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8-Bit Ape

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Thanks for bringing this up! The timer will be removed in next update. It was only in the game as I took the demo to a bunch of game festivals and needed to rotate players.

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Nothing planned at the moment, but when more of the core mechanics are complete it's something to consider for sure. Creating art assets is one of the more time consuming activities. At the very least I'll let you change your vest top colour ;)

No bosses yet! There will be bosses in full game though.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to people playing!

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Thought I'd drop a little update so you know what I'm working on!

Some chests and enemies drop health potions. You can carry up to three at a time and use them with Tab key / LB. These are in game and working, just waiting on some sounds!

Bored of killing Skeletons? Soon you'll have to contend with Bats! They'll have some kind of dash attack  with cute animations.

I've designed how the overworld will work and how it will link dungeons to villages. It's inspired by Diablo and Carccassone (a board game). The tile placement should give me more control over the world and possibly might allow for puzzles. You can see below a page from my notebook...

I hope you're interested in what's coming up! Not sure how far away the next update will be, my estimate is 2 months. The terrain system is going to take some work... If you have any features you really want to see in game sooner, drop me a comment here!

Thanks for playing! I'm working on a few things at the moment:

- Potions so you can heal

- A new enemy (Bat)

- Overworld generation so you can travel to different dungeons

It's going to be a couple of months until new content is available, but should be fun!

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Thanks! Slowly building my overworld terrain generation at the moment. Can't wait to have endless worlds!

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Thats good to know! There's not a lot you can do at the moment, but I have just added potions to game and will be removing the timer. It'll be an endless dungeon, but on death you'll go right back to the beginning. It'll display a stats screen when you die telling you how far you got, how many enemies you killed etc.

Thanks for playing!

Hey David,

I'm up for this! I sent you an email.

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A tiny update that has some extra sword animations and control information: https://8bitape.itch.io/swords...

- New: Multiple sword animations
- New: Lists controls for Jump Attack

If you find any problems, just drop a comment!

Cheers for the video dude! The next big update will have an endless dungeon and will keep track of stats and things whilst you attempt to get as far into the dungeon as possible... The timer is only in there because I took the game to a game fest and needed to limit how long people were playing for!

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Hi! Thanks for the excellent feedback!

1) It might be something to do with the orthographic camera making it feel like that? I can assure you that movement is the same speed on all axes!

2) The player has access to all the same moves as the Skeleton. You can roll with A / Space, and when locked on to an enemy you jump by pressing A / Space and a direction. Jumping backwards does a backflip, sideways a dodge jump, and forwards does the jump attack. Here's a video showing the different moves! 

3) I would love to put more traps in the game. I'm just working on the first boss battle, so when that is done, I'll think about more traps. I like your suggestions!

4) In the full game the room state will be saved so you won't be able to loot the same chest twice

5) Hehe, the timer won't be in the full game! I took the game to a game fest and needed to control how long people played the game, as the dungeon goes on forever (literally). I am thinking about changing this so that when you die it's game over and you don't respawn. Then you can have a screen with a bunch of stats and stuff. This is only temporary until more of the game is complete. What do you think of the endless dungeon idea for the time being?

Thanks so much for all the feedback, it's really great!

Posted in youtube vids

Yeah, go for it! There isn't much in the game at the moment, but all feedback is appreciated. Cheers for taking the time to make a video.

Excellent! Glad it works for you :)

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I've implemented new keyboard controls in the latest build: https://8bitape.itch.io/swords...
If you are playing with mouse you can:

Move: WASD
Rotate Camera: O and P (or Q and E)
Attack: K
Lock On: Left Shift
Roll / Jump: Space

I've tried it out and it feels a bit better playing without mouse now. Let me know what you think!

This *should* be fixed in the latest build: https://8bitape.itch.io/swords...

Essentially it only listens to input from one connected device. Would massively appreciate it if you were able to give it a spin and let me know how you get on!

Replied to corruptela in Love it :3

Thanks for the suggestion! I am going to implement breakable shields. You will auto block when you lock on to an enemy. Might be a couple of months away though!

Just so you know the latest build has some improved keyboard and mouse controls: https://8bitape.itch.io/swords...

You can rotate the camera with Q and E, O and P or using the mouse.

A new build of Swords & Shadows has arrived that fixes a few bugs and has a couple of new options: https://8bitape.itch.io/swords...

- New: Updated keyboard control scheme
- New: Control options available where you can set mouse camera sensitivity
- New: Controller support for Windows, Mac and Linux
- Fixed: Xbox controller triggers now work when more than 1 controller connected
- Fixed: Player no longer stays invincible and red if punched through a door

If you find any problems, just drop a comment!

Hey dude! Thanks for playing. I'm hoping to extend the game over time. Just so you know, you can lock on to enemies with LT and do side jumps, backflips and jump attacks by pressing A.

