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Mad Scientist. Creatures. Aliens. Survive!
Submitted by Strangewire (@strangewire) — 8 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline

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You're a mad scientist in a radioactive wasteland using creatures to fight aliens!

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I played until I died twice. Here are my thoughts:


  • The theme is pretty unique, a beat'em up in a post apocalyptic world where you are helped by monsters;
  • The music fits the theme;
  • The eggs can add a nice layer of options;
  • I like how it is a beat'em up game but combat is ranged. I don't remember seeing a game where this is the main mechanic.


  • The main thing to improve is the speed of the game. Your walk speed starts very slow, your attack animation has a lot of frames both before and after shooting, and the enemies take too much hits before dying. A game that has bulky enemies is just much harder to design. Think of it this way: a goomba is extremely simple, but works. A bulky enemy (like a boss or mini-boss) has to have much more complex behavior to keep you engaged for the time it takes to defeat them;
  • The graphics are colorful (lots of blue, red, and green on the characters), but at the same time it is a bit desaturated, wich I find a bit contradictory.

Thanks for the feedback!

The speed and long animations are by design, I wanted to give the main character the feeling that on your own (with no monsters by your side) you are very fragile (not having a melee attack is also part of that idea), but once you get monsters that can tank or distract the enemies you are pretty useful for the team. I agree that it starts slow and it's not the best solution, I was thinking of adding some kind of roll or sprint but couldn't make it in time.
About the colors, I'm really an amateur pixel artist at best so I don't know a lot about color theory, but I see what you mean! I haven't thought about it that way, my palette needs some work :P

Thanks again, I'm probably not updating this project but your comments will be helpful in following games.  


I think you achieved your goal of making the main character feel weak and vulnerable without having monsters in your team.

The creature designs and animation are quite unique. It would be good if the design of the monsters visually convey their role or abilities in battle, e.g. look armored or tough if it's a tank, cobra or lizard that spits projectiles... etc. 

Currently the game appears to be a survival game where you play until you die, but it might also be interesting to build up your monster army in order to defeat a final boss.

Good effort, keep making games!


Some things that helped me with colors: using pre-made palletes (like from pico-8 or aseprite) and adding more colors if necessary; picking individual colors from images/sprites I like and looking at them outside of their original context (you will be surprised how often the colors you see in an image are not what you expected).