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Pirate RPG game
Submitted by mikgorn — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline

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Some pirates and stuff

Something else?
If you could write some comments which will help me to improve my game, i will be very glad =)

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A game with potential for great scale and depth of gameplay. It's got exploration, combat, trading and quests, possibly RPG characters too ;)

Seems like you've already got a good bit of feedback so I'll just add my 2 cents:

  • Ahoy button is a great idea :)
  • The instruction WASD for movement is misleading, perhaps W = forward, A = turn left, D = turn right ? S key doesn't seem to do anything
  • Music is great but you could really do with some audio FX for battle (cannon fire, hit damage) and maybe for when docked (ambient town sounds)?
  • Little touches like cannon smoke when firing and explosion debris when ships are hit, wakes left by the ships as they move, animated waves.. would be nice. You could do with some artists/designers ^^;
  • As travel between islands could be long and uneventful, maybe add random events or text quips by characters to add flavor and reduce boredom?
  • Ships go from port to port but they don't dock. It'll probably enhance immersion if they wait a while at port (for trading, repairs, restock...etc) before setting off elsewhere.
  • Ships spawn in the middle of the sea. OK for surprise random enemy encounters due to fog of war, but maybe you could spawn normal ships just outside the viewport so they don't magically appear?

Anyways, a very promising basis to build into a great game. Keep at it!


This is a good start! Zapped Cow already pointed out a lot of the things I was gonna say, but here's some things I'd like to add:

  • I like how there is an island with the same name as the game. Makes it feel important and gets you interested in it. Use this to your advantage!
  • The UI is well done and you can access it bot via keyboard and mouse;
  • The way things are far from each other gives a unique feel to the game. Maybe you can add something for the player to do when going to places that are far apart to keep engagement. Like something that happens on your ship while traveling;
  • Making the map transparent could help looking at it while moving Diablo style. Or maybe make it smaller or even have a mini map on some corner of the screen. It's something you can experiment with;
  • The thing I think you should work next is polishing the main mechanic of the game. Assuming it is combat, make the movement feel good, the cannons feel the most responsive possible, the enemies interesting (either via having good AI, enemies with different weapons, different behaviors, etc). Your game already has a lot of stuff (quests, items, a populated world), so your main mechanic has to be crisp to let you see the best way to fit all these components together.

Thank you for your comment! It is hard to understand what is wrong with your game, or what you can improve when you working alone, so your comment is very useful. When i finished a game i had a feeling that i created empty MMORPG =) I will try to fix things that you pointed, they seems reasonable. Thanks again for your review, hope we will join another jam together and will both improve our skills =)


Played your game for a while and liked it! Especially how ships from different factions are going from island to island. It gives some realism to the game.

It took my sometime to understand I need to go where there is the arrow and the white water to interact with the harbor. Also combat during combat I would have liked to see the enemy HP, maybe. So yeah it lacks a bit of feedback but overall a great game!


 I added different factions, because in the beginning i wanted to add ability to join different factions, but i had not enough content to make this feature interesting. Also, thanks to your comment, i see that i need to improve my UI and add tutorial. Thank you very much for your reply!