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I played this game months ago and slowly stopped, but now I finally have the time to return to it! I must say the game has improved wir the new cards and bug fixes, and I'm enjoying it more than ever! :3

Overall, I feel that the core gameplay has become quite easier, as I have managed to beat Her with both lives left after a short warmup, but the hard mode remains as challanging as ever. I still havent figured out how to find the secret boss, but I'm working on it every step of the way!

 Love the work, hope to se a new update soon! :*

This game was a masterpiece when I first tried it out, and it is takng shape into a game I'll be happy to buy the moment it comes out! Hope to see what else awaits!    :3

OMG i just accidentaly figured out how to get to HER! all thats left now is to play until i can defeat her since yo wtf how?

Nonstop action, beautifull pixelart and animations, great soundtrack. Simply a gem <3

I kinda feel that like some cards arent realy effective unless combined in a specific deck, which is hard to achieve with random cards.
I also feel like choosing a card instead of another doesn't really change my tactics. It might be that the mama meter is charging too fast so even the most expensive cards can be cast within a few seconds after getting them.
Just my thoughts, I still love the HELL out of this game.