 6 levels in sword and 1 level in bow, which isn't even the right output. I got all of the battle variables presented to the player to come out nicely, though, so that's good.

I might need to add some little side quests to help players get upgrades at first until they understand how to manage the system themselves, at which point they should be able to take on better quests that are more for being interesting and supplementing the world rather than tutorializing the game. Rank 2 monsters are a little tougher than I thought but are as tough as I was hoping which makes me more hopeful for adding in party members (all they do are automatic attacks after you choose your attacks to start, if more time can be spent on it after everything else then I will maybe expand it).


>More bugs



>Battle system coming together better

>Upgrade system coming together better

I want too...

>Add a debt tracker

>Add juicer packs to purchase from the rez cleric to re amp implants on the fly

>Give the NPC's more active standby's

>Add intrusive advertisements into the U.I. while wandering/traveling to give it that hint of cyberpunk

>Add in contact with the priest to ask general tutorial questions about the systems from anywhere through the implant

(2 edits)

Today I was a bit lost at first. I had to do other stuff for the past couple of days so I was a little late on working on the game. However I managed to fix up a lot of battle stuff, get certain things right, test out a bunch of stuff, etc. Finding one bug took me over an hour, though. But once I found that bug and fixed it, the flow of development sped up pretty quickly as I was free to put together other pieces of the game more quickly without anything blocking the way.

>Fixed some battle transitions.

>Fixed some battle text.

>Got the common events for weapons to be called properly.

>Fixed a bug where the "body only" target switch wasn't turning off.

>Fixed a bug where the game was skipping from choosing a lethal weapon to shooting the nonlethal version of the gun "snapshot" automatically without letting players choose what skill on other weapons.

>Spent a little bit of time finding some basic sound effects online.

>Added temporary battle music for the battles.

>Added a little introduction to the nonlethal battles against data monster packets.

>Added a back option for the hoverboard that should have already existed.

>fixed some stuff I already thought was fixed with a story event.

Here's an example of how the game is coming along.

current update for battle

Today was a weird day for my development. There were some bugs that pushed me off course. There were things I hadn't noticed while implementing the events that I had to go back and fix. A lot of little things that are easy to miss but take a long time to adjust.

-Checked sales

-Added Gigabyte display in U.I. all the time.

-Played around with ways to get information to refresh but couldnt find a solution yet.

-Fixed some battle issues where multiple enemies had to be fought in a row outside of story events/quests etc. 

-Switched everything to run inline where necessary.

-Found out there was a problem with levels updating and there still seems to be even though I fixed a handful of problems relating to that already.

-Started adding long range communication into the game.

-Finished getting the story event together, reworded the text and some transitions, added obtaining the hoverboard.

-Started writing the outline to the new introduction, currently caught between two possible ways to do it but wont get to test it until later.

Devlog 6/11/21

Worked on story progression. I took the game out of "gold status" as I expanded one of the story events and then I also put it back to "gold status" as I strung the fleshed out event back together.

-Lethal battles now have to be unlocked by story progression (which was the plan in the first place)

-story battles prepared

-text fixed

-new text added

-quest log fixed

-added bold and shadow effects to make the main quest button look more like a button

-Did some detail work on the travel events to keep the "flow" going.

-Changed the start of the player's control to transition them into knowing what the quest is from the get go.

-Did a lot of little edits to make sure everything flows and looks smooth and professional.

Work on next

-Economy, play test

-Add all of the lethal conditions so they dont activate too early

-Add the Hoverboard to be taken from the Jungle Bear Bandit hideout after unlocking lethal battles


-Play test

Devlog 6/9/21

-Finished stitching all of the upgrades in to the game, made the events and implemented them. This includes:

      - The upgrade progressions.

      - All of the labels and text transitions, event transitions, choice buttons, organizational placement in the script, etc.

      -The conditionals for checking for gigabytes (money) and reducing the amount in the players inventory.

      -designy stuff

Next I should:

- Test all of the progressions to make sure they work smoothly.

-Test all of the progressions and see how long it takes to level up, then edit it however it needs to be best.   

-Change the introduction to a more interactive, exciting experience. 

-test play, test play, test play, test play.

Devlog 6/7/21

-Got battle transitions to and from the battle scene working properly.

-Fixed up all of the text in battles (I hope) except for some weird damage representations that claim twice the actual damage is being dealt for some reason.

-Made sure that the implant can be safely depleted and juiced, and the switches are set to turn it on and off properly.

