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Fantastic work here! Love the game, has very impressive controls, visuals, mechanics!

D3D is directly related to DirectX. I would check the files and reinstall DirectX. Either the file for running the game was deleted, missing, or corrupted and usually reinstalling it will repair and restore it to resolve the issue.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind and take a look.

Yeah, it was pretty disappointing but better late than never lol. Currently, just playing it off as preparing for next year's christmas as of now and thanks for the kind comment Paul,. Yes, the majority of the assets in there belong to us except for a couple of the smaller christmas decorations were outsourced to give a friend some extra money in his pocket for christmas and to speed up the game's development.

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Meh, I dislike patreon and prefer other platforms but still good to know at least.

This looks really freakin cool, nice work!!

What an interesting idea for a game, nice work!

Nice work, looks pretty good so far :D

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I am working on a highly customizable Modular House Asset Kit containing roughly over 50+ pieces that is nearing completion. 

This is for the Appearance of Houses from the outside, I will not be doing an sort of interior but that could be a possible stretch goal in a future update which could happen. 

Also, I am doing everything I can to update it before release to ensure that this Asset Pack has good optimized low count topology without ngons, good uv mapping for texturing, included materials with demo textures for easy usage, and multiple pre-exported formats. Each piece will be separated to make texturing very quick and efficient as possible and I have yet to decide on a final price.

If you are interested or would like to see something added feel free to comment with your suggestion or request while I am creating it.

Additionally, there is currently 1 Demo House but I think I will likely create at least 2 alternative Demo Houses to use straight out of the box so that if someone wanted to use those to make a quick neighborhood they could do that. 

Eventually after this is finished when I will be adding it to the UE4 Marketplace with a blueprint to randomly generate houses.

Early Example Screenshots:

The above screenshot is a Demo House as an example of what's possible with the kit.

The last above screenshot with the highlighted objects was taken early this morning.

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 After a little over a month of hard work I have finally released a game, it's called Titanic Panic!

Titanic Panic is an endless runner that challenges players to save as many drowning swimmers as possible while dodging icebergs aiming to sink your boat!

The game is also equipped with an Online Leaderboard to compete against other players for the best score! Your score is tallied by your distance multiplied by the number of swimmers you save so let's see how far you get! I want to see some crazy high scores up there!

The game is Free but if you like the game well enough consider donating $1, this will ensure that more content gets added to Titanic Panic such as power-ups and additional maps! This will also help further development of my next upcoming game Evil Never Dies!

Evil Never Dies has been in development for almost a year now..

While I wanted to release it much earlier last year it just wasn't happening mainly because I am simply not comfortable releasing a game into the hands of players that I don't feel is ready and I definitely do not want to be one of  those cliche developers that tosses gamers an unfinished game with almost nothing to do.

The game is already 100% Playable however, there is still much to do in the game to get it to a point of a good release and until that happens it will be delayed. My goal and new years resolution for 2018 is to ultimately finish it before on or before October 2018 or bust.

Currently, here's an updated list of things I am working on or still working on and What's Next for Evil Never Dies.. 

#1 ENHANCING THE  ENEMY AI - The AI is functional at a basic level but I want to improve upon this to make things more fun and challenging to players mainly because the enemy isn't attacking properly and still getting slightly stuck in a few areas so I am working on this on a continued basis.

#2 IMPROVING & OPTIMIZING TREES - The original trees in there were a combination of static and also a handful of animated trees. This created two problems. On one hand it looked okay but slightly odd in the game even though you as a player are too busy fighting or looking around to really notice. And on another hand though the handful of animated trees were even worse as it was discovered that this was causing severe fps drops which for players is extremely bad. As a result I am replacing both not only to make it look more coherent but also to provide newly optimized trees that are fully animated while also swaying in the wind!

#3 CHANGES TO GAME MAP - For both the reasons in #1 and #2 I am also improving and modifying the game map for a better layout. The map is pretty much open world and I want to give players the freedom to explore but also to lay ground for expansion with a few things I am going to be adding in to kick things up a notch. No, it won't change the cost of the game either even though it should but, it's staying at $4.99!

#4 CURSE SYSTEM - The curse system still needs a little work and adjustment since it's not fully integrated yet but it will be very soon with at least 3 different random curses to catch you by surprise!

#5 PROJECTILE SYSTEM - Even though the gun works and shoots and is animated nothing really comes out of it so I want to add that in too just to spruce things up a bit and make the action more lively!

