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Thanks for playing and for the great feedback! Those are some awesome ideas! We'll definitely keep that in mind as we expand! :) 

Really great submission! It is really impressively polished for such a short time :) I wish there a few more levels to play, but that just means it's a great game haha! Nice work :) 

Really beautiful aesthetic :O It's a shame you ran out of time but the animation and visuals you have already are really interesting. I would love to see an updated version after the jam is over! Also, huge congrats on submitting to your first jam, that's amazing!! :)

Really cool idea! I had a lot of fun with it. I did seem to win out of nowhere though, as the "You Win" screen came up without me ever finding the other character. Regardless, I think this is a great start and could be really awesome if you expanded on it. Nice work!

Hi there, thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback! Was there anything in particular you found confusing? We are hoping to add a tutorial in a future version of the game, and we can make sure we explain that aspect of the game better. Thanks! :) 

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback. A tutorial is definitely a great idea! For the next build, that is absolutely a top priority for us. Thanks again! :)

Thanks a lot for playing! We would love to try 3D printing some tiles and testing this on a real tabletop haha, definitely something to look into. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much! :) Excellent point about the attack sounds - we had them ready but just ran out of time to implement them in the end. We'll make sure to do that for the next build! :) 

Thanks very much for playing and for the feedback! :) The recolouring should be set up so that you can't actually change the colour of a tile if it is occupied by a unit (yours OR the enemy's). If it did allow you to change the colour and kill an enemy when you played it, we will have to look into that haha! Thanks again!

Art was really well done, very simple game that easy to understand but clear good work was but into it. Great work!

Didn't really understand at first, but once I got the first part of the game it was good. The other parts were... something. Very amusing and an interesting take on the theme.

Soul-O is a single-player puzzle platformer in which you play as two halves of the same soul that must work together to escape the dark dungeon.

The soul is cursed and both bodies are bound together and can only handle moving one body at a time.

After a set interval of time, the soul gets overloaded from one body and shot along the tether to the other half. If either body gets hit by this fatal shot, you perish.

Really cool game, I had a lot of fun with it! It is simple yet difficult in a way that kept me coming back to play more and more! I had a bit of trouble keeping an eye on the bar and noticing when it switched back to the other symbol so I think maybe adding some more feedback (big show of particles, make the bar flash, etc) would help indicate when the switch happens. Overall, really great work! :)

Thanks so much for playing! :)

Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback! :) That is a great idea! After the jam, we can definitely look into doing that :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback! :)

Hmm that's odd, thanks for letting us know! What browser are you using? I personally use Firefox and sometimes Unity WebGL games have a bit of trouble with that. I have switched over to Google Chrome to play games throughout the jam and that seems to work better! 

Awesome, thanks so much for playing and for the detailed feedback! Those are some great ideas we'll definitely keep in mind for the future! :)

Really clever idea! I love the reversal of getting to be the enemies! I really enjoyed getting to throw out tons of ships at once and have them swarm the hero from both sides. I think maybe there could be a goal for the hero, such as blowing up a bunch of walls (kind of like in Space Invaders) and the objective is to prevent that from happening. With the current setup, I feel like I can take a lot of damage without any consequences. Either way, really cool game, awesome work!

If you have a chance to rate our game as well, we would really appreciate it! Thanks! :)

Really cool game! I absolutely loved the style of the hand drawn art, I think it works perfectly with the somber story and characters! The gameplay was fun but I think adding some particles or something when you defeat the enemies would make it feel even better! Overall, I think you did a really great job! 

If you have a chance to rate our game as well, we would really appreciate it! Thanks! :)

Really fun game that is just the complete package! Love the interpretation of the theme and the simple but fun gameplay.

Really interesting game - the art is absolutely beautiful! The puzzles were quite tricky but in a good way! I think maybe a quick reset button or something would be helpful for when you realize you are going to run into one of the Wardens. Overall, I really liked it, awesome work!

