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Cool game :)

Awesome little game :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

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Never would have thought of "only one" being the goal, your idea is genius :)

Cool idea.

Even when it's so simple it's fun and difficult, good job :)

Good job :)

I like the jump, it's a bit different, but easy to get used to, and fun to play around with.

Only thing is that camera acts wierd when i use fullschreen...

I'm glad you liked it :)

I plan to work more on it after jam, and make it a bit longer and add more content.

Love it :)

Fun and creative

I lLike the idea of only using one room.

47 deaths

Cool idea, and fun game

Does the rules say anything about gore (and what counts as gore?)??

Proof that something can be awesome without veing a game :)

Anyone here that likes Gråtass??

Tanks :)

Really fun

I like the calm music :)

I like the spooky atmosphere the music makes

And the shape/texture of the walls makes this even more disorienting (as a maze should be)

Really good :)

Love the visuals and gameplay :)

The 3D looks really nice, and i like the way it's a little bit pixelated

Really fun :)

Just wondering, how can a steel egg break??🤔

Really nice visuals and music :)

Love the look of the game

Really fun :)

I really like the physics, and the movement of my character.

Really fun,

Just sad that i don't have anyone to play with.

Nice game

Thanks :)

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Thanks :)

Made the first 15 levels the day of theme reveal

Then i added some more in an uppdate yesterday.

Thanks :)

Me too, thanks for the feedback

Love it :)

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Thanks for the positive feedback, I really like your game to :)

To difficult for me,

but i like the way it's made.

5 stars :)

Sad you couldn't fix it in time, would love a bug-free version...

First i thought it would be a walking simulator, then you introdused shields and potions.

A story based troll game

it was fun

Thought this would be easy...

never been more wrong in my life...

A bit easy to break(menu still up after game starts, cards start glowing)

Only thing i dislike is that it's so short...

It was really fun :)


space crashes title schreen

Thanks, I got inspired by a game called Downwell

I like it :)