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Thank you for checking the demo out and all the feedback. I've added it all to my trello board and will be planning development to make these improvements.

Hey! You've installed .net 6.0 but you need .net core 3.1 desktop runtime. Here is the link

This is clearly a pain point in the installation process. Thank you for pointing it out. I shall endeavour to include this in a later update.

Thank you!

Thank you.


Thank you. Will we ever understand why the crab people do what they do?

Thank you. I think this aligns with many other comments. The area of effect between the player and the dice wasn't immediately obvious.

Very enjoyable game! I really like the aesthetics and the rolling combat. I was left a little confused as to where to go, especially when starting the boss timer and I struggled landing on platforms due to the  perspective.

Brilliant snake style game. I like how you mixed the theme into this. I did die instantly in 1 game because 2 AI spawned inside me.

Fantastic puzzle game! I only wish there were more levels and I could hold keys to keep moving.

Thank you. I've definitely have some similar comments. It's not obvious and an visual effect would have helped show that damage happens between the player and the two dice.

Super unique tower defence game. Really embraces the jam feel and is well put together.

Thank you.

Neat dungeon crawler game! The skeletons wrecked me every time.

Thank you. Super comprehensive feedback and I completely agree with it all. I'd definitely make some kind of dice upgrade shop if I return to this.

Thank you.

Great puzzle game! It feels very well put together

Top notch clicker game! Took a lot of clicking to get going but I got some dice rollers and now I'm just enjoying it roll for itself.

Super unique concept and brilliant art! I struggled understanding when a die would allow me to move certain directions.

Thank you.

Thank you. I completely agree. Something to spend money on would give you some progression. I planned to add dice shops but unfortunately cut them due to time constraints.

Top notch game idea and brilliant aesthetics! Some levels are tricky but it's fun.

Thank you.

Neat battle game! The spooky portrait art is super unique. I really like the aesthetic.

Thank you!

Awesome tower defence game! I found myself constantly moving the mouse between the die and the board. Is there/could there be a keyboard shortcut to roll?

Thank you. I've had a few comments that it wasn't immediately obvious that the damage is between the player and the two dice.

Neat collectathon! It gets a little samey after a while.

Thank you. I've had a few similar comments and completely agree. It would make the game pop a bit.

Excellent platformer game! Intuitive controls and consistent art.

Stunning game. I love the character all the dice have and the art is fantastic! My bit of feedback is to let players skip text animations. It felt like it disrupted the games flow.

Thank you. I've had a few similar comments and definitely think an effect in the attack area would have helped with understanding how to play.

Thank you. There are only 4 attack types and it's completely random as to what you get. Perhaps you were unlucky (or lucky, depends on your point of view) and only rolled 1 attack type each time.

Very nice battle game. Good use of the theme and mostly simple to understand.

Thank you. I definitely think a visual indicator would have helped make things more obvious and shooting up and down would have been great.

Thank you. I completely agree. Some extra enemies and dice shops would have made average play time much longer.

Really enjoyable battle game. I love the art and the DnD inspiration. Perhaps instead of rolling the dice and then going to the fight it could roll and fight in one action.

Thank you. Bigger sprites may work quite well. I find it's quite far away from the action and the coins easy to miss when picking them up.

Top notch platformer! I kept thinking this would be easy but I kept running near the die and would die myself.

Thank you. I completely agree with those comments about hitting enemies with dice.