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Another really cool game from you guys Hammer Games! I've played In the name of Freedom Ep. 1 as well and I can proudly say that this is definitely a step in the right direction!! Here's a link of my play-through of this game! 

I was one of the lucky few that got to try this game at the Playthrough Gaming Convention in Raleigh, NC, and I've been looking forward to see what the developers could do. They definitely delivered with this demo, and I can't wait to see if this becomes a full game experience. I wish you the best Wither Studios!

Here's the gameplay I recorded for my YouTube Channel, if you feel so inclined to see the demo yourself!

This game was a super cool experience! Very simple, yet elegant and soothing. I recorded this in 2 parts, one which was released today and the 2nd part/ending to be released on Monday, August 27th 2018 at 1PM EST! Hope you enjoy it!

My brother and I LOVED playing this game together. Such a simple yet unique and fun idea. Here's a video of us playing the game!

Other than the fact I just about lost my sanity playing this game, it is very well made and would recommend that anyone plays it! Very cool concept!

Loved playing this game! Played this months ago, but just now got the chance to release this video on my channel! Another to come out in a couple of days as well. Hope you enjoy and can find my thoughts helpful throughout this video:D Definitely recommend this game to others!

Thank you Hammer Games for the suggestion to play this game! Below is my let's play of this first chapter. Definitely has it's ups and downs, but all in all not a terrible game. Watch the video below for my more in-depth feedback!

Awesome! Well I look forward to seeing what you can do with this! Good luck!

Really look forward to it! Let me know when the update comes out and i'll definitely jump back in and see more! Also, I know in the description it mentions that there are bosses. Have they been implemented yet and I just didn't make it that far into the game? If that's the case, I wanna play again just to get to that lol:D

Swords and shadows is a game that is very limited at the moment, but I feel has a lot of potential! Very good and simple controls, and cannot wait to see what the developers do with this game! Here is a video of my gameplay with a few of my own suggestions of things I wish would be added to the game. Cannot WAIT to see what these developers do and can hopefully come back and play it again when it has more things to do in it!

Wellp...this game will surely test your patience! Hope you enjoy this lets play!

Makes sense. Really happy with what's there and super impressed with what you did in that short amount of time!

My brother and I played this game on my channel, and we both enjoyed it a lot. With there was more to do with this game, but with what's there, it's super fun and has really interesting dynamics! Would recommend others trying out!

Really neat concept! Very pretty looking and well designed game! This game is absolutely stunning to look at and has it challenges for sure, making it a great puzzle game! Enjoyed playing part of this game. Check out my playthrough here:D

Great Game! I would love to see this game develop more and have more modes or even levels. Super cool game though, and really enjoyed playing it! Check out my playthrough here. Want to see more from this game, and hope there are plans to further develop this game!

Super cool game with a great story! Check out my play through!