-Made some notes on Hoverboard use.

Next is to:

-Spend time implementing all of the upgrades into the game. Will take some work to complete but will create the progression system.

-Find a suave way to let the players know that they need to buy upgrades in order to "level up."


devlog 6/4/21

-Got some bugs out

-Edited some text

-fixed a couple things

-worked on getting all of the combat working properly.

My plan today was to get the economy worked out. Players don't level up through gaining experience, they buy all of their power ups. Players can buy upgrades for their weapons, armor, implant and more. Players can also buy items and food to buff their stats if they want. So I was going to get all of the currency worked out. Basically, you fight a monster, which is part of the Environment glitching and manifesting into bad data. You defeat the monster and it turns into a data packet, which you sell to the Data Clerics (or more like, you are rewarded for fixing bugs and bringing them the buggy data). They pay you for the work and collecting the data. You take that money and buy upgrades to your gear which gives you stronger software to defeat the monsters with so that you can destroy more terribly corrupted data/monsters.

Instead, I found that the game wasn't returning to the scene correctly after battles. So I had fun experimenting with different ways to trigger the battle ending and return to the previous scene. You can't just call, "return to previous scene," because for some reason if you use the hoverboard to fast travel anywhere, it replays the hoverboard sequence and then takes you to the wrong location.

devlog 6/2/2021

-Tested, bugfix, polish

Today I played the game, noting what was off, what wasn't smooth, what wasn't functioning correctly, what broke the flow, etc. I fixed up some of the triggers, I fixed up some of the things that were skipping and not loading correctly. It feels like I've found more problems than I've solved but to some degree, everything is progressing.

Some of the text seems to separate itself too far apart and some of the other text seems to bring itself too close together, even though I've taken the time to smooth all the spacing out before. Which means I have to ignore this bug until basically the very end, since it keeps happening for no reason and the only thing it affects is the flow of the reading and attention but doesn't actually impede the progress of the game.

I found that there were some text mistakes in the battles, which I finally got to start loading up correctly during ambushes. Of course it's something as small as, for some reason I had the commands spaced one little space out instead of perfectly against the start of the page.

However there are other odd errors, for some reason, when battling bandit bears, the health for the enemy nor the player seems to be calculated. Since battles against human enemies like the bears are "lethal," it uses regular health instead of energy because of the implant such as in battles against the monsters or duels. However I already had health set to function the same as energy and I already swapped the variables from energy to health, so I am not sure why it is not functioning correctly yet.

I am surprised to find out that the battle system alone, which I expanded in scope and then reduced in scope turned out to take up more than half the time of making the game. It would be cool to work with a group where multiple people completed things at the same time. I bet if I worked with a group this game would probably already be finished. 

Devlog 6/1/2021

So I thought I was going to jump in and get some of the game straightened out by playing it. Then a certain battle turned out not to be working and I had to fix ALL of the battle triggers because I didn't notice I did not have a proper "checking system" for making sure if the battle was won or lost.

After getting that straightened out, I noticed the inventory was buggy in the main menu. So I took a bit to fix the inventory back up so that it doesn't randomly jump around from function to function. Like it would jump straight into showing what items the player had without being asked, and also for some reason two items were set to be shown as had even when there were 0 of them.

I fixed that up and then I found that ambushes weren't working correctly. The monsters weren't displaying properly and it was teleporting me all the way into the jungle after an ambush at any other location. I made a specific switch to trigger for every single location that the ambushes can happen at, which is about 30 locations, because they have to be able to load back into the level. And I set up an individual battle process trigger for every location. And after all of that I realized I could just use "return to previous." 

I was planning on using "outfits" to give players some customization for their imaginations and also, outfits were going to add buffs or attributes or elements to the player. However I decided to reduce scope and eliminate the outfits from the game completely, as well as the option to only be wearing outfit or armor over outfit outside of the jungle. Since you can't actually see the outfits and it's mostly only for helping your mind make a good mental model, I decided it wasn't important enough to the core of the game to keep. If I finish the game faster than I think I will (I won't) I will consider adding in outfits again.

-Expanded battle triggers for travel events.

-Implemented all ambushes.

-fixed the inventory.

-Reduced scope by deleting outfits and choices for other locations main cities.

-Was planning to modify the story but decided I actually like the story the way it is so I will only edit it.

Well, it's not really anything like "a dark room" but I appreciate it haha.