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Submitted by Ruo

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A legend tells that there was a mystical place called the Magical Cavern, full of priceless treasures, but also full of dangers......

Join the hero Nate in this classic-style adventure.


Use the the arrow keys for directions
Use shift for run fast

Something else?
RPG Maker have a lot of resources, I used some of them.

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Wow, this game turned out to be a lot better than I expected! Well done!


  • The pacing of the story is good;
  • The combat is good with good difficulty. I defeated the last boss with one character left. Which is what you would expect from a boss;
  • Music is fine;
  • Visuals are good (I'm not familiar with RPGMaker, so I don't know how much of it is your work);
  • Level design is well done (Though I got stuck for a bit in the first part with water because I didn't know you can climb vines);
  • Dialog is good;
  • The humor is good. I like the characters being aware of being very archetipical :D
  • The fact you have 2 options in dialogue, 1 being the normal one and the other being funny makes you want to play the game again to see what the character will say. What you usually see in RPGs is to options with no real difference. Very good!
  • The magic cave itself is a very cool concept. A cave that "spawns" anywere in the world. Gets you interested right from the start;
  • The village part is very well done! First of all you don't expect a village inside the cave, so it's a nice surprise that will make the players interested in what is the next "stage". Second, it is completely empty, except for the chickens which makes you interested in what is happening (Where people went? Are the chicken transformed villagers? Maybe is a village of chickens!). The best parts of a story oftenly don't have dialog! This specific part makes me remember Mario RPG where in one village the villagers are paralyzed and in another they act very strangely (Yaridovich). It would be cool if you could steal some stuff in the shops and develop some kind of sub-plot with it depending on your actions. Third, one party member is added to your party as a chicken so it gets you curious about his true form. I tried to trick the game saving the file as chickens to see if the save file would have his true form, but nope. Just 2 chickens hahaha :D
  • The part where you are a chicken and can't fight breaks the pacing from fighting to evading enemies in the map. It also has some chests that you don't know if you will have the opportunity to get later, which is nice;


  • Characters are a bit shallow as you pointed out in the closing scene. It's common in JRPGs though because of the younger audience, so it really depends on what you are aiming for;
  • The name of the game is pretty uninteresting. It is good that it references an interesting part of the game, but from the name it sounds like it is just a random cave with some magic monsters and magic loot in it, not that the cave itself has magic properties;
  • There is some text that is not well translated to english, and some that are in spanish. Not a big problem to me personally since I speak portuguese and the few words in spanish were similar to portuguese. Just to let you know;
  • The game gives too much story in the begging. This is a problem in two ways: First you are telling stuff to the player about a character he doesn't care about yet. You need to make the player care about a character before telling stuff about him. Second in the start of the game, the player is expeted to be eager to play the game, so it is usually better to give some gameplay before going for story (I'm not saying to remove the intro completely, just make it shorter). Third, this specific story is better saved for later. You are getting too deep into the character telling stuff about his father and mother right from the start. You could have just told the player that the protagonist is a young guy searching for his father who is the first to have entered the cave, and both would look badass enough (the young adventurer and the pioneer) to get the player invested. Later if the protagonist finds his father you can reveal the part about his mother sickness and at the same time develop something from it (maybe the protagonist doesn't forgive his father for abandoning his mother saying that she had a miserable life being sick without the care of her husband, maybe he is just happy he found his father and they both how their lives have been since he left, maybe he never finds his father). In any case it is usually better to tell specific parts of the backstory when they become relevant or when they will be more impactful/surprising/[put-the-emotion-you-want-to-convey];
  • The first earth spirit seemed to help them for no particular reason;
  • The game has very typical RPGMaker visuals, which make it hard to stand out in the crowd. Remember that the first thing people will experience in your game is the screenshots, thumpnails, and the title (or word of mouth if your game/franchise is already successful). You can only give a first impression once though so if your game doesn't stand out visually it is possible that a lot of people will never experience the story/gameplay/characters you worked so hard to craft;
  • Not really a "con", but I'm not a big fan of random encounters, because you have no control over it. It can get annoying if you are backtracking, for example. A good example of a game that handles encounters well is Paper Mario, where you can control not just when to engage in battle but also you can start a battle with an attack from the overworld;
  • Also not a "con" but the game has pretty standard combat. It really depends what the focus of your game is, but usually great RPGs come with their own unique combat mechanic. From simpler ones like Bravely Default cumulative actions to wierder ones like Undertale's mini bullet-hell;
  • Like I said earlier I got stuck in the beggining and in another instance I found out I had to jump from the cliff to the roof of the house completely by accident. I had not much else to go in both cases so it wasn't much of a problem. Also getting stuck is sometimes part of the fun. Just letting you know.

