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Evil Never Dies is now available for Pre-Ordering!

A topic by SkywolfGameStudios created Jan 02, 2018 Views: 99
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Hey All, I just wanted to announce today that I am now accepting pre-orders for Evil Never Dies!

The game's current price is $4.99 and I have no plans to raise it simply because this is my first official game release.

I have literally poured my heart and soul into developing Evil Never Dies while paying homage to Evil Dead and Horror Fans alike!

The idea here is to create a uniquely fun and replayable game with some cool interesting things and secrets that are hard to find to keep things challenging for everyone while reeling you back in to play again and again. 

Additionally, the end goal is if this game does well enough I am definitely going to add more to it to give you a true bang for your buck!


Evil Never Dies (E.N.D) is an enemy wave based survival shooter game. Upon entering the cabin you unleash a terrible evil that will stop at nothing until you are dead. You are armed with a handgun or so you believe that perhaps scrounging around a bit might help discover a few things to keep you alive. But, truthfully how long will you last before it becomes your E.N.D?