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Swords & Shadows

Top down hack n' slash inspired by Zelda and Diablo. · By 8-Bit Ape

Development build 1.1.0d1 has been released!

A topic by 8-Bit Ape created Oct 01, 2017 Views: 482 Replies: 16
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Developer (1 edit) (+16)

Here's a mini update!

The overworld terrain is going to take a lot more effort than I realised... We have two people working on code side of things now though, which is awesome. Here's a video of the features in the mini update:

  • Bats: Fast and kinda scary but super cute at the same time
  • Potions: Heal yourself as you adventure through the dungeons
  • Increasing Difficulty: The further you go, the harder the dungeons become!
  • No Timer: Who needs timers anyway?
  • Game Over Stats:  When you die, it's game over and you get a screen detailing your progress - number of gems collected, bats killed, rooms explored etc. (a few  of these  will be added in a later patch)
  • Bug Fixes and Gameplay Balance: Fixed a bunch of things and made the game a little fairer (still tough though!)

Added more to the game over stats in latest patch:

Try and beat my score!

the potions are kinda op maybe for later levels add stronger potion like have the early ones heal only 1 heart


Yeah, think you're right. I'll look into it!

also any idea when the next update is coming


Next update will be sometime early next year! I'm mostly working on tools at the moment (level editor, world builder etc.) so nothing exciting to show...

what happened to the overworld??


That's what we are working on! The level editor and world builder tools are going to help us create the game overworld. It's going to require a bit of effort, so will be a while until it's playable. I'll post an update when we have decent progress to share.

ok thx cool

wait I mean cool ok thanks


hey we are still here and supporting you :)


Thanks! Been a little busy with other projects, but hopefully can get back on this game soon :)

the commuity is still here and waiting but dont rush i prefer a good game over a rushed one!


Glad you're prepared to wait! We've had to put Swords & Shadows on hold as we're working on a web game for AirConsole (need to pay the rent!) We should be returning to this game in May / June though so might be a little while before we have any updates.

ok thx 


will it only be turn based

Developer (1 edit)

The AirConsole game? If so, yes! It will be turn based. Here's a few shots: