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Welcome to Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam II, for the second time this year, the jam where we spend one week writing tiny RPGs! The first time we had such a great time and such great games were made that we are back!

The rules are the same as always, simple and up to you to interpret them in any way you want, there are no wrong answers! You have one week, from September 14 to September 24 (yup, a little more than a week this time!) September 28 (the jam has been extended due to popular request!), to write a role-playing game abiding by the following guidelines:

  1. The player must be able to control a character across a map, be it the hero, a monster or anything else.
  2. There has to be some kind of activity that allows for character progression, be it slaying monsters, brewing potions or reading books.
  3. The player must be able to obtain items throughout the game, so your game should have some sort of inventory mechanics or something on that line.

Just like the last time, there are no rules regarding engines, programming languages, graphical or audio resources. All you have to do is make a game, in any way you like. Also, can I...? Yes, you can. Abide by the above rules in any way that you find compelling; after all, the main point of the jam is just making a game. But what if I haven't finished my game by the end of the week? Can I submit a demo or an unfinished project? If your project is playable and you feel like submitting it, it is more than welcome!


Yes, you will be competing against other game-makers! Scary! Or motivating! That depends on you. Games will be evaluated by everyone, during the week after the submission period has finished and based on these categories:

  • Enjoyment: Did you like the game? Was it fun? Games are meant to be fun, so if the game has an interesting mechanic, compelling storytelling or is fun overall that should be reflected here.
  • Graphics: How good the game looks. Or bad. Sometimes bad graphics make the game look better, sometimes they do not. Do the sprites fit? Do they add to the overall experience? Do you like them? Everything of that sort goes here. Just remember that the game with the best graphics is not always the best game.
  • Sound: A good game has a good soundtrack. And, more importantly, a fitting one. And the sound effects are meaningful too!
  • Story: A brand new category! Does the game tell a good tale? Does it have well developed characters? That all goes here!
  • Creativity: Another brand new category! If the game is creative and innovative, that all goes here!

Kudos for original content, so make sure to make it clear if you created your own stuff! There will be winners and runner-ups announced for each category. It's a jam, though, do what you can!


The main theme for the jam is RPG games, so make one! But if you are uninspired and still need a theme for your game, the chosen one for this jam is Another World!


There are no prizes. Of course, you can always finish your game and publish it as "Winner of Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam II", full bragging rights, but that's up to you. You mostly take home a game made by you, and that's the best prize there is. Again, should you want to donate something to award to the winners, though, feel free to contact us and we'll be more than glad to announce it here. Please do! Somebody's gotta win something!

Social Media

Who doesn't love social media? (Well, actually...) We all love social media! Yes! We've reused the same joke as the last time! Anyway, we've opened various channels for us all to discuss this jam, the game we are making, share and rejoice!

  • This jam's own community should be your first stop should you have any questions regarding the jam, or should you want to share anything.
  • For the second time this year, our Twitter account @LartuJam will be active for you all to follow and stay up to date with everything jam related.
  • Should you want to share this or your development progress anywhere, the official hashtag is #L1WJ .
  • Last, but not least, join our official Discord!

Something else?

If you have something else to ask that's not covered here, just send us a private message or ask here on the community section.

So that is it! Stay tuned, make RPGs, enjoy and have lots of fun!

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The first day of a reaper!
A small puzzle-ish RPG about a girl trapped inside a dungeon.
Role Playing
This is your last test!
Role Playing
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​A mini RPG where you recruit aliens to help you.​
Role Playing
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Unfinished game
Role Playing
A high-tech heist gone wrong... A mini-3D action RPG
Role Playing
Mad Scientist. Creatures. Aliens. Survive!
A one-hit 20-minute RPG
Role Playing
Venture forth wielding larger and larger weapons! Made for the Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam II.
Role Playing
Role Playing
Pirate RPG game
Role Playing
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