If you have the chance to rate our game as well, we would really appreciate it! Thanks! :)

Really really cool game! It is seriously beautiful! The 3D modelling and custom shaders are really well done and they come together so well with the post processing! I had a lot of fun flying around trying to spook the residents, but I did have some trouble with the camera. I liked to have a fairly high perspective but that kept causing my ghost to sink down through the floor. I think if you keep the ghost locked above the floor height, it would be easier to control. Overall though, I really loved this entry! Great job! :)

If you could check out and rate our game as well, we would really appreciate it! Thanks! :)

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This is soooo good! To start with, the UI is absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure what it is about the font but it is perfect! The levels themselves look really good too because the lighting is great. The gameplay made my head spin a bit but I mean that in the best way - it was tricky but super fun! I only wish there were more levels because I honestly just wanted to keep playing haha. It is super polished all around. It honestly might be my personal favourite game so far. Amazing work! :)

If you have the chance to play and rate our game as well, we would really appreciate it. Thanks! :)

Really fun game, I had a great time learning the different movement techniques and trying to chain them together! It is pretty difficult but it kind of felt like Dark Souls in that I learned from my mistakes and then wanted to keep retrying using my new knowledge. I had some trouble knowing when my shield would be ready and I took a few hits because of that. So, I think adding a cooldown indicator or something like that would be really helpful. But overall really great job, especially for a solo developer!

If you have the time, we would really appreciate it if you could rate our game as well. Thanks! :)

Nice work, I had a lot of fun playing the game! I really liked how you could use the portals to swap back and forth between the sides and then you have to remember to switch to the alternative controls. I also really loved the background art and thought it was interesting that the foreground characters were a different style. I like that choice because it helped them stand out!  I did find myself dying on the disappearing platforms fairly often since I didn't know when they were going to disappear. I think making them shake or something ahead of when they are going to disappear would really help tell the player when they are safe to jump on or not. Other than that, really great job!

If you have a chance, we would really appreciate it if you could rate our game as well. Thanks! :)

Really cool idea! I definitely like how the controls swap on you because it constantly keeps you on your toes, especially when you are trying to fight some of the enemies. I also loved how polished the main menu was! I had a bit of trouble picking up weapons but usually I would be able to reset and it would figure it out. Nice work!

We would really appreciate it if you could check out our game as well. Thanks! :)

Very unique game! I was a bit disoriented at first when I was teleported around but I figured out quickly after that and had a lot of fun fighting the drones! Really nice looking game, fun to play, and nicely polished. The screenshake is maybe a bit too intense but it also just adds to the chaos so it might actually be perfect haha. Really great job!

If you have a chance to check out our game as well, we would really appreciate it! :)

Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback! :)

Awesome, I really enjoyed playing this! I absolutely love the PS1 style aesthetic! I like the speed of the driving a lot. The turning took me a bit to get used to but I figured it out when I started using the handbrake more.

The audio kind of crashed for me after I hit a few things . If you made the game with Unity, it might be because of the 'audio voice limit' of 32 voices. If you are using PlayOneShot() a bunch, it can reach that limit and then cut the audio. I tend to get around this by using Play() instead. If you used another engine like Unreal instead, ignore me :)

Anyways, really great work! I had a lot of fun with this! We would love it if you could check out our game as well :)

Very cool! I love how all of the projectiles stay around and can actually interfere with you! My first idea was to shoot a ton but then I quickly realized how that is actually a reaaalllly bad strategy haha. 

I wonder how it would play if the projectiles stayed active if they hit a brick and only deactivate if they hit the floor or another projectile. That way, you can still keep the chaos but also get those chains of bricks that are so satisfying in the original game. 

Anyways, really great job!

Cool game! Definitely very chaotic! :)

Thanks very much for playing and for the feedback :)

Awesome submission! I had a great time playing it! I really like the idea of controlling where you place the weapons around you, especially since the knockbacks can kind of cancel eachother out. I also love that the weapons are your life count as well. I think adding some more particle effects for when you shoot the weapons, when enemies die, and so on will really take it to the next level. Great job! :)

Thanks very much for playing! And we definitely did haha, Overcooked is awesome! :)

Thank you so much! :)

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind feedback! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks very much for playing! :)

Thank you so much! :)