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Thank you so much for your feedback, I will keep working on it!

Thank you for playing, I will keep working on the mechanics so it get better. Thx for the feedback ; )

Thank you so much for playing the game. I will keep working on it!

I really enjoyed the game, that first boss was really fun, and the differences between the characters skills are really interesting. I would only work a little bit more on that camera, it was a little difficult to aim.

But great work guys!

I haven't been able to play it actually, but as I have seen that other people rated and actually a guy commented, i thought it was my computer that couldn't run it for any reason. I hope you update it, as it seem pretty fun from the screenshots.

Thank you so much for your feedback! I will consider changing the commands, you're not the only one that found it odd.

I will take a look at your game very soon, thx again :)

Than you so much for your feedback! I will sure work on an AI for the buddys with time, and the wall I kinda of wanted to create some types of walls that could climb and others that you couldn't, but with the short time of production it ended being everywall like that XD. I will keep working on it, I think that next week I will launch a big update, so please come back and try again!

I will take a look at your game as soon as I can ; )

Thank you for playing the game, actually the mouse is supposed to control the fairy, I had this Idea where you could use her to blind and stop enemies, but one week were not enough to make the system XD. Thank you for the feedback, I will try your game soon!

Nice, it reminds me of rogue-like mechanic, I would only invest on a tutorial as it took me some time to understand how it works!

Check out my game too if you have time!

I loved the game, it took me awhile to really get the gang of it, but when I did it turn out so fun. Also the graphics are great, really passed that old gaming feeling!

That was surely a interesting puzzle game, the different kinds of puzzles and the characters design really are great, also, nice lightning! Congrats!

I loved how you mixed puzzle with platform gaming, and the color merging were also great. Congratulations!

Thanks!! I will try your game rightaway!

You did a great job merging 2d with 3d,  really great puzzle game. I had a very fun time playing it!

Great puzzle game! I enjoyed it a lot. The graphics and atmosphere were awesome!

Wow the atmosphere is awesome, and I really enjoyed how challenging the puzzles are. Also how the new mechanics are introduced is great too. You should totally do a port for mobile, it would be great! Congrats for the amazing work!

Man that cuphead feeling really made me love your game! It was really fun, the only thing I would do is try to contrast a little the characters from the background. But it was great, congrats!

The intro is fantastic, I had a lot of fun playing the game. Too bad I got stuck and didn't make it to the end. But nice job!

Thank you so much! There is still a lot of optimization to be done, but I will keep working on it!

Thx   ; )