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Ah, makes me wonder if it really was just bugged for me then. I went around trying to open every drawer, but I just couldn't get much open. I suspect whatever drawer I was supposed to open was bugged for me and did not give me the option to open it. (or, like that one cabinet, required such an exact standing position and cursor position that it might as well be impossible.)

What a fun game! I love the music, the sound effects, the graphics, everything. There's a lot of good strategy to be had when your enemies are both a threat and your only way of attacking.

If I could change just one thing, I wish there was a sound effect when you lost health so it was easier to notice being hit.

What a fun concept! Also laughed hard at "I want to kick my own ass! I want to die!"

Might need some optimization though. It's a warm day here today, and my computer fans were wheezing while I played this.

This bugged out on me. I saw some text from the girl, and a bunch of phrases at the bottom. I could not do anything. When the girl text faded away, the game crashed and would not open again (some error about permissions or something?) I don't know what happened there.

How cute! And so satisfying.

Wow. I can't believe something made in such a short time frame had that much of an impact on me. I'm just sitting here staring out the window after that. 

It's a shame, this game was just a little too ambitious for the time frame. I think it will be lovely if expended upon outside of the jam, but as is it's more of a "Look at the assets we were able to finish" than it is a game. I'd love to try it again if it could be completed in the future.

I love the idea of a tower defense where you can move around!

My only complaint is that I was really confused as to what the different buttons did, and had trouble figuring out how to build what I wanted.

Ahhh, aesthetic! 

I'd love to see more and more of this.

The narration and music are both absolute gems. That tune is going to be stuck in my head now.

This is amazing! What a cool, fun new game! And the art, wow, I can't believe this was created in such a short time! Loved every moment of this.

Possible bug report- the more I played, the more the audio bugged out. Seemed lag-related? Eventually it was nothing but aggressive crackling noises. Might need some optimization.

Bonk! Bonk! BASH! How satisfying! 

The game seems to want breaking your chain to be a bad thing, but I found that if I kept space held the entire time it didn't make much difference. I don't care about that though, I had fun! The sounds are so good.

The tutorial dumps a lot on the player at once. If the game was ever expanded upon outside of the jam, the tutorial could really use a re-work. I get why it is the way it is for a gamejam though.

This is a cool idea, and I'd love to see it expanded more in the future.

One big issue I had was with the UI. Often, vital info ran off the edge of my screen. I don't know if my story was good or not in the end, because after a few lines it ran off the screen. I also had issues with text appearing for a split second and then vanishing before it could be read. Another issue was with the lack of possible combinations. 

This is a promising start though, and I'd love to see more of it in the future. Maybe even some randomized elements with the locations, for replay variety?

I love the art so much!

This is a great idea that I think could be really fun with some polishing. It's really hard to play as is, I just couldn't manage to keep track of both sides of the screen at once. But I think with some tweaking and some more time, this could become something amazing.

I'm not sure this game functioned correctly on my computer... The UI was totally broken. The button to start was like a single pixel tall strip. I can't tell if the walls were just meant to look strange, or if my game graphics were all bugged out too. But this sort of thing happens, it's hard to bug test for multiple types of computers even when you have months to do it. In just 48 hours, there are sure to be some issues somewhere.

My main suggestion would be to put some sort of divider in the middle of the screen. It was a bit disorienting without one.

Congrats on your first game jam! Hope to see many new fun things from you in the future!

It's a fun idea! My only complaint is that I think my screen might be too small- by the time an obstacle appears to me, it's often too late to dodge it. But my small screen causes problems with a lot of games, that's not unique to this one.

Very nice! I just wish the rope had been not invisible, would have made the game a bit easier to play. I understand if that was too much for such a short time limit though.

Super cute, and I loved the tutorial, but I was totally lost after that. I tried over and over, but couldn't even make it past the first couch! Seemed totally impossible to avoid hitting things in such a tight space.