There are a couple other minor things as well but that is mainly it just to give you guys an update on what's going on with the game project. I have mainly been working on #2 and #3 the most as of right now but, I will be working more on the other parts that will follow once those are fixed and out of the way.

During development I am keeping a couple things in mind while creating the Evil Never Dies:

(A) It Needs to be Fun & Replayable.. 

(B) It Needs to be Achievable..

(C) Put in my Heart and Soul..

(D) Keep it Simple Stupid..

(E) Less is More...

Overall, the main concept here with my work is that I want to keep things uniquely fun with some horror and evil that doesn't always play fair without going too over the to. But, more importantly if I'm bored after a few rounds I know you'll get bored too and that's not what I want. 

Does that mean the game will never get finished? Absolutely not, just some delays here and there but it is definitely getting released this year not to mention that I am also anxious about working on other game projects like BattleForte and another one I am working on with a friend where i'll be able to take what I've learned from here and apply it there!

I want to provide players with a game that will push your limits but, also taunt and reel you back in for more!

PS - You can pre-order a copy of the game here:

Hey All, I just wanted to announce today that I am now accepting pre-orders for Evil Never Dies!

The game's current price is $4.99 and I have no plans to raise it simply because this is my first official game release.

I have literally poured my heart and soul into developing Evil Never Dies while paying homage to Evil Dead and Horror Fans alike!

The idea here is to create a uniquely fun and replayable game with some cool interesting things and secrets that are hard to find to keep things challenging for everyone while reeling you back in to play again and again. 

Additionally, the end goal is if this game does well enough I am definitely going to add more to it to give you a true bang for your buck!


Evil Never Dies (E.N.D) is an enemy wave based survival shooter game. Upon entering the cabin you unleash a terrible evil that will stop at nothing until you are dead. You are armed with a handgun or so you believe that perhaps scrounging around a bit might help discover a few things to keep you alive. But, truthfully how long will you last before it becomes your E.N.D?

You are quite welcome ted. 

Sorry about the late response, been very busy working on my next game release soon.

Anyways, yeah there's actually quite a few. Depends on what you are looking for exactly then just simply search for it. That is how I found most of the groups I am apart of by simply looking around. Many I came across by accident when looking or doing something else too.

Think about what engine are you planning on using and look for communities about that. Take part in the forums there on those pages for those particular engines. I use Unreal Engine 4 so I poke around there a lot and help if I know something.

Also, think about are you a Blender 3D Artist or a Pixel Artist or something else then look for for communities and forums and chatrooms involving that.

I'm not able to share the Discord Channels I am in because the admins don't currently allow it but I can give you the pages I found them on if you wish but the groups I am in might not benefit you as well depending on your actual interests as far as what you are trying to accomplish.

Most the channels I am in on discord are from Udemy which are paid courses groups so I cannot share them except for 2. One is Skirmish.IO and another is Blender Nation. If those two interest you let me know and i'll give you the page links with the discord link since I know where those are at.

For other Communities -

- Blender Community (and steam) if you use those

- Tigsource


- Skirmish.IO

- IndieGameLaunchpad.IO

- Indiegogo

- IndieDB

- IDGB (Internet Game Database)

- Social Media is a good idea too so you can post what you're working on to get attention (fb has dev groups to apply to join)

- LinkedIn (has dev groups to apply and join)

Theres many more but I am not sure where I put  the bookmarks for to those and i don't remember them very well since I haven't really used them all that much.

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Hi Ted,

That's because honestly there really isn't any sort of simple trick to keep you going. If you really wanna make a game you just have to go for it, learn what's necessary, go through all the headaches, figure out something you really want to create and like Nike says just do it and don't get lazy or sidetracked or else you'll never finish. Think of it this way.....if game development was really that easy to do then everyone would be doing it. Yes, there's thousands of people interested in game developers but only a handful follow through, fail some, and eventually succeed unless you went to school for it then that helps by major leaps and bounds too.

This is going to get a little long but, here's what I have learned over the years with my own experiences below and these are solely based on my own thoughts which might differ from one developer to another on how they think of these type of things. If other's feel indifferent well then they can add their own advice for you to compare to my opinions about this type of topic.

RULE #1 - Kiss aka Keep it Simple Stupid

To be upfront about this there really isn't a simple game but it's more the logic and idea behind it since it's too easy to overscope and try to make a gigantic project straight away. The biggest issue with this is that there's a 99% chance unless you have the actual knowledge to finish it right off the bat it will fail and never be finished. Start off with a very quick and easy idea no matter how stupid it is just finish it from A to Z.