This review ended up being a lot longer than the others because the content of your game was very diverse. Good game!


Wow, I am very grateful, I did not think to receive such a complete review, all this really will be of great help to me. I will have to divide my answer in parts:

The concept of the game: I'm trying to do something different but using the classic style jrpg. I agree with you that the name of the game could be better. My plan for the magic cavern is to be an epic journey to unknown worlds, like the chickens town (yes, that's the level name) I want the levels to be unpredictable and unique. After the jam I will begin to work pretty hard so that the complete game has that essence, the spark of "what will happen next?".

The humor: I didn't expect that this will be notable in the game, a lot of the jokes were not designed in the plot, sometimes I add them to joke about the mistakes in the game. But now I know that several people liked it. I will use that in the full version.

Characters are a bit shallow: Yeah, you're right. The characters and their dialogues is something that I have to improve, I didn't design them to focus on a younger audience, but to shorten the development time a bit, that's why in the final scene I joked about this. I am the type of player who values the deep and human characters in video games.

The name of the game and the marketing: Thank you so much, it really is as you say, the name of the game does not give the impression of what the game really is. I will also work on the  title, details like that are what make a player choose the game in the midst of millions of other options.

The beginning of the narrative: Is not necessary need to tell the story of Nate's father at the beginning. That's a good advice. The important thing at the beginning is to know the reasons why the protagonist goes to the cave, not the reasons of why his father went. Actually, the story can more interactive. As the game progress, the story unfolds. I will work on it.

Game mechanics and battle style: For now the game has the classic battle style (the only one that could be implemented quickly), but in the future version that will change. The random battles are not very fun (my own experience) it's much better to see the enemy and choose to fight with him or runaway. I will take into account your recommendations of mario rpg (very good game, I played it a long time ago, but in that time my level of english was really low and I could'nt finish it), paper mario and Bravely Default (I haven't play it, they seems really interesting). I have not yet defined how the system dynamics will turn out, but these games will be useful for me.

Level design errors: I will take into account those places where you got stuck. It's true that exploring helps to give more depth to the game, but it's better if it is explored through small clues, at least when it is the first time that the test or riddle is shown.

Forgive me por la edici贸n spanglish (XD): the first version of the game that was uploaded was full with translation errors (even I got lost in the dialogues), then I uploaded a version with a better translation, but many like players had downloaded it.

I appreciate the time you have spent to give me this amazing review. Each element (pro or con) will help me a lot.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I didn't play Bravely Default though, but I read about it and found the battle mechanic interesting.

Something I wanted to mention but forgot in my original post: When I was fighting the final boss, he says that attacking him was making him stronger, and I was like "Yeah that's a bit silly. He could just order his minions to fight him to make him stronger". And then he says he would transform into his final form, and I went "IT HAS TO BE A --------!". And he transformed and I went "YEEEESSS". hahahah :D

Edit: Removed spoiler :)

Developer (1 edit)

Oh no, you made a big spoiler hahahaha .


Answering your previous question about the time in the project. the project is done in its entirety during the jam. Based on this draft and the comments, I will build a better version soon.

Note: your discord does not accept direct messages. 馃槄


It seems I can't DM you because we don't share a common server... I didn't know it worked like that :P

That's a lot of content you did for the time. Good luck with your game :)


I found this one nice and relaxing to play.


I enjoyed the humor in the story, the maps are not confusing with no backtracking and decent number of save points. The part in the town is quite original ^^


I'm glad you enjoyed it, i added some humor to joke about the mistakes in history. Since I could not fix everything, it's better to laugh about it.


Apologize, in a few minutes I updated the game , I repair many bugs of the bad traduction.


Lol is Spanglish edition 馃槄