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Love the transition in the middle, nice tunes!

Gotta love the creativity that went into this track, the making of video was very interesting, so thanks for the bonus content!

A long and epic buildup to an excellent payoff, well done!

Love the blends of various sounds. It really feels like this track adds a ton of fun to any game it is added to. Good stuff!

I like the effects on these train tracks!

Nicely done! Rough Streets is my favourite, awesome sounds

I got distracted by the soundtrack so now I have to pay 50 Amen Bucks...

Good stuff!

Definitely fits the mood from your game description. Good stuff!

chiming in to say the 7/8 really fits and sounds great!

The submission link has a typo, soundclound has one n too many

Nice ambient tracks! Definitely a fitting mood

Great tracks! Would fit perfectly in the game

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At this point I'm just pleasantly surprised that there are people other than myself that like the second track :D

Awesome vibes! Very nice

This sounds great! Awesome track, love the atmosphere and the intensity that it builds up together with the story being told

love the idea and execution for Input Delay, very clever!

Excellent vibes throughout the track! Feels like each section progresses the story that is musically told

the last part of mission complete is next level, very fitting. Nicely done!

great buildup, awesome sounds, very cyberpunk. Well done!

Very nice mood, good stuff!

Absolute banger

This is a very nice track, good job! Love the vibe

These are some serious gourmet hits! Great ambient tracks, banger action track. Awesome stuff

going loud ftw, good stuff!

For some reason this reminds me of Super Meat Boy. Good stuff!

absolute banger 10/10

Lovely buildup! Attack phase could maybe use a bit more oomph in the melody, but still very nice!

I really liked the creativity in the first track, nice mashup of various things!

really fun game!

since pizza is a vegetable, it makes sense that it grows on trees

Very nice, loved the visual effects!

Difficult game! I think the walls might be misaligned with the collision boxes? Kept dying when I was standing way off from the top wall. Other than that, pretty nice! Lots of variety in attacks, good stuff

Hahaha, creepy stuff! I found it really difficult to get a sense of where I was at. Loved the concept, good stuff!

I don't really understand when a wall is visible or not, it's not entirely based on the view cone, right?

Other than that, short but sweet!

It's quite simple and basic, visually speaking. You could say that that's because you have to focus, and clutter would distract. But I think that this game could have a little more, especially because there was still some time left.

But still, good job!

Nice game! Really liked the switching mechanic. Those speedy bois can really sneak up on you while dealing with the slower ones

Nice action-memory game :D gets very intense at some point, and I managed to score 127 and it was very enjoyable!

Very nice game and effects! Took me a few tries to get proficient enough to not die in the first pit and I eventually beat the game. I found myself spamming space, maybe as an idea have the echolocation be automatic every second or so? To spice things up a little bit

yeah mouse issues are a recurring issue for me lol, sensitivity is probably way too high but it's what I prefer so I forget about it. And not capping up/down is also something that I should've just spent a few minutes on to fix lol, but hey I only had 3 hours :D

I'm glad you liked the rest, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing my game, everyone! I was fully aware of most of the mentioned bugs (and even thought I had fixed some of them like the getting damage out of nowhere glitch) but hey, gotta ship before the deadline :D and some of the design decisions and (lack of) polish were also based on it being a rushjob near the end (like the quit button, etc). But even with those issues I'm glad you could enjoy the game for what it is!

Quests are determined on your armor value compared to the attack of the enemies, which means the game tries to find a camp that you can somewhat tank a few times before dying. But it's not perfect. You don't need to do only quests, as you can clear any camp whenever you want, and there are no quest rewards other than the xp you get from killing enemies. Just follow the compass greens and you should be fine, but even then some enemies are a pain, like the spiders. Quests are there to guide you to somewhat matched enemies only.