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Swords & Shadows

Top down hack n' slash inspired by Zelda and Diablo. · By 8-Bit Ape

A game with HUGE potential!

A topic by JakeTheFlake created Jun 20, 2017 Views: 252 Replies: 4
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Swords and shadows is a game that is very limited at the moment, but I feel has a lot of potential! Very good and simple controls, and cannot wait to see what the developers do with this game! Here is a video of my gameplay with a few of my own suggestions of things I wish would be added to the game. Cannot WAIT to see what these developers do and can hopefully come back and play it again when it has more things to do in it!


Thanks for playing! I'm working on a few things at the moment:

- Potions so you can heal

- A new enemy (Bat)

- Overworld generation so you can travel to different dungeons

It's going to be a couple of months until new content is available, but should be fun!

Really look forward to it! Let me know when the update comes out and i'll definitely jump back in and see more! Also, I know in the description it mentions that there are bosses. Have they been implemented yet and I just didn't make it that far into the game? If that's the case, I wanna play again just to get to that lol:D


No bosses yet! There will be bosses in full game though.

Awesome! Well I look forward to seeing what you can do with this! Good luck!