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" BattleForte " Game is in Development! [DevLog]

A topic by SkywolfGameStudios created Nov 28, 2016 Views: 647 Replies: 10
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DevLog #1

Heya Fellow Gamers!

I'm Kade, the founder of SkyWolf Games, a new and forthcoming indie game development studio that I have a huge desire to grow into something more meaningful over time since I have long had a passion and interest in games and game design.

Long Story Short, I'm pleased to announce that I've been developing a game project that I have currently named " BattleForte " and to describe it briefly for you here's the details entailing it as a starting point -


"Battle" & Craft your way to victory by any means necessary to destroy the other team's "Fort" or base, it's your "Forte" after all! Gather supply drops of blocks being dropped from the skies then use them to construct zany contraptions to defeat your foe!

Development Info:

To be up front and honest I wanted to start this project quite awhile ago but, I lacked much of the experience and seriousness that was needed then and I have since gained much of it up until now since when I decided it was time get serious to make it a challenge for myself not only for experience and learning but also as a fun way to bring something a bit more unique to the Indie Game Table.

As a way to reinforce the ideals and seriousness with it to encourage myself more I have laid out a Development RoadMap which you are more than welcome to check out or follow along on my facebook page linked above at first and I am doing it with a goal set in mind so that I may continue on the same motivation to learn more, improve more, and finish it.

In short to describe that roadmap for you I am mainly focused on building some core starting models, texturing those models, testing them in Unreal Engine 4 which is where I am making this game followed by making a char that is fully rigged and animated with a base testing level including the necessary scripts for core functionality in an a first alpha when it's ready.


  • Contraptions - Craft and build zany "Contraptions" from building blocks to make deadly weaponry, vehicles, offensive and defensive structures to enhance you, your base, and core gameplay!
  • Singleplayer - No game is complete without the choice of taking things offline against AI Bots or just for some Extra Practice as you battle for the win against a relentless AI Team trying to overwhelm you!
  • Multiplayer - Take the battle Online and join a team of 5 vs 5 fighting against an opposing team of enemy players attempting to destroy them before they destroy you and your team's base!.


  • Vehicle Contraptions - Craft and build deadly "Vehicle Contraptions" to do your bidding and turn the tides of war but, betware that building vehicles is a bit harder without help from your team!
  • Enhanced Contraptions - Build More, Do More! As you battle on you'll gain points to unlock and build "Enhanced Contraptions" to aid you in battle such as spying, walls, backpack for more pickups, turrets, etc!
  • Leveling System - Level Up, Enhance your Character with lots of different Unlockables, or Specialize in a particular skillset and don a cool unique custom outfit, etc, the choice is yours as you advance!
  • Game Modes - Traditional and Expanded Game Mode Options for varied yet challenging gameplay such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and more!

Additional Notes:

Currently, it's obviously not very not very far along but, I feel very strongly with enough effort behind it this game it could possibly turn into one heck of a game that could potential do decently though I am not expecting anything spectacular so that I don't get my hopes up in case it's a massive fail for any reason but, goal wise I just have to get it to that point.

Also, I am mainly planning on launching it here to start on Itch.IO after finding this which is great because it'll allow me to test the waters mainly to see if there's any sort of interest in this game so I have set up a page for though it's not publicly viewable just yet until I feel it's further along enough to make more public for starting out the core gameplay to build on.

If it does well enough on here with enough renown then I will likely continue development even more followed by adding it on Kickstarter to further and fund it's launch including Steam but logically those are a ways off until I feel I have a good enough foothold to go that far as I don't want to get ahead of myself or make it to complicated just yet, baby steps, since improvements and polishing can always follow in additional updates.

And I have no plans of slapping a price tag on it until it's much further along though I will likely keep it very reasonable if I do but, that is only if I think it's going in the right direction for such a thing otherwise i'll likely end up making it a free-to-play model perhaps.

Lastly, I'm aware that may seem like a long shot with a long hard tough road ahead of me as well as the fact that I am far from a pro but, arguably within reason I feel if I don't do this i'll never legitimately move into my ultimate dream of making games and having fun doing it or even finish anything.

So yeah, I am going to finish this game project one way or another so I am asking for everyone's help in keeping me motivated to work on it as I have been now each day!

Thanks in advance for checking it out! :)

P.S. - If you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback, etc during my development journey feel free to let me know, the door is open.

