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Yes, a minimap would have made the game a whole lot more legible. Given more time, we would have liked to make the game more 'intuitive'.

The source code is on the game-page now.  (Spoiler alert: The level is simply a label reading from a .txt file!)

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! 

The idea is kind of simple, so we doubled down on the aesthetics. We are glad you liked it!

If the red-green thing had not been there, I think the game would have lacked feedback, so I am glad you kept it . It just shows how much of game-dev is just capitalizing on ideas and inspiration found during iterations on the core ideas.

I played it on a Google Nexus 4a and both the music and the visuals very running perfectly. The controls were slightly finnicky as there was no way to hold down a direction, but I got used to it quickly. (It was maybe even intentional?) 

Again, well done!

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Super addictive! The gameplay is seen before but the perfect difficulty and the invert-jump made it super worthwhile to play! I almost got to 2000 while on the bus and damn the game is perfect for small sessions!

The graphics reminds me of old flash games, and the red-green rings is a super cool addition for legibility!

Well done!

As others have said: The game feels fantastic when it flows, but when you accidentally loose your momentum and have to do multiple jumps, the slow "fire rate" gets in the way of the enjoyment. I liked the interpretation of the theme, but I wish there had been no cap on firing, so as to allow the player to drain themselves completely!

The music was, just like the rest of the aesthetics, simple but effective. This feels like it could be ported directly to mobile and no one would bat an eye.

All in all well done!

 (Jeg gætter ud fra dit navn, at man måske også kunne sige "godt klaret!" ;) ) 

Always nice to see constructive criticism


I liked the game, for what it is worth. The concept was good (being a pencil, drawing in the level around you), but the execution was a little lackluster. You game was first of all unintentionally hard, where the controls seemed to get in the way more than allow for agile movements. If this is intentional (see QWOP), you should make it very clear. Secondly, it was frustrating to have to go back to the beginning every time you died, saving no progress. 

Other than that (and the too repetitive music), the game did what it set out to do and fit the theme well! 

Hey! I liked the game! The premise was very good for the puzzles and you added enough variety for me to want to keep playing multiple levels! My main critique is that the gameplay felt too slow. I think this is because the restart button was slower that it needed to be, which made iterating on every puzzle monotonous. 

Other than that, I like the presentation - the sounds especially! :)

If you still have time, it would be fun to watch your experience playing our game!

It is a short game with a unique art-style called "A Good Listener". It is a humoristic, slightly creepy arcade/dating sim made in unity :)

Making a post-mortem video sounds like fun! 

If you want a quick game with a unique art-style, you could include our game "A Good Listener". It is a humoristic arcade/dating sim made in unity :)

I liked this one - really nice graphics! I had a few problems though: 

1. The fast moving potion made me move so fast I had no control over the character (almost couldn't see him because he moved so fast)

2. The death sound almost killed me. 

Otherwise really well done, congrats on making it :)) 

Pretty cool way of being out of control! Could maybe even be expanded to the left and right directions being out of control in the same way too. The jumping seemed a bit glitchy though, I could jump really far up when close to a wall - don't know if this behaviour was intended? Would have been nice with some sounds also.  

Fun experience, I think the idea of making things visible only when you are close to them has a lot of potential. And I think you are right that some atmospheric music would make the exploration even cooler. But that is pretty difficult to make with the restrictions of pico8. Cool stuff!

This is really cool, super nice interpretation of the theme! I really like how finished it feels, super cute graphics, really nice sounds and animation. I found myself to be maybe a bit too much out of control so i died quite a bit. It feels like the character is running on butter or something like that. I found it a bit frustrating that when i die, I have to go all the way out of the controller again. The voice that says "Now you are out of control" is super cool, and it makes you understand the way you interpreted the theme. But I found it a bit annoying to hear it every time I had to replay. Other than that good job, I really which this entry good luck!

Downloaded it thinking there would be a linux executable, but couldn't find it. Did you maybe forget to add it? :)) 

Extremely polished, super cool graphics, and a really fun and original mechanic. Good job! 

My god was that stressful. Some sound effects, music or some visual feedback would have gone a long way in making the game work better. I enjoyed the idea though, and played multiple times! A solid, albeit slightly lacking submission :)

I liked the music and the feelings of the controls a lot. Some visual feedback when taking damage would have been nice. The interpretation of the theme was good! 

I also could not figure out how to play your game :(

Very well made! I a couple of levels which were easy, but got stuck on the 7th I think. The puzzles were good and varied but the replay button did not work, so I had to enter the pause menu every time I made a wrong shot. All in all very good! 

Love the idea! But as there was no instructions, I had no idea how to actually control. The visual mood was very good, but there was a few quirks that seemed unintentional. If you update with a control scheme I would try it again! 

I think it would have been nice with a tutorial or at least a couple of easier levels to begin with. I was quite confused and didn't really know what to do when the game started. I liked the dragon sprite and the coins, cute!

Cool little game, really easy to pick up and play. Would have been cool if i could somehow see how many times the ball hit the paddle. Also I found the ball to be moving too fast at times. Maybe it would be nice to set a max speed on the ball to help people with slow reflexes like me :)) nicely done!

Such a good idea! Fit the theme perfectly, but it was far too hard. Never got past wave 6 as the attacks were too unpredictable to use reliably :(

Rated highly, though!

There was no tutorial, so I had no idea what to do. I liked the visuals a lot, though! When going to the right, I fell off the side of the world and kept falling :(

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Damn, that was hard! The controls took some getting used to and there seemed to be some extra mechanic lacking, but the sounds were well-polished and I enjoyed the wholesome story! I do not fully understand how this fits the theme, but I enjoyed your submission :) 

The game was well-polished in both sound and visuals! Controlling the character could have been slightly more fun, but the platforming did what was needed. I liked your take on the theme, but it would have been nice to see the different runs "affecting" each other more. All in all a very good submission! :)

You are getting points for originality, but even though I like the idea of an unconventional control-scheme this was slightly too frustrating to keep me engaged. 

A few simple sound effects would have gone a long way also, but other than that, you had some good visual polish :) 

So much fun! The whimsical idea worked perfectly with the music even though it got a little repetitive hearing the one looping track. I got to 8 golden eggs in the forest section, but I either missed a jump-button or I am not good enough at exploration :) 

All in all a good submission!     

Nice video! Thanks for playing our game :)) 

Hey Jacob. We have just watched your video and want to thank you for the kind words and honest critique! You seemed to be enjoying yourself, and that is an immense compliment! We will be releasing a reworked edition with more apparent enemy behavior at some point.

Again thank you for your feedback! 

Hey Nathan, thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for your feedback, it's very much appreciated! We will see if we can make it more obvious when the monster creeps up on you, so that it also makes more sense when it kills you 

Will do! Thank you!

Oops yeah you are right, for sure we should not include those! Thanks for the feedback!

Kudos for making a multiplayer game in a jam - that must have given some headaches.  I only had someone to play with for a short amount of time, but I must give you. The atmosphere is brilliant!

Such a cool game! We wanted to do something Fourier-related too, but could not figure out how to translate it to the player. You did that perfectly!

Thanks that is great to hear! You didn't meet the chick up there? 

If you still have time you could play our game. It is based on minigames and could be played from start to finish in only 30 seconds!