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Game Design#10712.6303.143

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
The player can recruit characters to join his team, and use the combination of their skills to beat more difficult challenges.

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
We used free animations from Mixamo for the human characters and a small part of the sounds are CC0. Besides that, we created all the assets.

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I really enjoyed the game, that first boss was really fun, and the differences between the characters skills are really interesting. I would only work a little bit more on that camera, it was a little difficult to aim.

But great work guys!


The game has an interesting concept, though it was a bit weird in the combat aspect.  Trying to maneuver the camera to be able to hit an enemy, or have an attack activate.  On top of the fact that the enemies seemed to teleport around, and the animations cut off quite a bit.  Some mechanics also didn't seem to work, ex. the following the player mechanic.  A bit clearer on some details below:

  • It seems there's no animation blending which led a lot of skipping and jumping around between different animations.  A lot of, for example, the "shield boss" switching between shield and attack over and over.  So I feel like adding some animation blending, just a bit, would definitely help a lot with that.  Since in the third person perspective so zoomed in you see the animations jumping quite clearly no matter what.
  • The boss AI seemed to be quite buggy in that it continually teleported to the "Active" player on the shield boss, ignored it on the... "Tower" boss(?) the last one and it wasn't possible to test with the first one, but it just sat back spamming what turned out to be bombs that all despawned before any were set off.
  • Also it got quite repetitive due to the fact that the system for setting different characters to follow the main character didn't work.  As well as the fact it blocked off access to whatever character was placed in a different line.
  • Onto the topic of the camera, it was very unwieldy to control, imprecise weird with objects and didn't allow for higher aiming with the bow or bomb throws.  Which lead to a lot of guess work and backing up to try and aim higher, especially with the bow on the last boss.  Attempting to find it's weak point.
  • Continuing that topic of the bosses they seemed to have weak points, which were not very clearly visible.  Either due to their movements, their design, or the camera.  Which lead to a lot of trying to make it just possible to hit their weak point rather than actually having trouble with the enemies themselves.

Overall the models and such along with the concept are interesting.  Though a lot of weird AI and controls made it kinda annoying to attempt to finish, if not seemingly impossible due to not knowing how to damage the "tower" or, what I assume, is the last boss.


it's really an awesome game i enjoyed it.. don't forget to check mine :)


I enjoyed the feel and style of the game. A few bugs and tough controls threw me off now and again. But little things are to be expected in a Game Jam. It was really fun overall, great job.

Submitted (1 edit)

Great game, just work on the glitches and audio. We got stuck in the wall a few times.


The game was fun, ThatsItSirYoureLeaving has explained everything perfectly 


I really like the cartoony smoke particles, the animations, and the portrait drag-to-follow feature is really nice! A bit reminiscent of Divinity: Original Sin or Baldur's Gate 3. The camera zoom-in when aiming was also a nice touch.

I've got some feedback though: the UI is very big and could be scaled down quite a bit, when shooting an arrow it is facing the wrong way (downwards), the forward movement is relative to the player instead of the camera, so when walking forward while aiming you walk diagonally instead. The second boss also had some janky movement and often teleported into my player.

Overall, it was a nice experience! Good job! :)


Love the art style!