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Submitted by Frib — 2 days, 3 hours before the deadline

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Medieval fantasy action RPG where you cleanse the land of evil monsters, acquire loot, and cleanse some more!

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My goal for this jam was to use a bunch of the assets from the recent humble bundle. I've thrown them together and the result is this game! It's a pretty simple action RPG with basic melee combat, loot, and progression.

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Thanks for playing my game, everyone! I was fully aware of most of the mentioned bugs (and even thought I had fixed some of them like the getting damage out of nowhere glitch) but hey, gotta ship before the deadline :D and some of the design decisions and (lack of) polish were also based on it being a rushjob near the end (like the quit button, etc). But even with those issues I'm glad you could enjoy the game for what it is!

Quests are determined on your armor value compared to the attack of the enemies, which means the game tries to find a camp that you can somewhat tank a few times before dying. But it's not perfect. You don't need to do only quests, as you can clear any camp whenever you want, and there are no quest rewards other than the xp you get from killing enemies. Just follow the compass greens and you should be fine, but even then some enemies are a pain, like the spiders. Quests are there to guide you to somewhat matched enemies only.

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  • I liked the game, the combination of its mysterious music and the sound of the monster give a lot of suspence. 
  • The battler sistem is simple , but fun.
  • Good graphics of monsters.


  • I also support the comment on the compass under the character, it is not very comfortable.
  • When you die, you revive without your weapons, making each time you die use some of the weakest weapons you have left.
  • Should more enemies (that are generated from time to time) that will serve to level up and prepare for difficult missions.
  • As you yourself said in the game, there are many bugs, but only one prevents me from playing, when I go on the fifth mission, an enemy invicible kill me with  one hit.

Although I do not finish your game I enjoy it enough, I hope that one day you can finish it.


BoneVolt already pointed out some of my concerns such as the huge download size. Here are my 2 cents:

  • It's a decent implementation of a first person action RPG, I managed to defeat 4 of the big six before game breaking bugs prevented me from continuing (see next point)
  • When I died from some quests, I wasn't able to continue because of mysterious health drain even when I'm in town and attempt to approach in the direction of the quest. The spider quest was one of the quests I couldn't complete because of this draining bug
  • When the game starts you are always falling to the ground. May be good to hide that with a starting screen, or just position the character controller properly on the ground at the start
  • The status panel is a dangerous place to put a quit button, especially without confirmation or save game feature
  • I like the fact that there's always an audio warning when you get near to monsters, because it can be quite difficult to visually pick up the enemies from the background, given the vegetation, lack of color contrast, and busy detail of the overall graphics
  • There's only one ominous music throughout, so it's difficult to feel a difference in tension between calm exploration and intense combat
  • Flying enemies bug (see screenshot, next to the tree; he actually flew from over the hilltop and was already coming down when I did the printscreen). This was after I aggroed the enemy, got killed, respawed in town and went back to complete the quest


I didn't get very far your game just went for the first quest and got completely slaughtered by the pack of wolves :P My feedback:


  • The game starts well, you already have some skill points to spend, items to equip quests to pick, making it easy to pick up and try things out;
  • Good visuals and fitting sound;
  • The compass on the ground is a good idea, I don't know if other games have it since I'm not familiar with the genre;
  • I liked how you put the text in the physical world, giving the player time to read. Might not be final, but for a jam it makes life easier;
  • The objects in the world seem reasonably placed;
  • The information is well explained. What each stat affects, etc;
  • I liked how when you open the menu it locks the camera;


  • The file size is way too big for a jam game. It will prevent a good chunck of your potential audience from downloading the game. It's a wild guess bit I think a lot of people come to to play games because they don't have a good PC to play last gen games. You choose your target audience though, so you can stick with it if you're confident;
  • The game seems to have too much mouse sensitivity. It can be something on my end, but I didn't find a way to change that. To give you some context, the amount of movement I have to do to move the cursor from one end of the screen to the other was enough to make the character do 6 full spins;
  • While the compass is a good idea, but it is too low on the ground. You have to walk  looking to your feel to use it. I think the ideal way to do it would be place it just out of vision when you look straight, so tiltin the camera a bit down would already make it visible. You would also make it a bit transparent to prevent it from obstructing vision;
  • The fist misson was completely impossible for me. There were like 6 wolves and I just died in seconds. Maybe I'm missing something because I'm not familiar with the genre, idk;
  • In the description above you mention "use a bunch of the assets from the recent humble bundle [...] thrown [...] together". It is good to be honest with people, but saying something like that gives the impression you didn't put effort into it even if you did. This, the graphical requirements (had to use a friends PC to play), and the file size are the reason your game was the last one I played in the jam, and might be the reason you got less reviews than average in the jam;
  • As I pointed out in other jam entries, this game too fails to grab your attention. The thumbnail is nice with the demon but is not really unique. Same applies to the name of the game, and it's overall theme. A nice way to know if your game is good at grabbing people's attention is to do an "elevator pitch" with your friends. An example: I have a few dozen games I plan to make, so I told my friends about some of them. A wonderboy clone where the protagonist is a girl; An RPG with aliens; A tower defense game where the buildings are human organs. The last one got so much more attention because it's just so bizzare. It's a fun experiment to make!
  • There was a bug where after I died, I kept respawning and dying again a few seconds later as my life drained for no apparent reason;
  • When I opened the "C" menu, I wanted to close it, so I pressed "Quit" and it closed the game hahaha. If you plan to keep it this way you should change the wording to "Quit game" or something and pop up a "Are you sure" sorta menu.