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Pretty Cool Game! Suggestion for Controls / Camera

A topic by sdhy created May 16, 2017 Views: 136 Replies: 6
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Pretty cool game!

But a suggestion for the controls / camera:

Hopefully I can explain this in words.

I found it's important to decide whether to dodge sideways (good against jumpstrike) or backwards (good against horizontal slash).

But when I dodge around an enemy to the right,

The camera doesn't rotate with the character.

Thus, pointing the joystick right no longer makes me dodge sideways. It makes me do a backflip.

This makes it difficult to figure out which way I should point my joystick to dodge the way I want to.


Hi! Thanks for the feedback. The jump direction is relative to the player and it's current target.

Think of the motion as pushing away from the enemy to do a backflip, pushing towards the enemy to do a jump attack, and pushing adjacent to the enemy to do a side jump.

The way this works has been lifted straight from the 3D Zelda games, but if you have any suggestions on how to implement differently, please let me know!

I use the mouse/keyboard, and I think you should add a mode where the camera is always follow the player, for me it is really awkward to constantly move the camera around or press shift (which does it for me). You could make it toggle-able


I'm considering camera follow at the moment. It will take a little while to implement though and a few use cases to decide e.g. what should happen when you run towards camera? What should happen when you change target in combat? I've put it on the backlog for now, but If I get more interest I'll bump it up priorities.


Ok, great game!


Just so you know the latest build has some improved keyboard and mouse controls: https://8bitape.itch.io/swords...

You can rotate the camera with Q and E, O and P or using the mouse.

Awesome, thanks!