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Awesome game! A little bit more explaining how things work might be good. But once I got it I had a lot of fun. Wrapping around the screen was very clever. Eventually I finished the whole thing.

Thanks, glad to hear it! We agree, the platforming and level design need some adjustment. 

I love the look! Took me a minute or so to figure it all out. But once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun. Nice job!

Very very fun to play. And the art and presentation is fantastic. I liked how quickly the enemies could expand and take over depending on their roll. It made it exciting. Well done.

We had much grander plans but due to the linear concept of time we were unable to reach our goal. Also we had very little experience, but it was fun. We plan on continuing to work the game, at least for a while.

Cool and unique concept. Took me a bit to understand exactly how the rules worked. But in the end it was a fun stressful game

Even if I was a little lost at first I got into the grove eventually. Awesome game.

Nice game, and cool take on the theme. 

Thanks! And yeah the background can be a bit much. There wasn't much time for refinement. 

That is what it turned out to be, although we had bigger plans. We started the 48 hours having never opened unity.

It's tough to make so many levels in a puzzle game so quickly. Well don! Nice take on the theme too. I had fun playing it.

It's tough to make so many levels in a puzzle game so quickly. Well don! Nice take on the theme too. I had fun playing it.

Great take on the theme! I had fun once I figured out what to do! Love the cover art too!

Wow this was really fun! Great take on the theme, and excellent presentation. Also, great game name!!

It looks amazing! And the idea is super cool. Great take on the theme.

Love the look and feel. Somehow made rushing through mental math problems pretty relaxing.

Not sure what I was expecting, but whatever it was this far surpassed it! Loved every part, and just when I thought it was done there was more. Very clever and creative. Wonderful art and not a single bug insight. Great work.
P.S. I love the Power Knapp Studio name.

Really cool looking game! The take on the theme was great and you managed to make some really clever puzzle levels. Really enjoyed playing it, nicely done!

Really fun puzzle game! I could see myself playing this for a long time. Reminds me of the app Kami 2, which I love. I didn't really understand what was being said in the audio after each move, but the music was very nice. Overall, great job!

While the game is incomplete it is by no means unplayable. I was able to get get to a point where I was unbeatable, haha! But I  get what you were going for, and I like the design of the game. Obviously bugs and balancing to work out, but great job getting where you did.

I really like this game! It looked really cool, it sounded awesome, and told a cute little story. It's hard to make good puzzle levels in a short jam but this was done well. I thought the jump mechanics could benefit from some feeling of momentum when you let off the arrow keys. And the side to side movement felt really fast compared to the jump/fall speed. But I am nitpicking a very fun game. Overall it was great, nicely done!

This game looked and sounded awesome. And on top of that the game play was super fun and a satisfying challenge. Movement was a little tricky to be precise but I'm sure with more time I could have gotten the hang of it. Really really well done, great job.

Thank you very much! Given more time we would have worked on more exciting or puzzling game-play. But you are exactly right, we focused on other aspects of the game and we are glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to play!

Great take on the theme. And the style with the art and the music was great. It's tough to make good puzzle game levels in a short game jam but I really enjoyed them all. A few buds here and there are to be expected in a jam like this. Overall, very good job.

I love these type of games and this was a cool take on the genre. I didn't have someone to play with so it was a  bit tough controlling it all on my own. But it was really fun to play and looked very cool. Nicely done!

I enjoyed the feel and style of the game. A few bugs and tough controls threw me off now and again. But little things are to be expected in a Game Jam. It was really fun overall, great job.

Was really fun and felt like a boss when I was able to sneak by. But it was pretty rare because of how hard it could be. Overall though I think it is really well done. No real bugs that I found, the art and music was really coo, and the game was really fun. Nicely done!

Really cool idea, and can totally be played by two players on one keyboard which is fun. Got pretty hard pretty fast but maybe I am just bad. Considering you only had three days I think you did an awesome job. Nicely done!

Thanks for playing! It's great to hear you enjoyed it. And yeah we probably made those classrooms a little frustrating. We had done it so many times we didn't realize how often you would end up being reset. Bu thanks for taking the time to play to the end!

I really enjoyed just running around in the game. The movement was fun and any little movement bugs are bound to happen. I got a little lost now and again, but it was fun to explore and hear the voice lines that trigger. Over all very nicely done!

A game with a lot of feeling is tough in a short game jam. But between the character design, music, and text, there was great atmosphere. It could get a little hard or frustrating sometimes but nothing horrible. Great job!

Thank you! We appreciate you playing all the way through. 

Thank you,  we are glad you had fun with it. Thanks for taking the time to play it.

Thank you! I'm glad to see a full play through!

Great take on the theme. and it made for a great set up for a really fun little puzzle game. It was well polished and the design made it obvious what you had to do without explicitly telling you. Well done.

I liked the look and I thought the game play was pretty good for such a short jam. Some enemies could shoot through walls which was annoying and if you played it slow it wasn't to hard. But it was still very fun. And I really liked the sound effects. Each one made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it. Well done.

I had fun struggling my way up to 636. Pretty cool graphics and I liked how you could save yourself at the last second even after seeing the water get close. Hit boxes on some items could made it a little tricky, but these types of games are not meant to calm you down haha. Nicely done.

I love this type of game and yours was no exception. I liked the ability to shoot the yellow dots but not the red. Added a bit of strategy and chance in what would otherwise be a hopeless screen.. Very well done.