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I’m trying to buy the animated version but can’t - “The merchant isn’t able to accept PayPal payments at this time. Please try again later or return to the merchant and choose another way to pay.” Maybe something is misconfigured on your end?

I agree that it’s too easy! I would love to take some time to work out a difficulty curve

Aw darn, no I never got them all in one run!

This is visually appealing, sounds nice, and has a chill relaxing aesthetic.

It felt hard to get the hang of how to succeed, but it was fun to toodle around regardless. Nice entry

This idea is very cool in theory. It’s one of the mechanics in Braid and the type of puzzle that can be very fun to solve. In practice, the platforming was awkward enough that the levels felt impossible to navigate - I kept getting physically stuck in the levels, with no way to reset except restart the game entirely and go through the first levels again. Given those limitations, I couldn’t make it past level 7(? 2+4 blocks, the 4 vertical get in the way of the door), because and trial and error made the situation unrecoverable.

Loved the soundtrack going forward and backward, that was a cool touch. And, the character animation was fun and gangly, great style!

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The game page says that there is a Linux/Mac version but the download automatically gives you a Windows exe bundle.

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This was simple but clean and fun to play! It would have been even more fun if the challenge started to evolve - maybe different speeds or multiple hits to take down the enemies.

You can cheese the game by spamming LEFT,SPACE,LEFT,SPACE… repeatedly. Played in the spirit of the game though it was fun to interact with, I think you could enforce that spirit by having there be a cooldown for shooting, so that the player can’t just spam it.

I think you could say you applied the theme, in that you cycle around your aim. But maybe that would be more accurate if you could only go one direction.

The soundtrack was cool, and I also liked the huge countdown timer, that’s a unique visual cue.

The gameplay felt a little bit slow, it would have been nice to have more chance to get hectic. With the animation and only being one planet at a time, it feels like there’s a pretty low maximum score you can get. It wasn’t clear how the score was calculated at the end - was there a penalty for a wrong button?

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The first round, I was so far behind that it got really crazy and I was just mashing buttons. After that, I started to get the rhythm and it felt very achievable. That’s a good learning curve! I loved that the title screen is the tutorial. The art was cute, and I was glad it had an end condition to make me feel like there was something to work towards. Fun game!

This game made me feel depressed, but I think that was the point, so good job! As frustrating as playing a real crane game.

The theme is a very clever way of thinking about cycles! And the art is amazing, I love that hand drawn style. This was a real pleasure to play and look at.

In the river, I almost got stuck behind a rock forever but managed to spam out of it. The river level control might have been better with a reversed control to jump back instead of forward.

It was nice that there was a clear ending and scoring criteria, it made me feel like I knew what was happening.

Great entry!

This looked cool and funny. The controls are very precise and touchy, but that makes it challenging. Once you get offscreen into the blue, it’s really hard to tell what’s happening and basically guaranteed to crash haha. Cool entry!

This was pretty fun and also pretty maddening, but in like a good way. It’s hard keeping the board on the fulcrum! At first I thought it was just a “stay on the board” game, but really it’s “stay on the board and keep the board on the point” game.

It felt kind of frustrating to bonk your head on the platforms - I feel like they would have been better as one-way platforms so that you could jump over the barrels when you’re close to the end.

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I can’t place exactly why but this was just really fun. It felt like you had a lot of control over your actions, so the challenges felt fair. Also at first, I thought “15 seconds, that’s no time at all!” but with the timers it ends up being pretty relaxing. I liked that there were multiple endings, I just wish I could have seen them all in one play through, it felt like there could have been a bonus for picking up multiple items in one round. Regardless, I had to see them all. I would have been really happy to play more levels - Great entry!

This was hard! But I agree that it was nice to see something puzzly in the entries. I like the pacman influence. Also, it felt a bit like those water flow pipe games.

I feel like this mechanic definitely has promise. Maybe if you could choose when to cycle between abilities, that would add some more feeling of agency. Also, a score to let you know how good you did :) I liked the visuals, the grid distortion was a neat effect and made me enjoy drifting across the board

The bike rider looked cool, overall a clean look. It took a while to realize I’d won at the end though haha. I liked the feel of catching the pedaling rhythm - there’s definitely more to explore in that mechanic.

This looked really nice - classic NES vibes for me, felt Excitebikey. It felt like the key to success sometimes was just to sit and wait for an obstacle to go away, maybe some timing mechanic to balance cycles could have helped? Regardless, great job!

This was cute and fun! I’m glad it had a little story. Took me a moment to figure out that I could jump multiple times but once I figured that out, the fight made sense. Loved the art, great job

Looks like the page is restricted?

I like the idea in theory of balancing these 5 different resources. In practice, it didn’t feel like the player had much control to influence the outcome - playing through the deck was just watching it happen.

Cool - I'm excited to see what everyone submits :)

Hi all, I haven't participated in one of these before. I'm curious, based on past 8 bits to infinity jams, what percentage of signed up people normally convert into jam submissions?

For example, right now I see ~170 signed up, do we think that ends up being 50 submissions for judging? More, less?

Shouting! This is my first time trying a jam