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Pretty cool. Man I love all my girls.

I loved the style of this game, guy blink at me so big and scary

Very cool and atmospheric horror game. It looked excellent

This was great across the board!

I love flinging guys so so much.

It was pretty audio.

Love how this looks

Great game. Loved doing a grandpa voice with my friends.

i heart oo

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Great game, just work on the glitches and audio. We got stuck in the wall a few times.

Really cool game to play with a friend!


I love these guys.

Loved the bears.

Looks very nice

I have been waiting for the sequel to parasite. I'm glad you stepped forward and made it real.

Pretty innovative.

I love how this looks

Great concept for a game but I had absolutely no way to beat the healing moth. At all

Cute concept

really cool concept! hope it gets expanded! I want to know what hellfire does.

This is excellent. I love the swarm

Very atmospheric!

really neat idea! Would love to see this expanded on and polished up. Good work!

Thanks for playing!!

A nice, subtle but very atmospheric and creepy experience!

Woah thanks for making a playthrough that rules! Looks like I forgot to put collision on that one pod haha. Hope you enjoyed!

The narrative of this was soo good! Was very tense the whole way through, kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for what was going to happen next. The only issue i had was with the strangely hardcore music during the blackout? But other than that, an excellent, creepy game.

A gruesome, weird little game! In a good way!

A cute little game, wish I moved faster though.

The style looks great but I don't really know what to do

A fun game! I loved to shoot the zombies and watch them fall over. The military killed me almost as soon as they saw me though

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Really well polished! I love the style! Unfortunately I got stuck when the phone was ringing and I went back to the long room to the left of the bedroom

An interesting core mechanic for a game!