RULE #2 - The Devil is in the Details

It's also easy to think of something fun to throw together very quickly and even finish it if you really put your mind to it. If you have no ideas just ask your friends for ideas. There's always some little stupid game that can easily become very successful if done right. However, you might for instance start that project and the next thing you know you want to add this, then this turns into that, then that turns into another that and this and that and that and this then that and that and this and next thing you know your project goes from taking a week to complete to three years and this can kill your motivation very quickly because it becomes impossible to complete because you are adding in too much. Start with whatever you think is the very core of the game to make it fun then build around that with a few things. You can always release your game and if it does good then go ahead and add more in updates but, at least you finished it and didn't get carried away. The same for this can be said with having multiple projects. Don't do that either. Start with just one and finish that one. If you have other ideas just write them down or add them to trello and such and set it aside to work on after you finish the one you are making.

RULE #3 - Not Another Solo Dungeonist Again

Surround yourself with other Game Developers and join game developer communities. There are many of them on websites and social media and even discord. I am apart of several myself. This can help you tons! It helps to keep you motivated because you are with other people in the same exact boat as you. Granted some of them have made some games already but, at least you can talk to them and take part or get feedback and help with ideas and advice and that within itself is a huge help right there to keep you going since they're talking game dev so you see that and it triggers your own thoughts to keep going on your own project.

RULE #4 - Heart Of Glass

It's easy to give and even get feedback from anyone and everyone. However, in reality even though sometimes you have no choice but to ask other game developers for advice this can actually turn very problematic very quickly because they have the same exact mentality as you and can rip you to shreds or advise you on something and you may be fixing things forever and not finishing. I mean don't get me wrong it's helpful but just remember your end goal and that ultimately the game design is yours to create. Don't let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do with it even though feedback can assist and certainly don't let the criticizing get you down constructive or not.

RULE #5 - Gamer to Game Developer

If you're a gamer try to play games and burn yourself out on it as much as possible. If you're distracted next thing you know you are playing games and it's a few days later. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing games. Some devs don't and claim its a bad idea but honestly I think that's a load of horse crap.  I say that because I have seen some game developers who work on game dev and 3d modeling stuff claim they don't play games but then later on down the road they slip up and talk about a game they last played. The proof is in the pudding. What I do is i'll play a game every so often because I just have always been a gamer since the atari days but I will play for only a bit then get bored and go back to game development to get it out of my system so I can focus. I have gotten to the point that I can get bored of a game in about 30 minutes and then I wanna start working on game development stuff whereas I used to play for hours and days on end. This was part of the reason I never finished or got into game development even though it was a dream of mine because I was so distracted and not as serious about it. You just have to force yourself to realize it. Granted you won't really get an ideas from playing but at least you are having some fun to cool down for a bit so that you can see what someone else was able to create, think hey I wanna make something like this too even though you don't really want to copy too much especially if there's lots of clones, then get back on the horse to ride again. Plus you're supporting your fellow game developers in the process so there's absolutely nothing wrong in my opinion.

RULE #6 - Like Nike Says, Just Do It

We all have our excuses. I'm tired. I didn't sleep. I had a doctor appointment. I had to stop a burglar from breaking into my neighbors house. My kid is sick. The house caught fire. My computer sucks. I don't know how to create a 3d model of a box. Bottom Line...regardless these are all excuses, excuses, excuses even when they seem legit we as humans have a nature to try to justify anything we do but, truthfully they're still just flat out excuses no if's, and's, or but's! Stop making excuses, figure out something somewhat simple you can actually do and create it! Nobody is going to do it for you unless you're really lucky and found a good team to work with but I have tried that and never found anyone serious enough because the problem with that is that everyone has their own ideas so if you're working on something else that your heart really isn't that much into then chances are you won't be very serious or motivated to continue it therefore it will eventually fail. Regardless, ignore the riff-raff and just finish your idea. Do whatever it takes to learn how to make it. If needed you can always adjust the course of it to make it work somehow.

I am sort of in the same boat as you with learning and figuring out blueprints though I am inching closer to an intermediate level with my own experiences but it has been a struggle so that I can relate with you about.

To be honest, it really depends on what you want to do first then just knock out one at a time.

All of the above things you have mentioned can be found on youtube if you just look around there are UE4 Blueprint Tutorials for Switches, Buttons, Sliders, and such.

