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BoneVolt already pointed out some of my concerns such as the huge download size. Here are my 2 cents:

  • It's a decent implementation of a first person action RPG, I managed to defeat 4 of the big six before game breaking bugs prevented me from continuing (see next point)
  • When I died from some quests, I wasn't able to continue because of mysterious health drain even when I'm in town and attempt to approach in the direction of the quest. The spider quest was one of the quests I couldn't complete because of this draining bug
  • When the game starts you are always falling to the ground. May be good to hide that with a starting screen, or just position the character controller properly on the ground at the start
  • The status panel is a dangerous place to put a quit button, especially without confirmation or save game feature
  • I like the fact that there's always an audio warning when you get near to monsters, because it can be quite difficult to visually pick up the enemies from the background, given the vegetation, lack of color contrast, and busy detail of the overall graphics
  • There's only one ominous music throughout, so it's difficult to feel a difference in tension between calm exploration and intense combat
  • Flying enemies bug (see screenshot, next to the tree; he actually flew from over the hilltop and was already coming down when I did the printscreen). This was after I aggroed the enemy, got killed, respawed in town and went back to complete the quest

I think you achieved your goal of making the main character feel weak and vulnerable without having monsters in your team.

The creature designs and animation are quite unique. It would be good if the design of the monsters visually convey their role or abilities in battle, e.g. look armored or tough if it's a tank, cobra or lizard that spits projectiles... etc. 

Currently the game appears to be a survival game where you play until you die, but it might also be interesting to build up your monster army in order to defeat a final boss.

Good effort, keep making games!

A game with potential for great scale and depth of gameplay. It's got exploration, combat, trading and quests, possibly RPG characters too ;)

Seems like you've already got a good bit of feedback so I'll just add my 2 cents:

  • Ahoy button is a great idea :)
  • The instruction WASD for movement is misleading, perhaps W = forward, A = turn left, D = turn right ? S key doesn't seem to do anything
  • Music is great but you could really do with some audio FX for battle (cannon fire, hit damage) and maybe for when docked (ambient town sounds)?
  • Little touches like cannon smoke when firing and explosion debris when ships are hit, wakes left by the ships as they move, animated waves.. would be nice. You could do with some artists/designers ^^;
  • As travel between islands could be long and uneventful, maybe add random events or text quips by characters to add flavor and reduce boredom?
  • Ships go from port to port but they don't dock. It'll probably enhance immersion if they wait a while at port (for trading, repairs, restock...etc) before setting off elsewhere.
  • Ships spawn in the middle of the sea. OK for surprise random enemy encounters due to fog of war, but maybe you could spawn normal ships just outside the viewport so they don't magically appear?

Anyways, a very promising basis to build into a great game. Keep at it!

Hi, I just tried the PC version, still the same problem - stuck at first conversation

Thanks. I really appreciate that!

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Thanks for the detailed feedback! Your comment are most helpful as I'm still learning how to create strong narrative experiences.

Sorry about the slow frame rate, I guess 3D with post processing is rather demanding on hardware even with low-poly. Perhaps using lower quality settings might help?

As for the number of keys, I had originally planned for a longer plot with more gameplay and NPC interactions, but they got cut as I didn't have time. For now you only need the yellow (LV1) key to complete the game.

The drone is supposed to gradually build up more features and capabilities, but got cut due to lack of time as well.

Things you may not have tried or observed:

  • you can tailgate the guards into restricted rooms even if you don't have the required keys
  • you can take out guards to get their gun (which you can equip and use)
  • passive NPCs will remember you when they see you doing violent action (punching others, using gun...) and will evade you.

I hope weave these into the plot eventually.

Thanks again for taking the time to play and  for giving such a great feedback!

Hi, I think I figured out why you can't see anything! It's likely because your system language is not English.

I designed my text manager for localization, so it will pick up your system locale and switch to your chosen language. Since I didn't provide any text data other than in English, it couldn't find anything to display ^^;;

I've uploaded another build that forces the language to English which should work now!

Thanks for your patience!

I enjoyed the humor in the story, the maps are not confusing with no backtracking and decent number of save points. The part in the town is quite original ^^

In case you got stuck or don't want to waste time figuring out what to do, here's spoiler-free walkthrough

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Hmm... I'm really at a loss as to what could be the problem. There are no bugs or errors that I can act upon.

Are you using 32 or 64 bit OS? I have uploaded a x86 (32-bit) version for you to try.

What graphics card? Could you try lowering the graphics quality? 

Thanks for taking the trouble, I really hope you can get to play ^^;;

Jam 1 and Jam 2 comparison

Jam 1 screenshot (Mar 2018):

Jam 2 screenshot:

Post-jam thoughts and comments:

  • I didn't finish my game for Lartu's Jam 1, so I was more motivated to complete for Jam 2
  • Joined early but started late on Sep 22 (Saturday), mainly because I started working in a new job. Thankfully I had continued developing my code and assets since the Jam 1  so I didn't have to start from nothing (I didn't have a job back then so I was in full-time indie development mode for some time. You can follow my progress there by checking out the Pandora mini-games)
  • I used Modo to model and animate. I output to OBJ for models, FBX if animated. Here's a screenshot of the main environment for CyberHeist:

  • The character portraits were sketched on paper using a pencil, photographed on my phone and colored in Photoshop. Very rushed and unpolished, but I was short on time so didn't do any cleanup ^^;;

  • I managed to implement a narrative this time, with the opening sequence following very closely to my initial concept. Made possible this time because of the dialogue and cutscene systems I had been developing post-Jam 1. The conversations are defined in CSV documents using Open Office Calc. Simple method and tedious at times, but fast for me and it works ^^
  • I knew the starting story from the get-go, but only came up with the ending during the last few hours before submission
  • I added music, which makes a huge difference to the mood. Thanks to Avery Alexander and Eric Matyas for their awesome music and generosity!
  • Overall, I'm glad I managed to "finish" making the mini-RPG. I was still too ambitious and a lot of gameplay could not make it into the game but at least the main storyline was carried out to the end. Still tons of room for improvement but I feel like I'm making progress as a game developer ^^v
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I've uploaded a new build in case something got corrupted before. I have played it through to the ending and verified that there is no problem on my computer before uploading.

