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A high-tech heist gone wrong... A mini-3D action RPG
Submitted by siepiau — 13 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline

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A high-tech heist gone wrong...

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I played the game but it run very slow on my potato. I got to the point where you fly the drone,  but couldn't do it past that point with 3fps and 2 seconds of input latency XD.

My feedback:


  • The dialog is well written;
  • I like the characters faces, their expression conveys their personality well, and are nicely drawn;
  • The theme is good, futuristic stealth;
  • The drone idea is good although I couldn't experience it (XP);
  • The camera work is good, I liked how it moved when you get near the window;
  • Music fits the game;
  • The UI pops in and out according to your actions, keeping it clean;
  • I liked how you used the dialog to tell the player to use the pause menu;
  • You use a lot of blue tones for the background and objects, which gives a specific aesthetic and works well with the theme.


  • Dialog goes on for a bit longer then I would expect it to. Especially in the start of the game, when the player usually wants to get a feel of the gameplay;
  • Things going wrong right from the start isn't ideal from the plot perspective, I think... I don't like stories to be formulaic, but usually you want things to go wrong to build up tension right before some resolving or climax. In terms of the character doing the mistake, maybe you wanted to make him a bit clumsy but usually you want to show his strengths first to get the audience invested and then his weaknesses to make him relatable. In manga you see this a lot, where characters are first depicted as rebellious and badass, and later you get to know their clumsy/silly side. But again if you go too far in this direction you are at risk of being formulaic or derivative, so you have to find the balance;
  • You have a lot of keys to use! It can work in a long game, since the players will have a lot of time to get used to it, so it really depends on the length of your game.

Pretty good start for your game overall!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Your comment are most helpful as I'm still learning how to create strong narrative experiences.

Sorry about the slow frame rate, I guess 3D with post processing is rather demanding on hardware even with low-poly. Perhaps using lower quality settings might help?

As for the number of keys, I had originally planned for a longer plot with more gameplay and NPC interactions, but they got cut as I didn't have time. For now you only need the yellow (LV1) key to complete the game.

The drone is supposed to gradually build up more features and capabilities, but got cut due to lack of time as well.

Things you may not have tried or observed:

  • you can tailgate the guards into restricted rooms even if you don't have the required keys
  • you can take out guards to get their gun (which you can equip and use)
  • passive NPCs will remember you when they see you doing violent action (punching others, using gun...) and will evade you.

I hope weave these into the plot eventually.

Thanks again for taking the time to play and  for giving such a great feedback!


The framerate is definetly not your fault. All 3D games in this jam are very slow in my PC. I tried to run your game again in low resolution but I didn't help.

But since you are interested in my feedback, I will try to play your game on my friend's PC, it will likely run better there.

It is not easy to take criticism on something that takes so much time and effort like making a game. Good for you being open to it!


Thanks. I really appreciate that!


In case you got stuck or don't want to waste time figuring out what to do, here's spoiler-free walkthrough


The game looks very nice, but i can't play, the game do nothing in the init, i thing this part is a dialog but never begin


Hi, that is unusual. 

It's never happened to me so let's try to find out why:

Do you hear any audio?

Is the character idle animation still playing?

Can you try pressing the pause button?

Developer (1 edit)

I've uploaded a new build in case something got corrupted before. I have played it through to the ending and verified that there is no problem on my computer before uploading.

Do let me know if the problem still persists for you.



the problem still persist, the game doesn't frozen, i can listen the music, move the camera and the others characters move

Developer (3 edits)

Hmm... I'm really at a loss as to what could be the problem. There are no bugs or errors that I can act upon.

Are you using 32 or 64 bit OS? I have uploaded a x86 (32-bit) version for you to try.

What graphics card? Could you try lowering the graphics quality? 

Thanks for taking the trouble, I really hope you can get to play ^^;;


It's nothing bro, helping others it's part of the dynamic of the jam .  I used 64 bit and a graphics card nvidia 1050 oc 2g, i try later with lowering grafhics quality. If it does not work, don't worry, I will not give you a bad rating for that


Hi, I think I figured out why you can't see anything! It's likely because your system language is not English.

I designed my text manager for localization, so it will pick up your system locale and switch to your chosen language. Since I didn't provide any text data other than in English, it couldn't find anything to display ^^;;

I've uploaded another build that forces the language to English which should work now!

Thanks for your patience!

Submitted (1 edit)

Yes,finally is works, The concep the game. is very nice, the part of the drone is quite creative, mission impossible style lol! and it is also pretty hard. In general the gamplay   it's quite complete, music, effects and graphic. Learning the buttons was a bit complicated but little by little I took the thread to the camera and the other actions.


It's currently technically playable until the ending, but buggy at places and missing some story development in the middle which may ruin your experience ^^; Will try to fix them ASAP


Most of the major bugs have been fixed and the narrative is now coherent (if still a little sparse) from beginning to end.

Please enjoy the game and feel free to send your feedback and suggestions!