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Playing a second time,

now I'm really appreciating this game!

I'd definitely play more levels with increasing difficulty!

What I liked:

- how it's about making good decisions.

Making a mistake can cost dearly, which goes well with the slow speed and dark atmosphere.

- The boss! at least on the second encounter.

- the second floor! ;) Challenging!

- warp to a previous save/rest point.

Or being tempted to risk 16 blessings

For a chance of conveniently finding the next save point

Some recommendations / requests:

- there's a bug where sometimes you can't walk.

Which can mess up your combat. I got "stuck" a few times.

(P.S. I used keyboard and mouse.)

- More surprises! More pressure! More difficultly as you progress!

- Make the character button on a far away button

to prevent accidental pressing during combat.

- Make judgement info appear somewhere on the screen that's out of the way.

- I can still block an attack if hit from behind

I personally think you should take extra damage for making a crucial mistake.

- don't make bosses any easier if you die.

(Unless it's on easy difficulty)

- Make the heavy-attack animation look a bit more "heavy"

Cuz I got confused at first, thinking it wasn't the right attack.

I'm following this game!