Do let me know if the problem still persists for you.


Hi, that is unusual. 

It's never happened to me so let's try to find out why:

Do you hear any audio?

Is the character idle animation still playing?

Can you try pressing the pause button?

It has a pleasant visual style and it seems the object placement in the level is done with proper consideration. The map layout has unique regions and the skyline looks picturesque.

Ground has gaps which I fell through several times.

Could use some footsteps and ambient sound.

Very promising start, keep working on it!

It looks like there's an interesting tactics game in there but its very hard to figure out without instructions.

I managed to defeat a few enemies by trial and error without knowing exactly what I was doing. The map changed to another area with new monsters and I stopped playing.


  • The visuals look polished and there story seems interesting, but after the fighting starts there doesn't seem to be any plot advancement anymore. 
  • I didn't know what keys are useable. I found only Z and X and arrow keys
  • I didn't know it was turn based, only sometimes the action stops and pressing X seems to advance the action
  • I wasn't able to tell how much "currency" I have left to purchase the units
  • I didn't know why the screen changes color during battle
  • Would be great to start simple and gradually ramp up the difficulty/complexity and introduce abilities step by step

Great effort and very promising game!

Most of the major bugs have been fixed and the narrative is now coherent (if still a little sparse) from beginning to end.

Please enjoy the game and feel free to send your feedback and suggestions!

Though there's still a lot of improvements to make, most of the glaring bugs have been dealt with and the game can now be played from beginning to end with hopefully no big issues. 

Please enjoy the game and feel free to post your feedback and suggestions!

It's currently technically playable until the ending, but buggy at places and missing some story development in the middle which may ruin your experience ^^; Will try to fix them ASAP

OK. because of the deadline I have submitted the game which is playable to the end, but buggy and the content is very far from finished.

I shall be fixing bugs and updating the info for a while before I get some much needed sleep ^^;;

Partially recharged and back in content creation mode!

  • Pretty much conked out after getting home. Too tired to get anything done tonight :(
  • Starting to feel the effects of lack of sleep (9am to 9pm = day job + transit, about 2-4 hours of jam time per week night)
  • Wasn't able to do much tonight except to bash out the challenge maze and add some simple scripts to make it functional. No time to make anything look pretty or cool

  • I don't have a lot of time on weekdays due to my day job and long transit times, and there's still a lot of content/gameplay design and implementation to do. Gameplay will be split between controlling the player character (which is already fairly developed) and controlling the drone (which  requires a lot more new coding). I foresee that drone controls will be functional but not polished
  • This time, the main character is female and infiltrating in disguise. The mosaic in the screenshot is there because I just grabbed stuff from the internet as placeholder portraits. I'll have to create proper portraits at some point in time. Thankfully I'll probably only need 2 faces. Dialogue is mostly cut scene conversation between the player and her off-screen handler. On-screen NPCs will use speech bubbles (a la the Pandora Arena mini-game) and won't have portraits
  • As for story, I have a general plot but there's a lot of adaptation along the way. The premise has been setup as planned. We'll see where it goes from there as the deadline draws nearer XD

Work day over, back to jamming...

Muito obrigado! I’m using Unity engine. I’ve been working on an RPG system since the first Lartu jam ^^

Thanks to the organizers for extending the submission date ^^!!

  • A quick title screen. Trying hard to produce content but still a lot to do and running out of time...

  • Basic elements of the game are connected and mostly working (player control, drone control, NPC guards, gun play, object pickup, main game environment...)
  • Now need to add content (characters, props...), flavor (story, events, puzzles...) and hopefully fun!
  • Still not happy with the drone controls but it basically works. Decided not to waste more time on fixing all collision breaking issues.
  • Adapting the guard AI from Pandora 3chotomy into the game. Looking at the bugs and limitations made me realize how far I still have to go to achieve decent AI
  • Slept for 4 hours
  • Did a bunch of stuff (building colliders, occlusion check for drone, some rendering optimizations...)
  • To do: the rest of the game ^^;;;
  • What's that on the wall? ;)

  • Adapted city background from project [TBD]

  • Placed autodoor prefabs
  • Added indoor lighting

(1 edit)
  • Building the level, layout based on a quick pencil sketch on paper
  • I will reuse some furniture from existing projects
  • Rooms are dark because there is no indoor lighting yet

(1 edit)
  • My 2nd time participating. Hoping to do better this time round
  • Started new full-time job recently and was too tired to work on the jam until the weekend
  • Only less than 2 days left, but I'll be using some core scripts and base assets I've been developing since Jam I (check it out here). Aside from the base code and re-using some old assets, the gameplay and story will be brand new (though somehow my themes are always cyber related ^^;)
  • Keeping fingers crossed that I will be able to complete (my computer hasn't been very stable lately)

Congrats on your release and thanks for sharing your valuable experience and helpful links!

I too have started on a RPG prototype (in 3D using Unity) and any feedback or comment would be most appreciated!

After 2 months of post-jam development, I've uploaded new playable prototype. Still in progress but I'd appreciate any feedback. 

Cheers! ^^

Great game! The ending is too sudden after killing the final boss, or did I miss something?

Cool! Reminds me of the classic Ultima series. Wish I could enter the town ^^