Not a fan of the stock music sounding track that loops infinitely. I'm also 99% convinced the fireplace is just plain bugged. I tried everything. Considering there is a cabinet I can only open if I stand in one specific spot diagonal to it with my mouse on one specific pixel, I get the feeling that whatever it is that lights the fireplace must be similarly bugged. I tried everything! 

Beautiful, but just too janky. I get that the game wants to encourage you to move with the lance, but the tight spaces plus the magic arrows makes that basically impossible. I think the magic arrows were maybe just one too many things. In such a short timeframe, it's hard to get so many elements working properly. 

If this was expanded in the future, I'd suggest it go one of two directions.

1. It could focus in on the magic arrows. The player would dash to move and attack, but always need to fear the arrows as they did. This would require a big, open arena for the player to move around in. Like a bullet hell of your own making!

2. It could drop the magic arrows and go all in on "tied to your lance." Maybe the lance could fire first, without the player moving immediately, and a few seconds later you'd be pulled to the lance's landing spot grappling hook style. Enemies could try to get between you and the lance in order to damage you, and you'd have to fire strategically.

I love how the music changes when you switch characters! It's sort of hilarious to switch your playable character to "faceless red triangle" and suddenly the epic action music kicks in.

My one complaint is that it's way too easy to get instantly killed if you're blocking a laser beam with blue, then swap to red and back. I couldn't figure out how to reliably do that without risking instadeath.

Really sells the idea of being a multi-armed whirling monstrosity!

If the game was ever expended upon with more time for development, I think what I'd most like to see would be smarter enemy AI. As is they just move towards you regardless of obstacles, and you most often fight by quickly peeking around corners. Since it's so hard to get a bullet to actually hit when an enemy is standing up against a wall, it makes the limb toss your most effective move. With improved AI the combat could feel a little more complex and balanced. But that's just for if the game ever got expanded on, I understand why a gamejam game wouldn't have the time to put this in.

Ahhh. Yeah, I can understand that. That must have been really stressful so last minute, it's a miracle you got something else working at all in that time.

What a fun idea! After the jam, I'd love to see an updated version of this that could expand on it in ways a 48 hour game cannot achieve. In particular, I'd really like to see the physics of the ball polished a little. But for something made in such a short time limit, it's great!

What a cute game! I love the art and sounds. I can't say it does much with the theme at all, but I understand that there's only so much one can do when they're sick.

Love the sound design! How lovely, and so soothing.

I was sorta disappointed that the spirit was only used for revealing platforms though. Then again, it's not like a game made in such a short time frame has spare time to add a ton of different mechanics. I'd enjoy seeng where this could go if it was expanded upon in the future.

I didn't have a super great time with this one. I kept needing to go near the top of the map, and it was very difficult to move up there by the invisiwall. I'm also not sure what conditions are needed to let you activate the pull magnet.

Also not sure if this really fits the theme at all.

It's really frustrating, but in a good way. Reminds me of that "getting over it" game where the man in a pot climbs a mountain. The graphics are simple, but the presentation is clean and very pleasing.

When I downloaded this, I was like "Oh no, MATH... this is going to be awful." It turned out not to be bad at all though! Fun, cute little game.

I really like how you're able to move a short distance after picking up a number, but then you get locked in place for a bit as you add the numbers. There's a real panic when you realize you're locked in and an eraser is coming for you! I think this mechanic of being forced to hold still only after a few seconds have passed is a really interesting one, I'd love to see it expanded upon. Gives you a lot more room for strategy and fun risk-taking than an immediate lock would.

I will note that I also got the bug where the tutorial text did not display correctly. Luckily I was able to figure it out on my own, since the mechanics aren't super complex or anything.

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My main issue with this is that the choices made for the up/down controls are really bad. I saw a comment in here that says you can use more traditional controls in fullscreen, but 1 Why isn't that info listed more clearly in the description? and 2 Even if the traditional arrow keys couldn't be used due to page scroll issues, the alternate keys chosen to move the snakes just don't seem like the best choice.

