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I really wish there was a sans like battle with the grandma, that would be epic.

Also, sometimes if you scream and then attack, the head detaches.

This feels good to play after a long hard day

I thought it was going to be scarier but great game!

I got the Gecko triangle key by guessing, because I couldn't find the clue

also, how can i help the cyberpets? I am sad for them now

wait, nvm

how do i get both endings

My laptop wasn't able to handle even the very low graphics so I wasn't able to do much, but from what I could see it looked great! I wish I had a better PC to actually play the game but what I can see from the pictures on the side looks like a masterpiece. I would love to see new works from your team!

It is a very sneaky thing to get :)))

It is a very sneaky thing to get :)))

I have all the notes

Do you need the acid jar in the fight for ending 3?

I found the dev features too, very 'sneaky' :)))

You could have it so you can send a code to someone and then you can play in one large room and enemies get progressively harder and bosses sometimes appear.

Will multiplayer be coming soon?

Why does windows say it will put my PC at risk