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Cool Concept

Absolutely brilliant game, I like how the pieces of evidence tell a story that I'd love to dive deeper into. Definitely following

Nope, might just be my slow computer though! I'll try it again

after i grabbed the key I got killed by Tim and the screen is just dark lol is that supposed to happen

If nobody else got me I know lachlan's got me

noooo my buddy :( RIP egg until I can get the full version

Poor Maya, I wish there were different endings

very cool


Nice, I like it

oh I didn't notice that, thanks!

I love this! How many endings are there?

This is one of my favorite horror games now! I found two endings, not sure how many there are. Where can I find the second game?

I enjoyed this project, hope you come back to it someday!

This is a neat game! I've gotten two endings, how many are there?

I get that of course but throughout the game it was made to seem as if they ostracized him based on his ideas, like the rituals and such, rather than race. I'm saying there's better ways to integrate it into the story, throwing in a slur did absolutely nothing except take away from it in my opinion, almost like an excuse to put it in. I've also found that a lot of horror with black characters is centered solely around racism and it doesn't need to be that way. When nonblack people write Black characters, especially when the story is centered around racism, they should at the very least get a sensitivity reader or something. And I just don't see story writing as an excuse for using slurs, I feel like that should go without saying. The whole situation was odd. 

Yeah but there's so many better ways they could have done that if they thought it was necessary to the story. Throwing in one slur didn't get the message across like they thought it would. 

that's not a good reason. You can make horror without racism

this is a great game, and well made, but what was up with the racial slur?

Is this based off that writing prompt? I've been looking for a story like this for awhile

I kinda like the art actually

Rusty Lake meets Melanie Martinez?

I was hoping it was say "he was... NUMBER #1"

I love this game, funny and silly but at the end very sweet and sad

This is beautiful but that poor spider...I'm devastated

noooo the dog! at least i got my revenge...

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I agree with everyone that you should build on this idea because its really cool!

Where can I find the full game

is it supposed to crash when you enter rock in rock paper scissors

Jeff is that you?

right as I finished the game a car honked outside and pulled me back into reality lol. Nice game, still don't know how it got my full name though because my computer and account are under different ones...

I can honestly say I've never played such a relatable game before (besides the fact that I still dont have a diagnoses yet, working on that), thank you to the creator for helping me feel seen. Love the story and the art style!

I was like ...oh? OH! NOPE. 

One of the funniest games I've played here

Well that was depressing

I love the sound and the concept, this game had me all in my feelings. Perfect execution

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I'm kind of stuck, as I cant find the last piece of stone for the grave or the last diadem, but it's a beautiful game so far, and I love the sounds.