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Short but fun game! The card battling was easy to learn and I like the variety in the enemy decks, as it adds a little flavor to who you're fighting :D I also think the dungeon looks pretty nice, but it doesn't feel like it has any purpose. The current goal is to seek out all the enemies and defeat them, but you start with a fully explored minimap that includes their locations. I think that this hurts the crawling aspect a bit, as there's no need to explore and there won't be any surprises.

The dungeon also has some nice special walls, which look like they have stuff written on them. Would be nice if that was interactable, telling a story or revealing some lore, stuff like that. I liked that the main character talks (thinks?), but at some point I just walked through it and ignored the text because it was mostly self-pity.

Movement could be a bit more snappy, right now if you press too early it won't register the action even if you're holding it. This was more noticeable for me when turning around.

The card game is simple but effective an the battles were fun :D Of course, there are a thousand ways you can expand upon this so I won't go into that. One thing I did notice, and that's something you may want to look into further, is the game balance of only having one non-offensive card active per turn. I can imagine only wanting to add offensive cards, to lower the odds of halving the effectiveness of your hand when you draw 3 (semi)defensive cards. On the other hand, I like that you can't stack defenses that way. But if you do decide to expand the card game, it's something to keep in mind I think.

Overall a pretty solid game :D

Very cool game mechanic! Choosing who to get rid of adds a nice twist to the game :D

I'm torn on the visual style. It's very nice and distinct, but with the instant step it's hard to see how you are moving because sometimes the screen stays exactly the same. For me it makes navigating the dungeon very difficult without the minimap as I have no visual reference of my movement. Also after a while my eyes started to hurt a little due to the wobbly animations, which is something I haven't experienced in a long time lol. But this means that I won't be playing this game to completion :'(

I thought a dead end was a dead end, but it actually was stairs to the next level. Could use a visual for that I think :D

One problem I (as a player) also have with instant step games is that I sometimes move a lot while being attacked and I don't notice it until it's too late. There are sound cues here but they don't invoke the need to stop moving for me until it's too late. But again, that's mostly a skill issue from my side :D

I like that the UI has everything I need to know about what I can do. Excellent way to show all that information without having to jump into tons of menus.

Overall though, pretty solid game! Really loved the main game mechanic :D Well done!

Interesting game! I snorted a lot of red pills and managed to become the epitome of mental health :D

I didn't watch the tutorial video and I didn't understand what was happening in the minigame until I started winning them a few times. I still don't know what's going on exactly, but as long as you have at least one X but not too many, things are good. Repeating the process for every past trauma did get a bit repetitive, but the minigame is very fast so that's fine. Poor walls, though :D

There's a lot of button presses involved for picking up and using items, I think that that could be optimized a little more. Like picking up multiple items in one go without having to go through the menu again.

Overall it's a very unique game, and it's charming because of that. I enjoyed my playthrough :D

Nice game! Quite a lot of combat mechanics, which is great. Dungeon exploration was also pretty nice, with the verticality and lootboxes. I'm not a big fan of random encounters, but in this game they didn't bother me that much. I could explore a lot before being randomly interrupted :D I enjoyed the story and the characters, it's always a nice addition.

I think it would be more fun if the loot you picked up was more tangible, so you can choose who gets to equip what. Just a little bit more character building to spice things up. But it's not a necessary change; it's quite fun as-is as it rewards exploration.

Speaking of exploration, the dungeon levels felt a bit short. It's nice that there's a focused path to the next area, but some more exploration and dead ends wouldn't hurt, I think.

Overall, pretty solid and enjoyable game! Well done! :D

The game plays very fast, which is great because the dungeon is huge! :D

I used the map on the game page because otherwise it was just unplayable for me; I had no idea where to go or what to do, at first I thought it was just an endlessly procedural mineable dungeon. But then what I thought was the bedrock border was actually a maze and it opened up to a new area. That's the point where I gave up and I looked up what to do. Didn't even find the statue room before that lol.

Combat felt a bit bland, the hammer attacks very rapidly so the skellybois die quickly. Exploding bombs are also easy to get rid of, they take a long time to explode. I never felt threatened while playing this game and lost only a few hearts over my entire playthrough. Explosions are nice, especially when you get a chain reaction from multiple bombers :D also I loved the details and easter eggs in the starter room!

