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Good game, but, the randomness of the grappling hook make some mareas very very frustrating at times.

LOL 10/10 - The voice acting is the best part.

Having to be on the lookout for when the level changes is pretty intense, nice work.  The gameplay itself could use some polish though.  Maybe the places that the blocks are going to appear should be telegraphed?

Holy heck that got dark fast! Great art style and the gameplay was great.  Very good story just conveyed through the art style and sound effects.  Good job!

Very interesting game to say the least, very unique artistic choices.  The gameplay could use some work though, the platforming felt a bit dull.

Heh, my final score was 22! This is an interesting and challenging spin on Solitaire.  You can pick your constraints or you can pick your card and get a random constraint, it really adds an extra bit of strategy to the game.

I do wish there were some sort of sound effects though, but overall the presentation is good and this is a good game, great job!

Thanks everyone for all of the feedback! It'll definitely help me when making games in the future and determining what people will enjoy/not enjoy! :D

Good game! This was actually very challenging and all my scores were low LOL.

This really brought out how much I wanted to throw crabs in a boiling pot and go aoewifjoijejaioejfaieofawoi MMM YUMMY!

Good artwork, good game, would like to see more.

I couldn't get past the 2nd level.  The movement controls definitely need a bit more polishing, I would just constantly get flung into spikes.

The Art and Music were pretty good however, with only a few hiccups here and there.  If the gameplay was polished a bit more this could be great!

I tried to play and my game crashed **cannot read property id of undefined**

Uh oh, I put a kid in the cage with the fire... HAHAHA oH NOOOOOIn all seriousness, this was fun good work.

This game is calm and chill.  And my cotton seeds just go POOOOOOOOOOF!

Hey, this was actually pretty good.  It make me feel like a real hacker!  I think the way the controls are presented could be a bit more streamlined, at first glance it was very overwhelming and took me a while to figure out what to do.  Other than that, this was fun.

Honestly, my only problem is that the game is too easy and has no variety in challenge. All I have to do is spam the Space bar as much as I can and I will never lose!

Good game! The concept is sound and the level design is great.  The puzzles are built upon easy concepts, but can be difficult to comprehend at times which is great!  Good work.

Good looking game, but the gameplay felt a bit off sometimes.  It's hard to explain, I did softlock a few times because of grappling hook mechanics.

This is a really good concept, I like having to kite enemies into the sword instead of aim at them, it adds an interesting dynamic.  I wish the sword attack was a bit faster sometimes, and there seems to be an issue with death...

Good arcade shooter, but I ended up dying because the game wouldn't give me the correct color.  Maybe do something to fix that.

This was a very difficult game, but the concept is good.  The gameplay loop could use a bit more polish to make this a great experience.

Good game! These are actually some pretty good puzzles, and I love the disabling mechanic.  :)

Wait, you need a controller to play? Aw shucks.

The art style is good, but the gameplay loop feels clunky at times, I couldn't even get past the first level!

Wow! This was a very polished title and definitely deserves more attention.  Great visual and audio feedback from harvesting the foods.   The art style and music and presentation are great!

The gameplay loop could use a bit a work but overall this was an enjoyable experience.

Ok, this is a very interesting idea and it actually gave me loads more ideas for what I could have done for a jam like this.  The game got out of control and difficult very quickly so maybe the difficulty scaling could use some more.  I would love to see a more polished title.

Good game! I managed to beat all the levels!  This game may have been pretty easy, but the core idea is good.   It would be interesting to see what you could do if this was completely fleshed out...

Good idea, honestly it just needs a lot more polish and better presentation.  There isn't really visual feedback on how much health you have left or when you're going to die.  Maybe a bit could be added to the gameplay as well.

This was a unique idea, I wish there was some sort of visual or audio feedback when you record a jump.  But I like how you have to time your presses properly and simulate the movement inside your head to complete a level.  Good Game.

Interesting concept!  I think the presentation can use some work, a lot of information is thrown at the player once and it makes a bit hard to digest.  The gameplay is definitely unique compared the other entries here, nicely done on that front.



Ahahaha I got arrested, what a beautiful day to have a hangover

This was a fun experience lol and definitely something different from the rest of the entries :O!


I found turning a bit too difficult to control so maybe that can use some touch up, but this was fun.  If the gameplay was polished a bit more it could be a BLAST! literally KABOOM!

OH NO! My dog did bad thing to all the other dogs! What ever will I do! HELP ME!!!!


(Good game)

You won't believe it! I crash into a rock in space and I had to save my space crew! And then some rocks flew by that pooped out more rocks and we all died! 

How am I telling you this story?! HAHAHA I don't know, but we're all DAD NOW AAAAAAAA!
(good game)

That opening voice scared me AAAAAAAA HELP!

This game is very challenging and infuriating! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Good concept, but it can be improved upon.

I couldn't figure out how to get the order mechanic to work so I made music with the red X sound LOL!
Good job.


Good game!

HAHAHAHAHA, this got hectic very quickly!  It actually got so hectic that I THREW CHICKENS INTO THE SAWS!  LOL

Good game!!

Interesting spin on tetris, at first I was trying to play traditionally but then I realized i just need to stack blocks to win, haha.  I think this game would benefit from a faster pace.  It felt a little too slow.

Good job overall.