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Over the last month I've been posting updates on my game development progress with the hashtag #devtober. I didn't have a specific goal in mind nor did I start something new for the month, I just thought it was a fun excuse to post daily progress.

My main focus throughout the month was finishing off a big concept piece for my new game, creating a devlog for that game and to begin work on my game engine to facilitate the new game.

Concept art

The first half of this month I spent finishing off my space museum concept art. I started this back in August, with a view to create an entire museum concept for my game and it worked out quite nicely. It proves museums can have a grand sense of scale with lots of small details.

The majority of my work for this was the adding the final, smaller details. For example I created walls, trees and benches to decorate the outside and I also created over 50 unique characters to scatter throughout the concept.


After finishing the space museum concept, I set to work creating the first devlog for the game. Since it is the first devlog I really wanted to hook people into the idea for the game. I spent some extra time to film myself outside, get B roll from my city and used footage from my recent holiday. This all culminated in a well received video that I am happy with although I am a little worried how I can keep this going into the second devlog, especially since it will have a stronger technical focus.

Engine Architecture

Now the game concept art is finished I need to turn towards game engine development. Some elements of my game engine are 2 years old and written in a way I wouldn't write them now. It also relies on older versions of .net and monogame, which I would like to update. I'm looking at upgrading the engine to take advantage of some ideas I've recently learnt about. In particular I want to include automated testing and properly separate the different systems into their own areas.


I went to DDD east midlands conference! I saw talks on open source software, technical debt, onion architecture and solid principles.

My youtube channel hit 500 subscribers! Roughly half are from game dev, which is fantastic since I've only done that for 18 months.

My twitter hit 100 followers! I've never been on twitter before but this felt like a big moment.


Devtober was fun for me. I'd love to participate again next year if I can.

- Skeffles

Finally got around to trying this out.

The game plays well and is enjoyable. It's definitely great foundations for the game you're making.

However I struggled with the controls (I was using mouse and keyboard). Having the camera controls on the keyboard and attack on the mouse wasn't great. I'd suggesting having the mouse movement control the keyboard, left click control attack and right click control the action. Also Escape key would be great for the menu.

All in all 👍

I really like the feel of the environment and the building is mechanics are great!

I'm not so sure about the building shop mechanics. I was unsure what to do, perhaps it's just not fleshed out yet or I didn't follow it.

Great stuff.

Excellent to be able to test this. These are my thoughts so far.

  • The zoom feels a little slow. Can it be increased?
  • The game pauses when focus isn't on the screen. Does this happen for all unity web games? Definitely something to look into as people like doing other stuff when playing idle games
  • It took me a moment to find the tutorial but by that point I had already worked it out. I think this game would benefit from a more iterative tutorial at the start.
  • It's very idle from the get go. Perhaps add some more clicking at the start because it feels slow. Idle games I've got experience in tend to let you build up, then you go idle.
  • Sound effects are very atmospheric but I was unsure which sounds I was triggering. Some actions like activating managers had a definite sound but upgrading was silent.
  • Some UI to see things like Currency per Second would be really nice
  • Is there any benefit having to start workers? Can they just automatically work?
  • I noticed menus opening when I didn't want to click them. For example Given I've opened the upgrade menu When I click near the manager menu Then the manager menu opens.
  • Refreshing the game kind of resets it. You gain some currency but everything is set to level 1 and no longer working.

Interesting idea for the jam but it was very tricky to progress

This was a great spin on the theme, would have been nice to have a visual indicator when a planet was small enough to collect but overall fun. Great work Garrett!

This was just top notch. Great spin on the theme, good art direction and fun.

Cute game that suits the theme. I kept failing and having to restart but otherwise enjoyable.

Great job! Super awesome idea for the theme. The game feels quite static but has very easy controls.

This is hard! I only managed to get a 4.

Thank you! I hope you do. I can't wait to see what you make.

Are you sure you're looking at the game?

Thanks for playing mate!

Glad you enjoyed it! I was terrified everyone would hate their characters and strike me off the record.

Glad you enjoyed the game! I agree that 50% starting volume would have been good as the sounds are all over the shop and pretty loud.

Thanks for playing! You can win and I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

Fun exploration game! I'm not sure if I was doing well or not but I really enjoyed exploring to these fantastic beats!

Neat game! It looks cute and sounds brilliant.

Excellent game! I love the Egyptian art style although I wish the gameplay was a little faster. Good luck with the jam ratings!

Thank you for giving it a go! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing! I think there is a minor bug when you die to a boss, in particular the final boss ticks the counter to -1.

Thanks for the feedback Kaleva! I am aware of this one, it's probably the most irritating bug for me.

Thank you for playing and this great feedback!

I agree with you, these are certainly pain points whilst playing. I've added them to my list and will address them if I come back to the game.

As for the ballista direction, you have to change their target mode in the tower management menu.

Thanks for the comment Saul!

Thanks for playing Sarge!

Great concept but I struggled to catch any fish. Perhaps I'm missing something but I'd either seem to reel in too early or the fish would escape.

Great aesthetics and puzzles in this game!

I couldn't get the web build to work though, I had to download it to play.

Overall I think this was fun to play!

Awesome concept for a game but it's quite tricky. I struggled to get past room 5.

Great reimaging of Demon Attack. I never played the original game but from what I can see this is a faithful modern adaption.

This is a really well made and enjoyable game. Short and concise with definite room for expansion in the future.

The letter was not on the grid so I had to restart. I assume I hit it earlier by mistake.

The music and effects really give this game a great vibe!

On my first attempt something happened and I couldn't spell out one of the words. I suspect this was because I stayed on a space for too long and a letter was destroyed before I needed it. Is this intentional or a bug?

This is a fun puzzle game that got quite tricky near the end. I really like the concept on controlling two characters and being able to jump on top of each other.

It would be nice if you could back out of holes in the ground instead of having to reset though

This is great. From the main mechanic to the art style, I really enjoyed it.

There are a few spots you can glitch into the walls though. For example on level 3, before I realised I could move the orbs, I went into the walls.

This is a great game. I can't wait to play this with some friends after lockdown ends.

This has improved a lot. Last time I played I really didn't understand the objective but this time I even managed to win.

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This is great! I thought it would be easy so I skipped the tutorial, this was a mistake.

After the tutorial I understood what was going on and had fun. It was still triicky but I suspect there is a lot of progression if I kept going.

This is great. I love the aesthetics although I did glitch it out when I tried leaving the elevator when it was moving.

I was curious as to if my steam controller worked because I believe they often map to xbox controls, however this was not the case and I tried an xbox controller instead.

The controls are neat but it took a moment for my hand coordination to realise my right thumb needs to move even when controlling the left arm. I think they will have a good learning curve to them but punching the dummy isn't going to teach you half the skills. The real test will be in a player vs player match

This is a fun and cute game although it's tricky to get the bunnies into the hat.