All in all it's a solid game but it misses some more fun gameplay elements, I think. It's quite hard to say what those would be, though, but it probably has to be something that works well with the bombermining.

Anyways, good job! :D

This game has a lot of good things going for it! First thing I noticed was the excellent and beautiful UI. The game's graphics are also great, it looks excellent. Movement feels good as well.

Most people don't like the banter at all. I kind of like it if it was implemented a bit differently. Right now it seems like random voice lines every few seconds, which gets old quickly :D But if it were oneshot triggered dialogues when you step on certain tiles, that maybe even fit in the situation or tell a story over time, it would be much better and enjoyable, I think.

I didn't get far in the dungeon itself, due to getting stuck in the room others get stuck in as well. I think the XP notification for each tile is a bit too in-your-face. I understand that this mechanic needs to be communicated to the player but seeing animated floating text indicating that you gained some XP every step is a bit too much imo.

I also experienced a bug once, where I wanted to take a step but got flung somewhere else and then couldn't move at all, only rotate. This was in town, I think I was near one of the buildings before it happened.

Combat feels ok, could use more feedback but the mechanics work fine as far as I can tell. Could use some more information about what each stat and attack does. Also not sure how the balance will be since you can explore-grind infinitely. I'm not a fan of grindy games where you have to grind to progress, but since I didn't get very far I can't judge if the difficulty requires grinding time to beat the game. I hope not, though :D

I'll give this game another try if it gets a post-jam version with the critical bugs fixed. I liked what I saw so far, though! Good job :D

Thank you! When I made the sound effects for the screaming faces and heard it in-game for the first time, I wondered if I went too far :D

I'm glad you liked it!

Good stuff! I liked how you incorporated a story around the crawling. I also like the idea of assembling a party but I think the passive combat system takes away some of the strategy. 

I started my first run with 6 people, with 4 specialized in a single stat at 6 and high con, and the remaining 2 were allrounders with 3-4 in each stat. After a few encounters I fought an enemy that dodged and blocked nearly anything and my whole party wiped. So I started my second run with 10 people and beat the game with it.

The combat itself is a bit dull and from the second floor onwards I didn't really enjoy encounters as I just wanted to finish the game. I didn't see a way to determine how strong enemies are so strategizing against them felt impossible, and with the way loot works (with 2nd floor weapons requiring 14 in a stat) it felt like leveling up was just blindly making numbers go up because the party members all felt like a stat sheet rather than an individual. It felt pointless to invest in defensive stats past 5, because there was no way to have tanky characters take the brunt of enemy attacks as their target selection felt random.

So all in all, I think the game could use a combat overhaul. Passive combat can be good but it just felt too random and aimless to me. Yes, I can bring less party members to make it more challenging, but the challenge still feels like pure RNG just being less in your favor as there's less combined HP to soak random hits.

Other than that, pretty solid entry! Loved the sound effects, it had some humor (but honestly got a bit old quite fast) and the dungeons were nicely generated. Could use some more variety if you plan to expand the game, of course. I liked the maw bringing you to the next level, was a really neat addition. And the portal to the wormpoop was also a nice touch. Solid game overall!

Impressive! Very happy to hear that you've enjoyed it a lot! :D I'll release a post-jam version with some fixes and tweaks, so I'd advise you to wait for that if you want to jump in again.

Judging from your monster descriptions, I think you've seen most of them. Maybe there's one or two more that you're missing as they show up past level 7. But I'm happy to see that you like the variety :D wallbro is my favourite as well.

Yeah you always play the same dungeon. You can configure the seed in the advanced settings, but due to a sleepdeprivation bug, the RNG always uses the default seed when generating dungeons, so it's always the same. I intended for everyone to have the same experience unless they change the seed, but alas there's currently no way to play different dungeons until I fix it in the post-jam version. You are correct that all you need to do is find a lever to open one of the two exit doors. There generally are two corridors leading to the exit room, and most rooms have two or three connections to other rooms, so there are multiple ways to complete a dungeon level.

Agreed about UI, I hate working on it and this time I reused it from last year's jam because I had other priorities :D

Thanks for playing!

Haha, your viewers were right :D thanks for playing through it!

