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Thanks, our superstar says thanks too.

Thank you, I tried to create that feeling with the levels even if they are really simple soulutions. 

Thanks for playing! And yeah that bug is known, and currently only fixable by resetting the whole level. And our dog says thanks

Thank you for playing, and thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the paper tilt, we though it was a fun little addition. Thanks for playing

Great job! I loved the take on the theme. The art looked amazing and the hectic gameplay was a lot of fun. Very well done!

Thank you, I am glad you liked it!

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Nicely done! I loved the look of this game a lot! And it was a lot of fun to play. It was also a great take on the theme. Great game, great job!

Nicely done! It is a funny but sad take on the theme. The art and music were great. It was fun to be a bit of a detective and snoop out who the bad guy was. I didn't know he could spike my drink, or that other guys wouldn't talk to you in with the wrong look. Maybe that should be in the directions. But overall very well done. Great game, great job!

This is great! I love the take on the theme, it was very clever and well executed. I had a lot of fun running around dodging all the flames. This was really fun art and playful sound track. Great job, great game!

Thank you very much! We want to continue developing it so we are glad people like it. Cricket says thanks too, haha

Perfect! No notes.

Thanks I hate it. Haha, pretty fun game with a twisted premise. I had fun playing it though. The graphics and audio were well done and terrible at the same time, haha. Overall nice job, and great game! Hope you are doing well and are happy. But really, you okay?

Pretty great considering you you took 1/64 of the already very short time limit. I had fun with it even though it's simple. Nice work!

Awesome game, awesome art, and awesome take on the theme. Took me a sec to get a hang of the controls, but once I did it was super fast and responsive. No bugs you wouldn't expect from such a time crunch. Overall it is very well done and I had a lot of fun with it. Great game, Great job!

Nice job! I love the fun take on the theme. And the levels were nicely design and fun to play around on. The art and music were great and I had a blast playing the game. Great job, great game!

Sweet game! I really liked the take on the theme. It was fun to test the limits of what people would be okay with paying and for what quality. The art and music were a great choice. Great game, great job.

Awesome job! It's such a bummer your files got deleted, I had something similar happen last year. But I went to catch the signal 2 and it was a total blast! I really like the idea of trying to get hit instead of avoid it. Especially because the shots bounce so much it is hard to avoid hitting the other person. I am not sure I have ever seen a game with these mechanics and I love it. We had a great time playing it and I hope other give it a try too.
Really nicely done, great game.

Really nicely done! This was a great take on the them. And the art was very pleasant and fun. I had a blast dodging on the water and stealing the cute little veggies. I've never seen such an adorable 'bullet-storm' type game. Really great work, and great game!

Really nicely done! This looks amazing and was a fun game that made you think a bit. It was fun to learn the cars patterns and strategize how to take multiple out at once. I really appreciated the final just for fun level. Great work, great game!

This is an amazing take on the theme! And a genuinely fun game to play. it looks so cute, even though it is about horrifyingly running over frogs. I loved the variety of the cars. There was some real strategy involved in stopping every frog. Great game, great job.

Awesome game! This is an amazing take on the theme. I love the look and sounds of the game. And the controls and interacting with the players felt very smooth and intuitive. I was laughing and having a blast the whole time I played. Great game and great job!

Nicely done! Really cool take on the theme. And I loved the look of all the art and icons. The game felt a little hard but it is tough to balance a game perfectly in such a short time. Really cool idea and could become something amazing with a few tweaks. All things considered though it was really cool and fun. Great game, great job.

Nice job! Very nice take on the theme. I really liked the look and feel of the whole thing. The game was very intuitive and the levels progressed very nicely in terms of difficulty and how you could 'trap' yourself. Super fun, I loved it. Great job, great game!

Very nice fun game. It is a great take on the theme. And it is just the right amount of crazy and frustrating to keep you coming back. Great job, great game!

Sweet game! I love the look and feel of it all. And it is a perfect fit for the theme. The three levels are a good range of difficulty. I had a lot of fun playing it. Great game and great job!

Thanks for playing and such kind words. Cricket has been receiving many many pets for being such an inspiration. 

Thank you for playing!

Those are awesome ideas, thank you! I love the fan idea and the extra goals idea would add a nice amount of extra challenge. 

Very clever take on the theme. Making the role reversal part of the game play rather than just part of the game premise is a great idea that I have not seen too much of. Awesome spooky vibes with both art and audio. Overall really well done. Great job, great game.

Really liked the idea and I think it fits the theme very well. Everything worked as I expected and didn't really run into any bugs. Unless you want to count the enemies, Haha!.. Oof bad joke. Anyways, great game, great job!

Amazing game! It looked and sounded awesome. And the idea fit with the theme perfectly. I had a lot of fun! It was just the right amount of frustrating that keeps you coming back for more. Great job, Great game!

Awesome take on the theme and it is super well done! I love the art style and the pleasant little noises everything made. It might make it to easy but maybe a hint system would help people getting stuck. But as is it is still an awesome game! Great job, great game.

This is a great idea based on the theme. A twist on an existing game but very much still a complete and new game on it's own. The art and music were great! And the various types of missiles really made for some fun strategy. Overall this is awesome and I love it. Great game, great job!

Awesome take on the theme and very well executed. I played it a couple times and got better each time. It would be interesting to see how you coded the snakes path finding. Overall this is super well done and a great idea for a game. Well done, great job!

Do you have any ideas for level designs or other possible sticker options?

Do you have any ideas for other sticker options?