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We had 1 out of 5 of our playtesters give the same feedback but it was too late to fully address the dizzying effect some people get. We only moved the planet up a bit to give you a better focal point. First time I've personally run into an accessibility problem in my software :D

Uniquely interesting way to meet the can only be one theme


Ya controls got screwed up for me too. Was like i got stuck on a wall or something. I would of liked the controls to be oriented the correct way.... unless that was a mechanic?

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Single-player Spy Party done really well. Good job Michael.

I like the intuitive controls and the flushed-out implementation. Wish it had some sound cause the experience is a little bland. 

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lol. I love running dead bodies at the problem. would be kinda cool to have an interesting background to look at. you know one where I can notice new things every time I run by.  on level 4 I wound up getting stuck in the hole and couldn't just reset. So I quit and had to play the game again :(

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Seemed like it was going to be a fun time after loading up and getting into the rocket. Unfortunately, I couldn't play this game and experience all the content. 

Doesn't seem like you clamped the turning speed to the game's update time. I have a pretty good frame rate and tapping left or tight will make me do 90-180 degree turns. 

Also like Michael said I didn't realize I need to tap thrust until I read his post. Maybe the thruster sound should have been an indicator to me because it wasn't continuing while I was holding W or S. I just thought that was a bug though.The thing is it's not easy to tell if you're moving because of the background image. Sure the asteroids help but are they moving or am I??? both??? 

Lastly, when I got trapped in space I just started spamming click and all these explosions would happen like 30 seconds later.  We're these the asteroids? a planet? who knows cause I couldn't see them.

Ok, cool idea? Ya. Polished? No. The rope needs to fire regardless of it being able to hit anything. How is the player supposed to know the game is actually working if they are spamming space and it does nothing??? 

The second thought is you must play a lot of mobile games. Not sure why you went with the joystick control for a desktop game. It's not really a hindrance on mechanics but it is an odd choice. I'm positive the time it took to implement such control could have been better spending on polishing the overall experiance.

Cool little puzzle game. Wish there was a restart button, a "you lose" indicator when the solution is no longer possible, or the first level was a walk-through. Took me a couple of alt-f4s to figure out this is actually a decent math puzzle game. Could definitely see this as a mobile game if you flushed out some of the gameplay. Also, don't underestimate the benefit of adding sound effects to your game. Even the simplest sounds make a HUGE difference.

The longer you play this game the more fun it gets and the more the player understands. Good job with this entry. Agree with the others that a score indicator could help me understand what to do faster. As an improvement (not that one is needed) maybe could toy with different powerups or spend a ton of time tuning the interactions of the current gameplay features.

I agree with the comments below in that the tutorial is too long. I didn't spend the time reading through all the words to understand what I had to do within the game. I was clicking around all the planets trying to find a correlation on what would affect my score but it took a while. When "Selecting a Planet" I sometimes got a mini-game with a rocketship that would zoom across my screen at the speed of light. It was not apparent what I should do to get through the big asteroid shield of the planet. Tried ramming them, nothing. Tried clicking to shoot, nothing. All in all, I think this is a nice game jam concept but leaves too many question marks for us players. 

embarrassing the wrong build got uploaded 

Not bad. I like the art theme and think you put in some effort putting this together. Needs some adjustments. It may be a personal thing but having to wait for the text is exhausting and if I quickly press space I miss your content. Would like to give it another go but would want to wait till i can go through the text faster. Think there might be bug; at the angel, if you just sit there you can get the dialog of many different characters after the angel has told you his part.

Fun little concept

Interesting game, I love the simple concept. The SFX , music and "character" are great! My only suggestion for improvement could be more fluid movement. 

Pretty simple entry. I like the general concept. Wish I could either see more of the screen at once or the movement of the objects was more flushed out. Didn't feel good to have to keep switching sides while moving the box across the map.

Enjoyable game however the controls need work. Cant tell you how many times I would move pipes I did not mean to move. Made it really tough to complete within the time frame. Maybe levels was the way to go rather then a timed approach 

Thanks Voltaia! Wish it was more polished too. Tuning physics values was very time consuming

Thanks for the feedback Haioner! What glitches caught your eye?

Overall decent. The theme excited me and was pleased by the simple text humor you added. Wish it was more polished and perhaps played less like tabletop and more like the many golf games out there.

Cannot find the download. Did it accidentally get removed? 

Well executed mechanic. As a game I wish you added some power ups or repair packs. With some I would of spent way more time playing!

Very nice concept and it feels like your level design was pretty well executed. More player feedback animation, sound and reloading could have gone a long way toward bringing this from good to great.

Nice looking game with a good mood. Loved the SFX and the overall ambiance. The movement was fluid and drifting was a great touch. The thing that threw me most was the dimensions. It felt like control was designed for 2.5d while the graphics were designed for 2d front facing. For example moving upward just felt completely wrong. Maybe all that was needed was a slight skew to the parachute but I'm not sure. Secondly in terms of the core mechanic would of liked to had more options. In the battle royals you can change your speed and more. It provides a nice way for me to feel in control rather then feeling like the game is controlling me.

Neat game guys. Definitely ambitious for a game jam and it shows a lot of work went into it. Having played solo, It's difficult for me to give feedback on the full experience. Could see this type of game being successful in an IO scenario. While playing (again solo) it felt like I could benefit from more intuitive controls. With that said I see why you do things like aim with mouse. Would love to see you refine this a bit and perhaps add non-local multiplayer and some different game play mechanics like smaller faster bots and different types of weapons. 

Wish it had keyboard support!

Game play sets a good mood but it's a little confusing how you get points and bullets for going near a rocket but no points if you make rockets collide into each other.  

For anyone playing caution: Full screen didn't show any of the (non-essential) counters at the top.

Very nice style. Vmlobo is right. Would love to see you finish this game. Currently its pretty frustrating that you can't reset your bridge after activating physics. Didn't stop me from alt f4 and restarting a bunch of times though! 

Cool little concept. Wish there were some different levels to explore!

What do you think Haioner could full a 2D kerbal be fun?

Took the opportunity to see what a 2d Kerbal could be like

To me what makes these games great is that it feels like you're playing along with the music. The audio, the appearing nodes and the player's interactions all work together to create a beautiful experience. I feel this one missed the mark on that. The collision or "success" sound was distracting from the song rather then adding additional value and the nodes seemed to appear with little flow between them. I haven't played beat saber but after watching videos its right on point with all the other same genre games (guitar hero and rock band for ex). You definitely nailed the graphical theme from 3d Beat Saber to 2d Beat Squares but failed to emulate the experience of this genre :(

Please take this as constructive criticism rather then a bash 

Fun and challenging! 

I love this genre so I liked this game. The draw back is how easy it was to win and the limited playtime that comes from that. One of the things that would of really improved the experience is better counters to force some oh s#it moments

At first I thought it was broken because everything stopped when I shot; then I read the description. Had a really good time playing this one.  Nice job!

Great job with this. The pace feels right and the two dimensional dodging is fun. Haven't been able to avoid the sloped walls though is there a trick to it?