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I entered the dungeon for loot, but there are skeletons everywhere!View game page

An infinite-runner game with dungeon theme.
Submitted by AlperSekerci, saro.hibo — 16 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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I entered the dungeon for loot, but there are skeletons everywhere!'s page


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Use of the Limitation#342.3152.500

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit)

I really like this game! My highscore's 72 .

I love the music! And the challenging game-play, too, once I got used to it! (dodging and charging was a bit tricky at first but I got used to it). Art-style and sound effects are good too!

Sometimes I had to resort to stalling by pressing back a lot because my brain forgets what button to press in the moment or I got tired lol.

The fast pace makes it challenging! I think which enemies spawn is a bit random,  too?

What's the frame data for attacks, slide, dodge, and the game's fps?


Yeah, I set the cooldown of dodge in a way that you can stall. However, the game speed always increases, so you should not do it often. :)

I am not sure about the animations, but the screen moves 20 pixels per frame at the beginning.

Yes, enemy spawn is totally random. Thank you for your comment! :)


Wow I didn't even know the game speeds up.
The randomness makes it challenging.
Awesome game!


I like the Idea of fencing your way through skeletons. I found the blue skeletons impossible to pass and I thought I could use the charge move to get passed them but I only glowed pink and nothing happened (and I died. *RIP*). 


You need to attack (release X) when the enemy starts attacking. If you attack before that, it does not work. True, you can only kill blue skeletons with charge attacks. Thank you for playing & writing a comment! :)


A bit difficult, but i really like the idea :)


Thanks! Yes, I intentionally made it difficult, but I hope players get used to it after few attempts. :D