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Thanks for letting me know! I'm putting up a new build with more content today  So hopefully that fixes the issue.

yeah, made him a model and rig in blender really quick and rendered animations to a sprite sheet.

I t was a simple and fun tower defense game. solid execution of the mechanics. I think the experience could be improved by added sound effects for shooting, damage, and destroying enemies. it would add some impact to the game other than the explosion effect from destroying enemies. 

good overall.

I love the narrative progression of the witch getting more aggressive as she takes more damage pretty clever use of game play. I think the  player movement was to restrictive with low move speed and very low jump height. 

Though if that was on purpose for the sake of the game's narrative of her getting more angry and serious I think her move speed, jump height, and magic ability could be improved as she gets angrier to vary the gameplay and add more excitement to the game. 

I found the game peaked my interest as the witch's demeanor changed as she took damage. I think there's good story material here to expand upon.

I appreciate the in-depth feedback! I feel like I need to study art fundamentals to improve the visuals/presentation. I'd really like to make  games are visually distinct and communicate a theme and  your game was a great example of that. 

Have any recommendations for sources on art knowledge?  

For the collision I was lazy and let unity handle the rigidbody collision resolution with the street walls. the jittering is caused by me incrementing the cars position manually rather than using force velocity on the rigidbody.  I personally hate rigidbody movement just too restrictive for me.  I could've just set non-physics level boundaries by stopping the car's movement in the direction of a boundary when it reaches it and take away the rigid body from the street walls.  

Glad you enjoyed! I addressed some of peoples feedback with post jam updates. You can even see the characters I drew now in - game driving the car! (had to rectify that to give the title drawings meaning)

Thanks for the feedback. 3D textures haven't been my strong point I got to grind on that. I'm not sure what to do about the mip-mapping for long distance textured objects coming down the road it does look funky. I'll try to work on that.

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Thanks for playing! I added music to the game as well as some gameplay tweaks to the current release. I'd love some feed back on my music, I've been working on composing music  for when I do games.

I can see the appeal in the game. nice animations, fitting music. I'd suggest pulling the camera back from the player to let them see more. the third person camera control needs some work maybe take a look at other third person shooters for reference. The current controls are serviceable but I couldn't ever get comfortable with the controls it was just too slide-y and effected the aim a lot. the level design is decent and the game UI looks very nice. 

Nice simple gameplay of match against a clock. I noticed there isn't a fruit target at the bottom of the screen every round if might help  the clarity of the gameplay loop if there was a target food item every time.  otherwise it was a fun gameplay loop.

Pretty cinematic. The music sets the ton/mood. seems like a nice little Metroid -like experience. the visual indicators helped me understand what was happening in game like buttons and meters to charge so I wasn't lost much.  Didn't quite get the health drain part initial until I read it in the description. Maybe one picture of your character in pain upon landing might help communicate that but otherwise well executed and fun.

It didn't take long for everything to just click in place to understand the game. I really love the execution on just about every aspect.

 Short and Sweet. 

Cute music too, it's a bop.

Glad you enjoyed the drawings! 

During development I wanted to add SRB2K/Doom  - like directional sprites to the drivers seat so you can see the characters in game. 

 I'm gonna experiment with that while I fixing  the mistakes you mentioned.

Good suggestion!

I'm working on polishing and addressing stuff I ran out of time for yesterday. 

Very well Executed Conecpt! The dramatic lighting and blur effect combined with the low poly characters give this game a distinct visual style.  Throwing the dice out on the table was satisfying but the clock to the right really upped the tension of the game.  The narrative thorugh-line for the game is expressed at just about every part of this project making it very immersive.

This game feels simple & complete. Very well done.

It's  a decent platformer. I Like the use of the character transformations to get through obstacles. modifying player size and ability. It added variety to the 2d platforming. 

Using the mouse to control the camera placement on screen was mildly frustrating to me.  Maybe if the card change button was space I'd understand but making the button tab made it difficult for me to use mouse and keyboard at the same time.  