Thanks for giving my weird experiment a try :D

Thank you! Glad you liked it :D I can't do anything about the lack of queueing, but perhaps the fixed camera mode is more to your liking instead of the free look. You can toggle it with P, then you use the mouse to aim the crosshair instead of the camera

Thanks for playing!

Fun game! Has a nice and weird vibe to it. I like the vending machines restoring your stats with coins, it's a pretty fun and fitting way to heal resources. Combat seems both simple and complex at the same time, there's lots of options but I mostly just spammed the all-attack and hit up the health vending machine whenever I would get low.

I think the movement could use a continous move mode, as there's currently a lot of buttonspamming needed to move around.

Good stuff!

Always nice to see proc gen!

I think my main points have also been stated by others already: lack of sounds, and too RNG heavy. I think it was on the third level where I was barely hanging in there trying to dodge monsters just to get to a chest and then turn around quickly to try and kill it. Worked a few times until it didn't :')

I think that's the biggest weakness of the game. You're either ahead of the curve and manage to find an upgrade or two, or you fall behind and die. At least, that's how it feels like to me. But if you're always ahead of the curve, then the game isn't challenging. I think it needs another gameplay/combat feature to give it a little more depth, or at least a way to mitigate RNG challenges without it turning into a free win.

Still, pretty solid game, good job :D

Awesome vibes! The atmosphere is great, loved it. Felt on edge the whole time, even though in hindsight the actual enemies were rather simplistic and not much of a threat. I sadly only found one half of the new weapon, and I'm curious to know where the other half is and what it does :D

I love the story telling and the world you have created. I think the crawling of the lava and water world could be expanded a little, and that would be my main critique. Combat felt a bit weird with the camera snapping, which then stays in place until you rotate, but that's only a minor thing.

Also, when the game loops, the inventory and planets don't reset. Not sure if that's intentional or not. At first I thought there would be another twist coming when playing through it again, but on the mining world the puzzle wasn't reset so I checked the comments here to see if the game actually ended or not. So that's also something you could improve to make it more clear to the player.

Overall though, excellent game!

Thank you!

The fixed cam mode was hacked into the game a few hours before the deadline, so it still has some issues. Agreed that a regular movable mouse is probably better, but webGL is finicky with cursor locking and unlocking... So I didn't want to touch any of my code affecting that just before the deadline, because of the risk of breaking everything :D

I will release a post-jam version but it'll mostly be fixes, QoL and some balancing tweaks. No new content is planned for now as I've only got 2MB of space left in the data zip...

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the extensive review :D

Agreed on the dialogue UI being very basic. Good point about the next lines being instantly visible, though. I didn't want to force the player to wait for dialogue to finish but I'll need to come up with something better in the future.

Glad to hear that you got used to the movement! I wasn't sure if completely fluid continuous movement would make it feel even less dungeon crawlery, so I opted for the brief delay just to be safe. As for the crossbow, you have to manually reload it every time (and the gun after 6 shots), but in hindsight I should have added UI hints and other feedback like a sound cue to make that clear.

Agreed about the same-ness of the levels. I've got tile and room variety built into my game system, but I went overboard with the basic textures of the current theme before learning there's a 200MB limit for webGL files within a zip file published to itch, so I already had to remove a bunch and downscale the remaining ones just to stay underneath that limit. It's definitely a lesson learned for next time! I should just finally embrace pixel art :')

I was hoping that the current variety of enemies was interesting enough that I didn't need bossfights, as some of them were already quite tough and tricky (and a pain to develop :D ) so I kept that as-is. I do like the idea of more variations in loot and stuff like that, would indeed make things a lot more interesting. Right now, every level has the same amount of random rooms and the same loot and levers, with only the layout and the monster spawns being truly different. I did that to make the expectations for the player more consistent, but agreed that it suffers from a severe lack of variety.

Regarding the map, my reasoning was that if the map also shows the corridors you've been in, it would be harder to determine if a room had been fully visited yet, or if there were other corridors still left unexplored. I thought just showing the rooms would be helpful enough. I do very much like the idea of using a two-color system, that's a brilliant solution :D

Every level has 2 levers, which each open one of the gates at the end room (unless the gates overlap, then you need to pull both). I intentionally try to have them placed in rooms that are relatively far from the end, and if possible far from the beginning as well, to force the player to explore a little more. Because in theory, once you pull a lever, you can reach the exit through one of the gates. I wanted the player to travel through a few more rooms with enemies before that happens, to force a bit more exploration. If you immediately find the exit, you can't get there yet until you've explored further and found a lever. At least, that was the idea.

