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Hi! I've only submitted to one game jam so far.
It was fun, but also had a bit of deadline-anxiety.
Aim to upload it early to avoid missing the deadline
(Lucky for me they were nice to let me submit it late).

Also, I kinda felt bad when my game wasn't ranked that high, but it's expected for a first try.
So, it's okay if you get a low score and feel sad. I've been there too.

It's good for learning how to make a game, and experiencing a game jam.
It also sometimes gives me ideas when otherwise I wouldn't have any.
(But it usually takes effort to brainstorm an idea).

This is my third attempt at a game jam. Maybe I'll successfully submit my second game.

Good luck!

I like the art style and the music!
Took a dark turn, tho. What happened??? :(

I'm a rookie musician. Need any music for the game jam?

Here's a demo song I made:

P.S. I couldn't find you on Discord, Spryo.

Okay thanks. The template's only general, so it's not specific to this or any other game jam.

Hi. I'm just asking about the rules:

"You can use pre-made assets that were not made for this jam, like asset packs, or assets from older projects of yours."
Does "assets" include game scripts and templates?
I've been working on a game template that allows RPG-dialogue stuff.
But to remake this from scratch would just be too much for a game jam for me.

"You may only make your game within the time frame, we do check. However, updates are allowed after the game has been submitted"
So i noticed the theme is already up. Is it okay to brainstorm before the game jam starts, and use any ideas/writing/character-models that fit the limitation once it's revealed?


Great animation and art! Did it take a long time to animate?

That took a dark turn. 

I like how the story and text is simple.

The black and white doodle art style's not bad. It's dark which is why I clicked this game.

I say keep working on your art skills!

P.S. so does the game explain what happen?

Nice. I like the art, and also how the each bit of text is short, and not too wordy.

I imagined the person having Tina's voice from Bob's Burger, and the plant having Bob's voice, lol.

That's what it seems like. I was confused, too.

lol thanks!

I'm not skilled enough to use godot or any other game engine right now so I'm trying to use the old blender game engine to proto-type for now.

Though even fore a very short simple game like this, the game logic got very messy and complicated!

Wow I didn't even know the game speeds up.
The randomness makes it challenging.
Awesome game!

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I really like this game! My highscore's 72 .

I love the music! And the challenging game-play, too, once I got used to it! (dodging and charging was a bit tricky at first but I got used to it). Art-style and sound effects are good too!

Sometimes I had to resort to stalling by pressing back a lot because my brain forgets what button to press in the moment or I got tired lol.

The fast pace makes it challenging! I think which enemies spawn is a bit random,  too?

What's the frame data for attacks, slide, dodge, and the game's fps?

I really love the presentation and colours and shading! It's so neat and the colours are bright and it's very clear and simple-looking! and the HUD's nice, too! It's awesome to see more 3D graphics like this!

Okay, thanks so much! I really appreciate it! I wanna make sure people can at least play my game!

Thanks so much for trying a different computer! Is your basement computer a super-gaming PC or anything like that?
I found out that text objects take up a LOT of vertices, which might be an issue.

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How long did you wait while the blank white screen was on? Like 1 minute? Or 5 minutes?
I might have to find out how to make the game load faster and/or add some kind of loading-game bar.

Thanks about the art-style! Yeah, the heads might look a bit odd. But I like how it turned out.

I love the music! The art-style's pretty awesome, too!
Controls are tricky tho. I couldn't figure out how to move until I moved my mouse cursor to north of the character.

Good idea to allow short-hopping. Makes downwards attacks a bit easier than from a full-height jump.

Retro art and music and sound effects are good!

Neat graphics. The walking-with-closed-eyes concept is interesting.

The goblin's expression is a nice touch lol!
(I can kind-of make them quickly look back and forth in a panic by moving the mouse a lot lol)

The art-style and music is nice, too.

For gameplay, I wish it highlighted which inventory-boxes an item is hovering over,
because it was trickier than expected to see how to fit items inside, especially with the time pressure.
Also, a bit tricky to press right-click while holding down left click. But hey, only 72 hours to make a game.

Thanks. It works.

