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Looks great and was harder than I expected!

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great entry! This is a good spin on the flappy bird/icopter type games. After a few attempts I just kept getting caught in nets that spanned the whole screen.

Thanks for checking it out!

Great entry! Fun chicken killing.

Thanks for trying it out! Some of the levels can be tricky.

Thank you. I'm glad it worked for you in the end!

Great entry! I've never played a freddies game so this was interesting. I really enjoyed the aesthetics.

Great spin on fruit ninja for the jam!

Great entry! Thoroughly enjoyable and I only wish there was more to unlock so I could keep playing

Great to see you enter the jam! I gave the game a go and think the whole swapping character idea is great although I struggled to progress. Either way keep it up.

Great entry! Reminds me of a game called Zombie Dawn from Funorb.

Great entry! I now know what it's like to experience the DMV

Great idea for the jam! Very unique mechanic, reminds me of super hot.

Great entry! I had many snakes chasing me.

Great entry! I played until the game froze and really enjoyed it to that point. It's a very interesting spin on snake.

Great entry! I just kept stopping all the cars in front of me. It's a neat spin on the original.

I really appreciate that you wanted more. Thank you!

Great spin on a tower defence! It would definitely be interesting to see more units and levels to beat.

Thank you!

Great idea for the jam! I never knew I wanted to be a tamagotchi until today

Thank you! I would love to say they were good hints to help the players but unfortunately not. Some just aligned well with the puzzles.

This was really enjoyable, although I let through way too many bad items. I can imagine this as a really cool skill check/hacker minigame in something bigger!

Thank you!

Great idea, although I struggled sorting it out. I ended up driving about hitting people and honking my horn when I did.

Great nice but felt quite lonely without any sound. Keep up the good work!

Oh no! I've had a few people report this, I suspect because the web player relies on an experimental feature it doesn't always work. Someone mentioned when they used the randomiser to get to the game it didn't work but directly going to the page did.

Is it still failing to load for you?

Great entry! This was a lot harder than I was expecting, having to wiggle out of doors or get around the obstacles whilst being shot at.

Thank you very much!

Great entry! It was interesting reading all the dialogue and I really enjoyed the art style. The whole game hit me with some nostalgia.

Thanks AIA. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and wanted more. Thank you!

Thanks Neat! I actually used Godot for this one because I wanted to have it available in the browser. Although that being said there might be a way for my engine to work on the web that I should check out.

Thank you!

Great entry! Was fun watching the hero run away from me rather than running away from baddies.

Fantastic entry! I really enjoyed this one.

I got lost but that's me being bad at mazes. Great entry!

Cool idea moving the world except I kept pressing down when I wanted up. It was like playing inverted controls. Great entry!

Great entry! Really enjoyable spin on the tower defence genre.