Also, amazing video, well played and it was fun to see you get pretty far :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah the first few levels don't have many enemies, as it introduces new ones every time. But it will ramp up waaaay too much at around level 10 :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah, you're right that it was an experiment. I don't think I'll do it again in future jams, but it was fun to try and make the combat revolve around this system :D

Solid game! Loved the humor, pretty fun story :D I played it on the hardest combat difficulty, but I sadly didn't make it to the end. I found the combat to be tedious and cumbersome, having to use many button presses to do simple actions, and there's a lot of random and unavoidable combat without much threat so it felt like a waste of time to fight. Setting it to the fastest option didn't help much with this as most of the time is spent menuing forever just to do two attacks and an exertion or two. 

I did get stumped on my first encounter in the purple room, as I apparently decided to fight in the toughest of the four for my first fight... The others were much easier :D so after I upgraded my weapons on the easier squares, that fourth fight was also pretty easy. 

After fighting all four squares I couldn't find a way to progress further to get a blue key. My best guess is that I have to keep fighting the customers and meatballs until it drops? But the slow and tedious combat burned me out so I decided to call it quits.

I do love the flavor and the story in this game, there's a lot of creativity here :D honestly if the TBS combat system gets streamlined and has fixed instead of random encounters, I would enjoy it a lot more. In my opinion it's the only flaw to an otherwise very nicely done game!

Fun game! In my first attempt I went into the fireball room, misjudged the pattern once and then died by two blasts. On my second attempt I went to the library room first, which increased my health to ~25 iirc thanks to the secrets, so I felt more comfortable to go through the fireball room again. This time I dodged all the fireballs \o/ so I didn't even need the extra health lol

Combat felt nice, and the bossfights were cool. One of them gave me a light panic early on, but I didn't have much trouble getting rid of them. The spinners did their job quite well and the teleporters were also confusing but not in a frustrating way.

Could use some more variety in the dungeon itself, as it does look quite same-y all the way through. Some more visually distinct areas would be pretty neat, I think. Some rooms felt like they have purpose, while others are just there. I think adding some purpose by adding visual clues and whatnot would go a long way to make the dungeon feel more interesting. I know there's furniture, but the architecture itself and the styling could use some love.

Other than that, not much to comment on. Pretty solid game, good job!

This game is a gem, well done!

I love the whole feel of the spaceship. The visuals, the lighting, it's so good but I can't explain why. It just tickles me in the right way. Neat story, simple but engaging gameplay, lovely decorations and rooms, overall it's really good!

I don't really have much else to comment on, honestly. Yes, it's short, but it's fine as a self-contained story and it's presented really well imo. I don't mind the lack of enemies, in fact I find that it adds to the mystery. Making the ship and environment be the enemy is also an option and in this case it fits.

The only issue I noticed is that sometimes the framerate tanked while turning. That was only very early on in the game, iirc, and I didn't notice it again afterwards.

Good job!

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Alright, I've given the game a few more attempts and managed to get a lot farther this time. My furthest attempts were via the water path of the 3 choices (water exit, field, cannery). At least, that's what I assume, because I did cross a foresty area but I don't know if that's the "field". The first time I reached the exit sign, I didn't go in but instead continued on into a spider lair. It didn't end well :') but after another attempt I did go into the exit and reached the second area with the boulders, fireballs, and later on the poison zombies, where I died after I didn't see one and mistakenly picked up a bottle while getting pounded from the side by him. I don't really feel like playing through everything again, because it's very delicate and janky, so I'd rather wait for a more polished version (with checkpoints? pretty please! :D )

I also have a reproducible hard crash. Just past the first guards, you've got the T-junction where you can go left or right, with the steam vents. When you go left, then up the stairs to the right, then move towards the tile with the lever, if you then turn left you'll notice the second blobthing a few tiles ahead on the lower level. Throw the oil pot to put the blob ablaze, then activate the lever, then step left, and a hard crash occurs with the text: "Wonkey Runtime Error: SIGNAL: Memory access violation GC state=IDLE". Pulling the lever might be optional, it's the throwing oil and then moving left (meaning away from the lever which is to your right) that triggered this crash twice for me. So I decided to abandon that route.