The trap warp at the end could use some indicators that its a trap. I've played kaizo games like "kill the camellia" and though they are brutally hard they are consistent in there design.

gorgeous  game with some brain twisting puzzle mechanics. the lava starts maybe a little to close to the player at the beginning. The rising lava made my choices starting out very frantic but once I was ahead a bit I could think more carefully and maneuver around the obstacles of the game.

Its a really enjoyable casual game. I think the game mechanics would make the game a hit on mobile; swiping cards into play and such. 

The Gameplay is solid. You guys captured the feel of those mega man battle network games. It'd be interesting to see this game worked on further. maybe add a story to it and some more characters, finish the art, tighten up the combat, and add more enemy variety. good job overall.

Really Clever Card Game. Very well designed. Took a bit for me to understand what was going on with the mechanics but it clicked in my head pretty quick with some experimentation. The game felt like an adventure! Picking events and dealing with the consequences strategically made the game really fun.

Thanks! I'll keep the feedback in mind.


Nice- job, you guys are really close to beating my personal best of 6000!

I downloaded google chrome and now I can click on the menus and move around in game. 

The game's fantastic! I could see the player mechanics being used for a multiplayer 3rd person fantasy shooter game.

Pretty solid game right here. its got the looks, controls great, got sfx. 

I feel you could add things like sfx for the slimes and maybe some background music but it's a solid game with clear design with or without it!

ah ok, I'll just get chrome then, it was gonna happen someday. 

Very nice game! kind of felt like it had an ecological message behind it about global warming or something  ;^) 

art was well thought out. very easy to tell what type of planet you came in contact with.

the controls felt nice. 

The game was difficult but getting the unique dialogue from the "oasis" planets motivated me to keep playing.

This feedback was helpful, thanks! :^)

Perhaps a better balance could be made between the VN Date Sim stuff and grapple hook platforming stuff. 

Most of the date sim is after the grapple level.

I don't want first time players to think it's a bait-and-switch type game. 

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That's a weird glitch, thanks for letting me know! I'm tweaking gameplay a bit to make grappling feel more fair but practice does make perfect!

love the pixel-art gonna try it tomorrow.

haha skeleton go BONK! :^)

Nice gameplay and cute art. 

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I love how economical the game design is. vey efficient design and scope. I feel like I learned something from this game. I have  a tendency to scope too big during jams.

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I wanted to try the game but it goes  blank when I try to run it . I even downloaded the build to run it and it shows up blank.

i'm on Microsoft edge browser. 

The game screenshots look kinda interesting!

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nice cel shaded graphics. 

I couldn't find the goal. 

some of the hallways needed to be bigger or perhaps the level could be constructed in a way where you don't need to go inside hollow geometry. it caused the camera to go behind the walls of the pyramid many times.

You could build the level in a way that suggests your in a pyramid but is open enough to not obstruct the camera. 

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nice work with this one. The presentation feels quit polished. 

My only gripe is that you don't make the cursor visible again on death, making it hard to select things from the menu.  

Also put your camera tracking code in LateUpdate() to get rid of the player jitter. 

other than those nit picks the game's quit solid. very good looking game.

I'm SORRY, I'll work on getting a better aim reticle. I like the auto aim idea, thanks!

I want to try your game but I seem to be stuck on the start screen.. I cant click start with my mouse. 

I also managed to glitch my way past the start screen to find I can't move with wasd.

I'm playing from  a Microsoft edge browser. 

Love the page setup you got there and the game aesthetics. 

You may want to try collecting the cubes until a ring icon appears in the top right corner. That's how you can unlock the other endings. 

I thought about changing this design choice because it would stop some people from seeing the other half of the game (and maybe get a bad impression of it too). 

Thanks for letting me know!

if the game doesn't run well In browser, download the executable for the game on windows.

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Thanks for the feedback! 

which ending did you get btw?

is there a windows version? the non- mac / Linux download has the Linux build in it instead of windows I think.