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A member registered Nov 25, 2018

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Wholly unpleasant from start to finish. I made an account here just to comment about how pointlessly obnoxious every aspect of this game is. 

Even the 'happy' part at the start is annoying and full of repetitive, grating noises. Then the art just gets uglier and uglier, the sounds purposely more unpleasant. The whole "oh no we are killing the planet" moral is so heavy-handed, with so little effort put into it, that it makes me want to go pour oil on wildlife. I get that the game was done in an extremely short time period, but it's ironic that a game about the evils of people killing the planet for their own gain is featured here- In a game where the creators are taking advantage of a serious real world issue for their own gain, while contributing nothing to help and expressing no actual concern for the problem at hand.