Other minor things:

  • I have to restart the game after each death, or else items duplicate and quests bug out during the next playthrough (like the intro fish quest). I think status effects might also persist.
  • Some camera angles cause the world to be very up close and cover the screen and the UI buttons, as the UI is not rendered over the world
  • Sometimes clicking the UI movement buttons doesn't register properly, it takes a few clicks in different positions before it registers
  • Attacking the ghost when walking into it for dialogue
  • I wish there was a "wait in place and do nothing for one turn" action
  • Some interactables (like the lever and the steam valve) activate on other inputs, not just space
  • The game continues after death; I still had my inventory open and I could drink a health pot and keep moving etc, but I could hardly see anything as there's a fullscreen game over overlay covering the game
  • I had to crouch in the forest area in level 1 because I couldn't see anything while standing up
  • Enemies (and you as well, I guess) ignore height level differences. Enemies standing on a platform twice as high as me could still hit me. Same with throwing rocks at a snail on top of the stairs while you're at the bottom. Could be intentional, but doesn't feel intuitive for melee combat
  • I wish the game would clear and briefly block any inputs after taking damage, so you don't get killed within a fraction of a second when you don't notice an enemy and are already performing the actions

All in all it feels like a diamond in the rough. The game feels very ambitious, but falls flat due to the jank, movement system, and unforgiving gameplay without saves/checkpoints. I'll wait for the updated version :D

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :D

The collision for items is only on the pedestal they're on, not the item itself, so you just have to aim a little lower in order to interact with them. It annoys me as well so it's something I'll resolve for the post-jam version.

Ranged enemies are indeed tricky. Crossbowing them from around the corner then ducking back into cover is a viable tactic, and you can also try to lure them towards you that way for the poke. Or, if you have room for it, it's possible to get up close and dodge their projectiles at point blank range if you time it just right. And running away is also a viable strategy :D

Yeah I was already doing what you said, so that at least confirms I wasn't playing the game "wrong".

I learned that the problems only occur when using keyboard controls. If I use mouse clicks on the HUD, the game seems to work as intended and it is in fact turnbased. With keyboard input, it seems like turns are handled immediately while I hold the key down without any grace period, which results in adjacent enemies attacking repeatedly every few frames. I thought the game was real-time because of this, but now that I know it's turn-based, it's playable :D I just can't use any keyboard controls. For reference, my specs are win10, AMD R7 3700x and an Nvidia 2070S.

I'll give it a proper go tonight and will update my comments!

Yeah I noticed that their tier increased, but their abilities deleveled (or at least were weaker than before upgrading) after I spent all my hard earned xp on them. It just felt bad, even though it was objectively better for the long run.

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Excellent game! Loved the aggro mechanics, the autopathing, and lots of other things. Dice could sometimes screw you over, but the bamf mechanic was a great solution to that :D

Shields + poison seems to be the way to go, especially in the lategame. Some minor things I disliked were your crewmembers randomly leaving once they reach a certain skill level, as there's a chance you don't get nice skills back, and near the end it happened to three of my crewmates at the same time just after I leveled up everything, so that felt a bit "meh" :D, and I think the sanity restoration mechanic feels unnecessary. I understand the hardcap, but the drain/restore system feels a bit pointless to me as it's just a matter of a sanctuary pitstop.

Game looks great, audio is nice, gameplay is smooth, the random flavor and banter was neat, and there's not much else to comment on really. Awesome entry, good job :D

Visually and atmospherically this game is quite impressive, but I can't play this game for some reason. The game feels like it's 10x as fast as it should be. The moment I step with my pinky toe onto the tile next to the first enemy just after the three fish boulder, I get oneshot. Not sure if that's intentional, but it feels wrong. I did manage to whack it once at some point, seemingly killing it, but I had a sliver of health left afterwards. Then I couldn't figure out how to heal with the potion, and it disappeared when I wielded it and probably chucked it away. I died shortly after :D

So yeah, probably a skill issue and I need to git gud, but this game is beyond my capability to play and enjoy...