Here's some examples below that I found for you, just watch them and you can learn a lot even if it is somewhat unrelated.

Switch/Button to Open Door:

Slider Door but the same principles apply to it:

Also, if you are looking for more detailed help then it's best to tell what you have and haven't tried and provide some examples and screenshots to help so people aren't guessing at what you need help with exactly since the areas can be fairly broad.

Lastly, the best place to ask these kind of questions is at the Unreal Engine Answer Hub where you'll likely get a faster and more accurate response or even a related problem that is already answered similarly. You won't really find much help to something like this here. I would also highly recommend getting some tutorials from Udemy where you can learn a ton from others who are teaching. Some of them are free and a few cost money or are fairly expensive but if you wait and wishlist it a lot of them go on sale for about $10 and you can go pretty far there too.

Hope this helps push you in the right direction. I wish you the best of luck though and if you need more help i'll be around. :)

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Thanks, I'm still working on it. I was actually hoping to have some more up to show while being a bit further along so that I can be ready for some music very soon but, that's not going to happen just yet. I've been pretty hung up on trying to figure out the crafting system programming since my programming skills aren't exactly the greatest. I'm more of a 3d modeler if anything but I am aiming to figure it out one way or another. So I've pretty much been spending more time attempting to learn blueprint scripting and c++ more in-depth to try to figure it out better then everything else should fall into it's place :).

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DevLog #3 ( 25% )

Hope Everyone is doing well this week and had a good christmas and new years!

I've been working very hard on this game as often as I can and I feel I'm getting pretty far but, I still have a lot on my plate before an alpha test is even considerable mainly scripting the game mechanics and such..

I've got a lot done for the core game play assets which I am now converting over into UE4 for level design testing out a first map.

The game character is up and running with some basic animations although he still needs jump, death, and fine-tuning I am pretty happy with how he's turned out and makes it even more fun to develop.

I also applied a texture to create the grassy dirt and hilly look. I'm calling the first game map " What the Hill ". I've even been adding in some trees, objects, giant hills to build up the landscaping more. It's also got lighting and shadow adjustments but is a w.i.p.

BattleForte - The Game Screenshots ( )

You can follow progress of the game's development more closely by visiting my Facebook, Instagram, or Skirmish.IO pages.

Facebook Page =

Instagram Page =

Skirmish Page =

Sure, i'll let you know later on when I'm in need of it. Thanks.

I'm actually about to the point where I'm almost ready to start building a testing level just as soon as I fix a few other things that I wanted to try to make a little better for testing purposes. :)

Heya @sbeast,

Apologies for the delayed response, I've been pretty busy lately.

Anyways, that's not a bad deal, better than what I was expecting :)

For right now due to the holidays I'd like to hold off on it temporarily though I am interested. But, I'm not exactly rich and would be paying out of my own pocket so right now I don't really feel I have any usage for music just yet.

However, I'll be starting to building a first testing level very soon once I finish at least 2 more models for a core gameplay base for testing purposes.

The current level design I have in mind will probably be somewhat of a Toonish-like Forest with some hills and stuff and probably have a river or lake of the sort and then I think it'll be ready to start implementing some music to build on that idea though you're more than welcome to play around with a demo as you said if you want. I have no problem with that but I cannot pay for it right now and I don't want to waste your time right now, no offense.

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Thank you for the kind comment, that means a lot to me. :)

You have some great music, your talent for that shows for sure and I ended up listening to a lot of it on your soundcloud!

Honestly yes, I'll be needing music at some point most definitely.

I am thinking something along the lines of possibly a either one really good song to play out during the gameplay that makes sense for the game world I am building for the first map in hopes that it doesn't get too annoying or boring or alternatively maybe a few tracks to switch it up between so it doesn't become too repetative during the same game map maybe but I'm open to suggestions and new ideas usually.

Also I think it'd be cool to have another song for the main menu by itself playing.

What do you charge for your music for this?

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DevLog #2

Right Now, I'm mainly just building up some assets and testing them in UE4. Once I get enough pieces for a core to start then I'll be designing a very early small test map to work with everything on so that I can optimize it from there.

You can follow this along more closely on my Facebook Page since I tend to post the most there but I am also posting here and a few other places such as IndieDB.

This is mainly to help me realize and focus on developing it more and more as much as possible at least every other day on top of just showing everyone how things are coming along for it. :)

I've finished a platform to build on not too long ago.

