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We do it for the fans

Really cool interpretation of the theme, I like typing games and having to run to the words before you type them was kind of a neat twist. I wish there was more variety in the types of words that show up but it's cool for a jam game.


This game is extremely fun, seeing your characters power slowly increase, going from being afraid of every encounter to eventually just ploughing through bosses left and right is a really satisfying progression arc. The art looks good and the HoYo is a great touch. Good job!

The graphics are cute, the game is simple but fun, I couldn't get past wave 6 though because enemies kept on spawning directly on top of me which was pretty frustrating. Still a very cool game well done.

Extremely cool game, I love the unsettling art style and music. The game's very front loaded with tutorials but once you get going it's super cool how the daytime stuff blends with the point and click elements later on.

Very fun boss fight, there was a surprising variety of attacks and they were all very cool

Really fun gameplay loop, I found it really fun to bounce your pig really fast horizontally, then hit it into a slanted platform for huge air. The art is cute I liked the intro animation. Overall very fun game.

Found this game to be pretty easy, then again I have a lot of practice with this sort of thing

Truly one of the greatest art pieces of our generation

UnderUrBedz is one of the greatest devs in the game they just crank out banger after banger and this game is no exception. One of the most creative stories in gaming history told through a brilliantly executed turn based combat system. This is hands down the greatest video game of all time.

Thank you so much! Currently working on bug fixes and a tutorial I can’t wait for the voting period to end so I can upload it :)

There are some scoring bugs but what you mentioned is intentional. The scoring is based off a traditional dice game called farkle in which the dice from previous rolls don’t stack with your current roll. The game could do a better job explaining that (among other things) thank you for playing though :)

This game gets really good after level 40 however the title is inaccurate - that's a die.

Yeah selecting them all is an exploit that I didn't realize you could do until after we submitted haha. You're supposed to only be able to select dice which add to your score. As for attacking every turn, you can do a lot more damage per turn by re throwing your unselected dice.

It's a short, simple, and extremely polished experience. Really creative take on the theme.

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Selecting them all is an exploit that I didn't realize you could do until after we submitted haha. You're supposed to only be able to select dice which add to your score.

Selecting them all is an exploit that I didn't realize you could do until after we submitted haha. You're supposed to only be able to select dice which add to your score. I appreciate the nice comment <3

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The attacks are all super satisfying to use and the gimmick of changing weapons when you roll is really well executed here. My only complaint is that I roll towards my mouse instead of the direction i'm moving which keeps getting me killed.

This game is perfect up to where it ends now all it needs is more content

there's a button on the menu where you can check them

Absolute genius idea for the combat system. I love the adventure element of travelling around to different enemies. I like the characters and how goofy they are but the background tiles are a little boring. Very good entry i'd love to see the combat mechanic explored more.

The rolling ability is really fun to use but without a cooldown I was using it super often and the effects of the abilities weren't really felt. The wave survival is fun, the stage-play aesthetic is really cool and the tutorial is well made. Solid game!

It's a solid start for a topdown shooter. I'm guessing you didn't have time to finish but I can't even tell where the theme fits in. I couldn't find any dice and it's not even possible for the player character to die.

Love seeing more complex games in a jam. It's more of a risk than just making a puzzle game or a platformer because not many people will take the time to get it but once you do it's so worth it!

The puzzles are really well designed and the star system is perfect for this type of game. Optimizing each puzzle makes you feel clever but if you get stuck you can always just roll around until you win by accident :p

Beyond impressive for a game jam.  The concept, the art style, and the polish are so consistently good this could be an indie game on steam.

The presentation is nice and the gameplay loop is simple but fun. Although even for an auto battler I would prefer to have a little bit more agency over what happens. I mostly felt that I was just watching and that I couldn't do anything about my deaths. Still well done for a jam game.

We probably should have wrote this somewhere but the game is hugely based off an old dice game called Farkle. I'm glad you posted the specific questions you had I'm going to try to update the description to make those things more clear. I actually worked for 20 hours out of the 48 during the jam so there's so many little things I deeply regret not being able to fix or clear up. Thank you for playing :)

Another instant classic by Galse. His iconic 1 bit artstyle and simple addictive gameplay make the best game since Running the Clock. Seriously though all the weapons are fun to use, and the locking out different abilities is pretty clever.

"Very interesting mechanic. Galse is the only game designer in the industry who I still respect. Well done"
- Rogapol

Thanks so much I appreciate you taking the time to understand the game. Our team is the worst for making games with (I think) cool mechanics that are way too abstract and not explained nearly well enough. Maybe next year the theme will be “Tutorial” lol.

Hey! In your comment on my Ludum Dare game you mentioned that this was made in GameMaker. Do you have discord or something where I can ask about how you made those text effects? I'm a big fan by the way. Thanks.

~ Rogapol Interactive Research and Development team.

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I did not know they added that effects feature! thanks for letting me know this is so cool.

This game is super fun i'm impressed that you made it in only 3 hours.  It gets easy quickly but I understand how balance isn't a priority in such a short jam.  I am wondering how you made the background though it looks awesome and I have no idea how to do something like that in gamemaker.

Try placing the tile that closest resembles a wasteland in between 2 monuments in the formation shown in the journal :)

There fine will you ever be happy, GALSE22

Thanks a lot! We're actually working on an accessibility update right now which should do a better job explaining the game. It should be ready in the next couple days.  Keep an eye out for it, there'll be some new content and balance changes too!

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Fun game but too easy i wish it was harder and there was more levels

There's an insane amount of depth here, mostly stemming from what I thought was a bit of an oversight at first; that the top and bottom turrets are extremely vulnerable due to them being so near the edge of the screen.  However as I played, I found that most of the game's strategy actually revolves around keeping them on as much as possible so that they can auto detect and shoot enemies off screen.  This saves loads of money in the long run and allowed me to get up to 440!