I don't mind the health loss on wallbumping that much, but at first I thought it was the crabs attacking me so I tried to speedrun the fish quest which only led to me losing more health due to the rapid speed at which you accidentally bump into things :D but after I learned that that was not the case, and that the on-screen movement controls grey out if you can't move there, that turned out to be less of a problem. So I'm not fully opposed to that mechanic specifically, but I don't mind seeing it gone either.

Atmosphere is great, though. But the small area that I did see felt very cluttered and visually not very tile-like, which made it a bit hard to navigate sometimes.

I'm a bit torn on how to rate this game, because it's not really fun or playable for me, but that may not be the game's fault. I'd love to give it another try if you (or someone else that reads this) can tell me what the proper way is to get past the first enemy. Is it intentional that they practically instakill you and that there are other ways past it? Is it a bug? Am I just bad? Please let me know :D

Thanks for streaming, It was fun to see you play it!

Hard agree on the difficulty, but that's mostly because of 3 enemy types that show up past level 7-8. All the others before that can be killed without taking damage, once you figure out their strategy and don't get caught in a bad location. But then at around level 10 there's just too many of them to handle properly, which is definitely a balancing problem and my biggest regret :D

I managed to get through 90% of the content before getting stuck. I had the heartbrain, but couldn't figure out how to continue because I wasn't able to find the button for the stomping device (which I did find, but didn't know how to activate). So I peeked at Somdudewillson's video to see what to do next, but that was pretty much the end :D

I love the verticality, it really is a great addition to the game. It also looks quite nice, but same-y. I got lost many times, and there wasn't much guidance on what to do or where to go next, as it felt like one giant area with everything scattered about and accessible through multiple pathways.

Combat could use some polishing, I think. Auto-cycling characters was a bit confusing at first, especially when the mage is out of mana, as nothing happens then and you have to manually select a new char. And I preferred to pick enemies off from a distance with ranged weapons, so I had to keep reselecting that character continuously. So it felt a bit clunky. And while I realize it's quite common in crawlers, I don't like the step-forward-then-instant-hit-then-back-up gameplay that much, as it feels cheap.

Character building feels way overtuned, as levelups are so common and adding a stat point restores all resources, which also makes combat a breeze and the potions only useful as pressure plate weights :D But I know, better have the game be too easy than too difficult, but because of this the combat didn't really do it for me.

Wish I could've swapped AD with QE though :D

Overall a pretty solid game! I think some guidance could help, or perhaps restructuring the map to make it feel less chaotic would help. Things like adding a note or a sign at the giant stomping device with a hint on how to activate it. Some more flavor would also add a lot to the world, I think.

Good stuff!

I'm glad that you appreciate boba yaga :D Thanks for playing

Entertaining game! With quality voice acting :D

I think the atmosphere is great. The dungeon looks quite pleasing visually. I would've liked to see a confirmation before going to the next level, because I was unaware of it when it got triggered. I don't think I've explored everything in the first area. But in the grand scheme of things I don't think I missed out on anything important. The sewer area was also quite decent, but not as interesting to go through. Then with the cosmic space level, it was quite intimidating seeing the eye, so that was fun! I stumbled into a weird alien enemy for the first time, and when I killed him I got the game over screen. So apparently that was the big boss, which was a bit anticlimactic :D I didn't even explore the space level yet, I just stick to the left and I reached him almost immediately. The fight was tough but it didn't feel like a bossfight to me.

I think the door keys were a bit cumbersome, as at some point I was hoarding them because they didn't fit the lock I wanted to open. Some kind of visual differentiator would've helped a little. And maybe have them be consumed on use would make it more manageable.

I didn't use the rest feature and I only drank two health pots. Didn't touch the blue pots so I had a ton of them. So the combat may have been a tad too easy. Inventory management was a bit tedious but in a good way, as it makes combat more interesting if you have to switch or use other items.

Voices were great. Minimap has a cool implementation but I didn't use it much. Some item tooltips would've been nice (weapon stats, what the potions do, etc), but those are minor things.

Overall a pretty solid game! Good stuff :D

I should've read the instructions on how to drop items before playing this game... :D

Cool game! Managed to see the end credits and thoroughly enjoyed it! For my first character I decided to stack dex, as getting hit less sounds better than having more health to burn healthpots to. Was cutting it a bit close a few times until I freed the companion. I found some secrets, which certainly helped with those early fights. I specced the mage with int (because duh, mage), but I may have had some doubts when I found the multihit str weapon. But shortly thereafter I found the int version so it was all good. I liked the arm chopper puzzle, but obviously I had to bite an arm off twice before it worked :D final boss was intimidating but luckily we didn't have to fight it directly. At the end I had more than 10 greater healing and magic pots left.