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DevLog #2

Right Now, I'm mainly just building up some assets and testing them in UE4. Once I get enough pieces for a core to start then I'll be designing a very early small test map to work with everything on so that I can optimize it from there.

You can follow this along more closely on my Facebook Page since I tend to post the most there but I am also posting here and a few other places such as IndieDB.

This is mainly to help me realize and focus on developing it more and more as much as possible at least every other day on top of just showing everyone how things are coming along for it. :)

I've finished a platform to build on not too long ago.

Also, created a battleclub for melee attacks up close and personal. This one is now finished even though it's missing a piece of the texturing in the screenshot, sorry about that.

And now I am working on a handgun for a first ranged weapon though it's unfinished right now and needs a lot more work but, here's an early phototype design for it:

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Hey, the game looks pretty cool so far. Will you be needing any music for it? If so, you can check out my portfolio here:

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Thank you for the kind comment, that means a lot to me. :)

You have some great music, your talent for that shows for sure and I ended up listening to a lot of it on your soundcloud!

Honestly yes, I'll be needing music at some point most definitely.

I am thinking something along the lines of possibly a either one really good song to play out during the gameplay that makes sense for the game world I am building for the first map in hopes that it doesn't get too annoying or boring or alternatively maybe a few tracks to switch it up between so it doesn't become too repetative during the same game map maybe but I'm open to suggestions and new ideas usually.

Also I think it'd be cool to have another song for the main menu by itself playing.

What do you charge for your music for this?


No problem!

The last few games I have composed for were £25 per minute of music.

This includes as many instruments as needed, several rewrites, and loopable songs if needed.

I can also make a demo song first, then we can take it from there?


Heya @sbeast,

Apologies for the delayed response, I've been pretty busy lately.

Anyways, that's not a bad deal, better than what I was expecting :)

For right now due to the holidays I'd like to hold off on it temporarily though I am interested. But, I'm not exactly rich and would be paying out of my own pocket so right now I don't really feel I have any usage for music just yet.

However, I'll be starting to building a first testing level very soon once I finish at least 2 more models for a core gameplay base for testing purposes.

The current level design I have in mind will probably be somewhat of a Toonish-like Forest with some hills and stuff and probably have a river or lake of the sort and then I think it'll be ready to start implementing some music to build on that idea though you're more than welcome to play around with a demo as you said if you want. I have no problem with that but I cannot pay for it right now and I don't want to waste your time right now, no offense.

Hey no worries for the delay.

Ok that sounds alright, I guess I'll wait until your more ready for the music then.

I've subscribed to the devlog, so either I'll comment again or just let me know whenever you are more in need of it.

Sure, i'll let you know later on when I'm in need of it. Thanks.

I'm actually about to the point where I'm almost ready to start building a testing level just as soon as I fix a few other things that I wanted to try to make a little better for testing purposes. :)

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DevLog #3 ( 25% )

Hope Everyone is doing well this week and had a good christmas and new years!

I've been working very hard on this game as often as I can and I feel I'm getting pretty far but, I still have a lot on my plate before an alpha test is even considerable mainly scripting the game mechanics and such..

I've got a lot done for the core game play assets which I am now converting over into UE4 for level design testing out a first map.

The game character is up and running with some basic animations although he still needs jump, death, and fine-tuning I am pretty happy with how he's turned out and makes it even more fun to develop.

I also applied a texture to create the grassy dirt and hilly look. I'm calling the first game map " What the Hill ". I've even been adding in some trees, objects, giant hills to build up the landscaping more. It's also got lighting and shadow adjustments but is a w.i.p.

BattleForte - The Game Screenshots ( )

You can follow progress of the game's development more closely by visiting my Facebook, Instagram, or Skirmish.IO pages.

Facebook Page =

Instagram Page =

Skirmish Page =


Hey again. Just checked out the screenshots and looks like good progress to me! Keep it up.

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Thanks, I'm still working on it. I was actually hoping to have some more up to show while being a bit further along so that I can be ready for some music very soon but, that's not going to happen just yet. I've been pretty hung up on trying to figure out the crafting system programming since my programming skills aren't exactly the greatest. I'm more of a 3d modeler if anything but I am aiming to figure it out one way or another. So I've pretty much been spending more time attempting to learn blueprint scripting and c++ more in-depth to try to figure it out better then everything else should fall into it's place :).