Space invaders meets brick breaker! The art is very cute, and I love the theming. However, I don't feel like the game fit the game jam's theme very well. The game functions as if you're simply breaking the blocks, and enraging the others. A small tweak may have helped this- if there was just an animation of the bricks glooping together, it might feel more like a "joined together" game.

My main complaint is that the bullets are just too small, fast-moving, and numerous. It quickly becomes impossible to keep track of them, and you're not playing a game where your ball is bouncing off enemy bullets so much as you're playing a game where your ball changes direction randomly.

The game gets really buggy if you put two little mice on the same spot. Luckily the game gives you a ton more mice than you will ever need, because I lost a lot to them flying off into the distance never to return. I wouldn't say it was a bad game, but I didn't feel like it did anything particularly interesting with its main mechanic.

I wish there was a way to restart a level without losing everything you placed. Often the requirements are very tight, and getting one simple thing wrong can immediately doom your entire machine. It's frustrating to have just one tiny thing in need of adjustment, but you have to build the entire machine again from scratch.

This is legitimately fun! I find myself replaying it over and over. This is great as is, but I'd also love to see it expanded some day.

I do wish I could read the drone feed after the round was over, it has some fun story potential that gets lost when things are happening too fast to read. I will applaud the game for being clear enough that you get the gist of what's happening ("Heroic drama!") even if there's no time to read every event.

I also found myself having some trouble with the revive/kill mechanics. Not only did I tend to accidentally hit them when just trying to direct someone, I felt like using that mechanic was 'cheating.' I had a lot of trouble with the season where you need a good guy with few kills to win because I didn't want to use the revive mechanic at all. Instead of punishing the player for using it to prevent abuse, I wonder if making it a reward would instead work better? Like maybe you get one revive for completing a certain number of objectives, and have the audience enjoy the twist if it's caught on camera. That way players might feel more inclined to use it happily (without being able to spam it), instead of feeling like they're admitting defeat.

All in all, I loved this game! Great audio, clear visuals, fun to watch the chaos unfold, and a nice sense of humor without going overboard.

It's weird to write comments on these games. On one hand, I have thoughts and feedback and whatnot. On the other... well what did I expect, from a game made in a month? It's hard to fault much of anything made in such a short time frame. 

If you're careful, the cat won't get you with any of his tricks. He runs out of new things to do and say fairly quickly on your first play, and then you're just sort of stuck watching a bar fill up slower and slower. Once you know how each trick works, it's basically just someone nudging you to make sure you're still awake. The game ends when your boredom exceeds your caring for the dog. After reaching that point, it's hard to get up the motivation to do it again- even if the cat does have some more silly dialogue after a restart.

Again though, what did I expect from a game made in a month? If I was trying to do that I doubt I'd even find the motivation to draw the necessary dog costumes in a month, much less actually make the game.

I will say, I do love that the cat wants to press the button because it's his snooze button, and not because he as a cat has some sort of infinite hatred for all dogs. I can relate to that.

This is a really fun one, with a great idea! The art is really nice too. Two suggestions though

1. A clear indication of when the character can shoot again would help. I had trouble timing my shots because there was no clear way to figure out when I'd be able to shoot again other than just feeling it.

2. A way to quit the game? Maybe I'm just stupid or hit a bug or something, but I tried a lot of buttons looking for a close game option somewhere. Couldn't find one. Had to tab out and manually close the window.

Very cute game, love the art! I ended up having to go to youtube to see it play out though. I kept getting runtime errors, something about permission denied, that prevented certain essential files from being created. Seems it could generate folders and genetic files like (key), but was unable to generate images or text files. This meant I couldn't get certain numbers I needed, and couldn't progress.

I downloaded the correct RTP thing, but I still get "extract failed" errors and cannot play :(

Was a bit disappointed. There are so few options that I'd seriously prefer this as a (very) short story over a video game.