They'll be more attack animations in the next build. There'll also be a spin attack :)

Thanks dude! Going to be working hard on this over the coming months. Hope you keep coming back to play updates!

Posted in Love it :3

Thanks! Neither can I ;)

I'm considering camera follow at the moment. It will take a little while to implement though and a few use cases to decide e.g. what should happen when you run towards camera? What should happen when you change target in combat? I've put it on the backlog for now, but If I get more interest I'll bump it up priorities.

Thanks for playing and making the video! Hopefully have a few new features next month, so keep an eye on the itch.io page!

Ah ha! So the bug is that when multiple controllers are plugged in, the Trigger input is summed from all controllers which results in zero. I can put a work around in so that it only detects from one controller.

Thanks for your help with this!

Okay, it seems as though there are some bugs with Unity's Xbox controller support. Did you perchance have two or more controllers attached to your PC when playing?

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. The jump direction is relative to the player and it's current target.

Think of the motion as pushing away from the enemy to do a backflip, pushing towards the enemy to do a jump attack, and pushing adjacent to the enemy to do a side jump.

The way this works has been lifted straight from the 3D Zelda games, but if you have any suggestions on how to implement differently, please let me know!

Posted in S&S Let's Play!

Hey! Thanks for playing the little gameplay demo. There isn't all that much you can do at the moment, but working on some extra attacks and boss battles, then on to generating the overworld for exploring fun.

I'm not entirely certain how story elements will work, but there'll be some sort of quest system. Thanks again for playing!

Okay, that's odd. I've tested with 360 controller on Windows 10. Is it wired or wireless? I'll look into it, see if there is a known issue.

Thanks for playing! Which OS are you on? I think there might be a problem on mac / linux.

Thank you so much for playing the demo and writing this review! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. We're just about to start on the next phase of development which will introduce a few new attack moves, health pickups and a boss battle. The boss will definitely use attack patterns (think Hyper Light Drifter). Once complete we'll upload here again!

Thanks for trying it out! Camera sensitivity is on my todo list. With regards to jump attack, you push forwards and space when locked on. If you push left / right and space you do a side jump, whilst back and space does a backflip. I need to add full list of moves in game / on game page!

Good point regarding ctrl / command. I'll assign primary attack to right shift and ranged attack to enter. Still close to arrow keys for rotating camera. I'll try and get this in a patch next week as quite a few people have mentioned about keyboard controls.

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Thanks for the feedback Adam! Those skeletons will stop following you if they go offscreen. You can get further away from them quicker by rolling (space bar). Perhaps this is something I can tweak. Perhaps they can slow down the further away they get as they lose interest in chasing you.

I do need to work on keyboard controls. I must admit most of my playtesting has been with an Xbox controller. My current thoughts are something like:

WASD keys: Move

Mouse left click / Right ctrl: Attack

Mouse right click / Right shift: Ranged Attack

Mouse middle click / QE keys / Left and right arrow: Rotate camera

Space bar: Roll / Jump

Left shift: Lock on

The idea with above scheme is that you could play with a 3 button mouse, 2 button mouse or no mouse at all.

Would love your thoughts on this!

Thanks a lot! Got some excellent feedback already. You've done great work with this site. The butler API is really neat and hooks into post build process beautifully.

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Thanks for the feedback! Completely agree about combat. The AI needs work so they are more intelligent, so they surround and flank you, so they can dodge attacks.

Next step is to add clear horizontal / vertical attacks which require different tactics to evade. Considering adding a ranged attack to skeletons so some of them will drop back and take ranged shots.

Different weapon types would be cool, need to think about how I will implement this though. Different weapons means more animations, which takes a bit of time to do. Maybe a double handed variant with slower but more deadlier attacks. That could be cool and not too much work to implement.

Thanks again for taking the time to play, I really appreciate it!

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Swords & Shadows is a top down hack n' slash inspired by Zelda and Torchlight. Adventure through endless dungeons, fight monsters and defeat bosses! You can download the latest development build here: https://8bitape.itch.io/swordsandshadows

Here's a short gameplay video:

The dungeons are procedurally generated in a cute low-poly style and the gameplay has a challenging but fun feel to match. The current build is pre-alpha and is little more than a demonstration of combat and terrain generation. In time a wide range of enemy types and multiplayer game modes will be introduced. There may be a Kickstarter campaign later in the year, so keep an eye out for it!

Play it and give us feedback!

Please give the demo a spin and let us know if you find any bugs or have feedback on any of the mechanics currently in the game:

  • Terrain Generation
  • Combat
  • Movement and Camera

You can keep up to date on the project by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Many thanks!

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The latest development build has two key features:

- Terrain generation
- Combat

The combat feels pretty good at the moment and the terrain algorithm is doing it's job. If you find any bugs or have feedback on any of the features above, please leave a comment below!

You can download the latest version from the main page: https://8bitape.itch.io/swordsandshadows