Visually the game looks pretty great! Nice consistent theme, cool UI, and quite pretty. I'm not a fan of the audio style but that's not the game's fault. I know it fits, but it's just not for me. Story sprinkled throughout the game was interesting and also somewhat informative, which is always great.

Combat felt a bit slow and tedious, which is my only real complaint (if you can call it that). In the early game it wasn't that bad as you are still learning how things work and you don't want to get killed in a round accidentally, but by the lategame it was becoming a bit annoying having to keep stomping bugs while running around chasing the three spookybros.

Early game balance felt hard but fair, but lategame was a bit on the easy side. But in hindsight, it didn't feel like you had a lot of agency or tactical options during fights (except for maybe stepping back to not get flanked). The RPG building counters that, of course, but the three builds that I could see seem pretty similar in execution. I think that if there's one thing that could use a slight revision, it's the combat system. But since the game is pretty short, it wasn't distracting and it felt pretty good while playing.

Good stuff, excellent game! :D

Gave it another go with your advice. I did notice the grates but I couldn't figure out the logic, but even with your advice it took me a few tries to figure out you had to walk back on the side of the grates, and I kept going forwards on the side of the grates. So I eventually did manage to make it past it :D The mechanic itself (or a similar version, at least) was also in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and there it was a matter of choosing the right corridor when in the middle, but continuing on rather than going back.

Then the murderbot nearly murdered me, so I got out with 1 heart, and then in the final area one of those plates was wired in an unexpected way and it triggered a different fireball launcher and I got blasted :')

Had to restart from the beginning but I decided to give it one more shot, this time I did make it to level 3 and beat the game. I have to agree that level 3 is the best, it has a really nice atmosphere. The final area felt a bit tedious because it's so large and empty, and I had to collect 4 keys so it was a lot of walking back and forth when I saw yet another golden door behind each door.

I really missed strafing and walking backwards, especially in the later half of the game, but I respect the design decision as it would indeed make things a bit easier to avoid.

Thank you! Yeah, I took a risk by trying to blend those two genres together so I can understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea. However, just so you're aware, there is an option in the advanced settings (or by pressing P while crawling) which locks the camera forward and lets the mouse control your crosshair. I'd be interested to see if that "solves" the issue you're having. I haven't tested it extensively as it was an addition I made in the last few hours before the deadline, but it may feel better for you to play that way.

I appreciate the feedback, and thank you for playing! :D

Thank you for the extensive feedback! Very happy to read your comments. It sounds like you've seen most of the enemies, as the screamer is one of the lategame enemies that you can encounter. I was a bit worried that I may have overtuned some of the enemies and/or difficulty so I'm happy to see that it's doable to reach the nastiest enemies in there. Also happy to see that the gameplay was enjoyable, as it was a bit of a gamble to see if it plays well.

Agreed that the introduction could use some more work and interactions... But hey, it's a jam and I knew I needed some gameplay as well :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you liked killing my creations :D

I managed to reach the infinity corridor puzzle but it doesn't make sense to me so I gave up after trying for a few minutes. Not sure what the logic is, but I couldn't figure it out :D Up until that point I found 2 of the secret rooms.

The presentation is very clean, the artstyle effective, movement is pretty smooth. I didn't get a feel for some of the theme implementations because I didn't reach far enough (judging by the screenshots and text) so I can't comment on those. Music and audio is nice, not much to comment on honestly. I played the webGL on PC, but I'm assuming it's very mobile friendly as well, so kudos for supporting that!

Small nitpick: It only features turning, not strafing. I like strafing so I missed that. And apparently Q works for turning but E doesn't so that threw me off lol.

Overall, while the game didn't hook me, it's still a decent entry. Good job!

Very glad to see that you liked the intro, I spent way more time on it than I should have :D

Also happy to see that you enjoy the gameplay! It was a bit of a gamble about whether it works, but I'm glad that it did

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! And I wish I still had a day or two extra, to polish and tweak things further :D