Also, created a battleclub for melee attacks up close and personal. This one is now finished even though it's missing a piece of the texturing in the screenshot, sorry about that.

And now I am working on a handgun for a first ranged weapon though it's unfinished right now and needs a lot more work but, here's an early phototype design for it:

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DevLog #1

Heya Fellow Gamers!

I'm Kade, the founder of SkyWolf Games, a new and forthcoming indie game development studio that I have a huge desire to grow into something more meaningful over time since I have long had a passion and interest in games and game design.

Long Story Short, I'm pleased to announce that I've been developing a game project that I have currently named " BattleForte " and to describe it briefly for you here's the details entailing it as a starting point -


"Battle" & Craft your way to victory by any means necessary to destroy the other team's "Fort" or base, it's your "Forte" after all! Gather supply drops of blocks being dropped from the skies then use them to construct zany contraptions to defeat your foe!

Development Info:

To be up front and honest I wanted to start this project quite awhile ago but, I lacked much of the experience and seriousness that was needed then and I have since gained much of it up until now since when I decided it was time get serious to make it a challenge for myself not only for experience and learning but also as a fun way to bring something a bit more unique to the Indie Game Table.

As a way to reinforce the ideals and seriousness with it to encourage myself more I have laid out a Development RoadMap which you are more than welcome to check out or follow along on my facebook page linked above at first and I am doing it with a goal set in mind so that I may continue on the same motivation to learn more, improve more, and finish it.

In short to describe that roadmap for you I am mainly focused on building some core starting models, texturing those models, testing them in Unreal Engine 4 which is where I am making this game followed by making a char that is fully rigged and animated with a base testing level including the necessary scripts for core functionality in an a first alpha when it's ready.


  • Contraptions - Craft and build zany "Contraptions" from building blocks to make deadly weaponry, vehicles, offensive and defensive structures to enhance you, your base, and core gameplay!
  • Singleplayer - No game is complete without the choice of taking things offline against AI Bots or just for some Extra Practice as you battle for the win against a relentless AI Team trying to overwhelm you!
  • Multiplayer - Take the battle Online and join a team of 5 vs 5 fighting against an opposing team of enemy players attempting to destroy them before they destroy you and your team's base!.


  • Vehicle Contraptions - Craft and build deadly "Vehicle Contraptions" to do your bidding and turn the tides of war but, betware that building vehicles is a bit harder without help from your team!
  • Enhanced Contraptions - Build More, Do More! As you battle on you'll gain points to unlock and build "Enhanced Contraptions" to aid you in battle such as spying, walls, backpack for more pickups, turrets, etc!
  • Leveling System - Level Up, Enhance your Character with lots of different Unlockables, or Specialize in a particular skillset and don a cool unique custom outfit, etc, the choice is yours as you advance!
  • Game Modes - Traditional and Expanded Game Mode Options for varied yet challenging gameplay such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and more!

Additional Notes:

Currently, it's obviously not very not very far along but, I feel very strongly with enough effort behind it this game it could possibly turn into one heck of a game that could potential do decently though I am not expecting anything spectacular so that I don't get my hopes up in case it's a massive fail for any reason but, goal wise I just have to get it to that point.

Also, I am mainly planning on launching it here to start on Itch.IO after finding this which is great because it'll allow me to test the waters mainly to see if there's any sort of interest in this game so I have set up a page for though it's not publicly viewable just yet until I feel it's further along enough to make more public for starting out the core gameplay to build on.

If it does well enough on here with enough renown then I will likely continue development even more followed by adding it on Kickstarter to further and fund it's launch including Steam but logically those are a ways off until I feel I have a good enough foothold to go that far as I don't want to get ahead of myself or make it to complicated just yet, baby steps, since improvements and polishing can always follow in additional updates.

And I have no plans of slapping a price tag on it until it's much further along though I will likely keep it very reasonable if I do but, that is only if I think it's going in the right direction for such a thing otherwise i'll likely end up making it a free-to-play model perhaps.

Lastly, I'm aware that may seem like a long shot with a long hard tough road ahead of me as well as the fact that I am far from a pro but, arguably within reason I feel if I don't do this i'll never legitimately move into my ultimate dream of making games and having fun doing it or even finish anything.

So yeah, I am going to finish this game project one way or another so I am asking for everyone's help in keeping me motivated to work on it as I have been now each day!

Thanks in advance for checking it out! :)

P.S. - If you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback, etc during my development journey feel free to let me know, the door is open.