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Thank you very much will do!

Thank you very much! I will check your out!

Thanks , and uh oh will have to look into that! Thanks for letting us know.

I definatly feel you on the wanting to get more in. We wanted to do the same, 48hr always seems longer than it feels. Im going to keep and eye on your website your games look super good! 

Thanks again! Really awesome seeing a video including our game!

Love the level design, good job.

Game is fun, REALLY great polish! Unfortunately it's very similar to overcooked, wish there was more of a twist. All in all great job.

Thanks we are really happy to hear you liked it :)

OH! that totaly makes sense, then definatly no legend. 

I quite enjoyed it, felt like a easy and fast pick up papers please. I think a legend would have helped, so I could know what the parts look like that I need to be aware of. All in all liked the atmosphere and the funny characters.  Text could be a little larger but I'm dyslexic so I'm always saying that.

Oversight on our part, there are keyboard inputs, we just didnt add them to the splash screen, (Keyboard support is available! Using the WASD keys to move and B to attack for the sword character and arrow keys to move and the comma key to attack for the fire character!)

Thanks, and yeah Sorry little bit of an oversight, Comma and the B key are attack on keyboard