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I can honestly say I've never played such a relatable game before (besides the fact that I still dont have a diagnoses yet, working on that), thank you to the creator for helping me feel seen. Love the story and the art style!

I was like ...oh? OH! NOPE. 

One of the funniest games I've played here

Well that was depressing

I love the sound and the concept, this game had me all in my feelings. Perfect execution

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I'm kind of stuck, as I cant find the last piece of stone for the grave or the last diadem, but it's a beautiful game so far, and I love the sounds. 

Aw. I got true ending, and that was really cute

I was not expecting that to make me cry

oh heckkkkkk nah

No, this game is meant to make a point. Billionaires could do so much good with their wealth. Nobody should be drowning in more money than theyd ever need in a lifetime while there are people starving and homeless

I don't usually comment but this is one of the best games I've played yet. Think of all the good for the world you could do as a billionaire, man.