You can update your game after the deadline.

I like the art and the teamwork and non-violent concept! Music's cool, too!

Puzzle platformers aren't my forte, tho. Is there a reset-button? I keep having to quit and start the game from the beginning whenever I get stuck.

I like the graphics! Nice bright colours.
Also, interesting that the "enemies" surprised me since they're...

I don't know enough to make a game in godot right now, so I'm just playing around with blender right now. If I come up with something, I'll submit it.

Cool. Thanks.

Interesting. Thanks.

I imagine answers will vary depending on experience and situation.

But just curious cuz I'm new to game-jams and haven't made a game yet.

So like, do game devs test their game-jam games during a game jam?

Is this an optional thing?

Do game devs post a demo on discord on day 2 or something?

Or have a teammate or random roommate test it? Or play-test it yourself?

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You can try Blender 2.79’s Game Engine.

Not sure if it’s a good game engine, but it is free and coding is optional, not required.

Download a “previous version” of blender. (i.e. version 2.79).

When you open Blender:

Change these two things at the top of your window:

1) Change “Default” to “Game Logic”.

2) Change “Blender Render” (or “Cycles”), to “Blender Game”.

To test your game, press P while your mouse is over the main 3D View window.

P.S. Opening any blender assets you made in a newer version probably won't work. I just get an empty file.

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I'm loving the retro-visuals and even the retro-sound effects for selecting an option in a menu! The part about the only way out is a bit creepy though. So was that absolute truth... be careful what message you could be sending to someone...

I tried jumping and moving to the beat, but that didn't work out (Normal difficulty). I haven't played any rhythm games, but it'd be nice if moving to the music was helpful.

Also, great that the animation (of the retro sprites) isn't smooth! That's part of what makes retro games retro games in my opinion!

Music is good, too!

poor pigs

I'm running way too slowly.

Also, the jump feels awkward.

(And the look joystick is too senstive, though I dunno if I can change that or not).

Mac OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan.

Otherwise, the game looks cool!

Pretty cool game!

But a suggestion for the controls / camera:

Hopefully I can explain this in words.

I found it's important to decide whether to dodge sideways (good against jumpstrike) or backwards (good against horizontal slash).

But when I dodge around an enemy to the right,

The camera doesn't rotate with the character.

Thus, pointing the joystick right no longer makes me dodge sideways. It makes me do a backflip.

This makes it difficult to figure out which way I should point my joystick to dodge the way I want to.

Bug: at stage 5, there was nothingness, and then I died.


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Fun game!

I like the look!

But option to change dash direction into the way you're walking would be nice; Often, I dash where I'm shooting when I want to dash back.

Also, bars that show when the next arrow is coming out, or when you can dash again would be nice.

Otherwise, nice!

P.S. the dash animation is pretty funny, tho :)

Playing a second time,

now I'm really appreciating this game!

I'd definitely play more levels with increasing difficulty!

What I liked:

- how it's about making good decisions.

Making a mistake can cost dearly, which goes well with the slow speed and dark atmosphere.

- The boss! at least on the second encounter.

- the second floor! ;) Challenging!

- warp to a previous save/rest point.

Or being tempted to risk 16 blessings

For a chance of conveniently finding the next save point

Some recommendations / requests:

- there's a bug where sometimes you can't walk.

Which can mess up your combat. I got "stuck" a few times.

(P.S. I used keyboard and mouse.)

- More surprises! More pressure! More difficultly as you progress!

- Make the character button on a far away button

to prevent accidental pressing during combat.

- Make judgement info appear somewhere on the screen that's out of the way.

- I can still block an attack if hit from behind

I personally think you should take extra damage for making a crucial mistake.

- don't make bosses any easier if you die.

(Unless it's on easy difficulty)

- Make the heavy-attack animation look a bit more "heavy"

Cuz I got confused at first, thinking it wasn't the right attack.

I'm following this game!

Oh yeah, I felt trapped alright.

Didn't know where to go,

and going down the stairs felt like it wasn't actually taking me anywhere,

that is until I saw the NPCs which was new.

But one of them had a blob in the same room!

Nice music, too.