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This is a really cool concept! The auto-battling element adds an interesting twist, where you have control over the "shape" of the map and where your character stands, but not much else. It's a bit of a double edged sword though, I wish I had a better sense of what each "?" was likely to spawn rather than it being complete luck of the draw. Still, very cool stuff!

Delightful game! Love the vibe--kudos to your composer. The idea of your super move costing huge amounts of Charge is a nice elegant way to create tension.

Somewhere around level 20 I ran into a power pack that wouldn't despawn when I touched it. Immediately jacked my Power to > 1000, which was great, but the power pack was in a 1-tile hallway on the critical path :( Still, super fun and I'd play again.

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Really liked this one. Got huge Zaga-33 vibes from it!

The mechanics mesh together very nicely. I loved the wizard enemies removing walls until I realized they were regenerating health while doing so :D There are also some generous affordances for the lack of a 'wait' key, like the dragon skipping every other turn and the 'dig' spell (which honestly seems to be a double edged sword most of the time!)

Kind of wish spells were more common, they're a really nice way to change up the battlefield.

Again, great work. You totally nailed the Brough elements.

First thought: oh, it's just pacman??

Second thought: oh my god pacman always should have been a roguelike.

Incredibly well done. Couldn't stop playing! :D You totally nailed the implementation.

Great submission! I truly adore the art--wonderful sprites that have some subtle weirdness going on. The dynamic music is awesome, not sure if I've seen that in any of the other games this year!!

Love the art in this one! There doesn't seem to be a distinction between bumping into an enemy and them bumping into you, in terms of the damage exchange. That's a great idea--nice way to simplify combat.

Thanks so much for playing omnihexahedron on stream! I’m absolutely floored that you liked it so much!!

I was worried the game would be too difficult to understand, but you were out there making perfect moves within the first 10 minutes. I really enjoyed your escalating series of “aha.... AHA!” as you figured out new mechanics. I couldn’t have hoped to cause a better reaction :)

You provided me with some good notes; for example items (the purple things that come from chests) need to be way more obvious, and some cube abilities don’t work intuitively. 

Thanks again, really enjoyed your stream!

Wow, what an amazing first impression zooming down from the huge map to the player character!! Loved the fluid platforming here, really easy to get into the zone. Well done.

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Well this is just incredibly charming. I'm not sure I 100% understand the score/hp(??) grid at the top left, but I love the idea of manipulating it with the arrows in-level. That's a solid enough 7drl concept honestly, even before the delightful theme and character art (those eyes!!), music, background imagery, etc come into play. Great job!

Took me a bit to get a hang of the tactics here (kept trying to divebomb the enemies and my snail would immediately fly off the map haha) but once I did, I played this for far longer than I intended to. It's great fun seeing your lil guys duke it out. I didn't get a great sense of the 'team composition' aspect--I was trying to build a squad of e.g. brigands but they had rotated out of the store by the time I got enough money?

Amazing work overall, love the flying sailship.

Thought this was absolutely delightful. Great job translating the Mr Driller formula to punishing roguelike! Music and flavour text were perfect icing on the cake.

I'm completely obsessed with the art in this, like where did we go wrong when we left behind the GB palette!!

Saw in other comments that combat hits are a bit touchy, I definitely echo that BUT the idea is absolutely solid. You can imagine building off the system in any number of ways. 

Definitely expand this!!

Wonderful game! The 'settling' step is a great solution for physics-based roguelikes.

Having to settle on the exit tile is a nice touch. Feels like sinking a golf putt :)

I didn't see much point in the enemies telegraphing their moves the turn ahead.... until I started missing shots into narrow spaces! Almost seems like they're acting as a punishment for messing up rather than a proactive element on the map?

Really enjoyable though, and those menus are luxurious for a 7drl :D

Wonderful game! Love the choice between using vs consuming/absorbing items. Great way to keep up the tension as I'm constantly recycling the equipment I need!

Thanks for playing and saying such kind things!!

I was also surprised by the complex relationship between movement and rotation. Bit of a happy accident there :)

Good comments about damage vs utility abilities, I was going for a "build diversity" focus so I'm glad that landed!

Absolutely adored this one, I love the cast of characters. The way they interact in front of you while offering opposing bonuses was IMO an improvement on the same kind of ideas in Hades (!!) Overall super fun.

Super visceral, love it! You really nailed the 'juice' aspect. It seemed like I needed to go really fast (like run-up from offscreen) to do big damage, or maybe I just didn't understand the combat model? 

Either way this is super fun and I can easily see it expanded with more items/enemy types. Keep at it!

What a delightful thing the grinding mechanic is!! Don't be down on yourself--you absolutely nailed your main concept, so that's a win in my book!

Ohhhh! It all makes sense now haha. Great game, love being tethered to my past moves.

Now this is just good clean fun! Can't get enough of plowing through skeletons.

Vibes are strong, great job James!

Nice and simple! I like it, there's something really pleasing about the way the platforms move? Can't put my finger on it haha.

Great to see another Godot entry in the jam!

Love this!! The cards do a great job representing give-and-take in conversations and I love the bonus(?) points for matching shapes on adjacent cards. Is the AI acting randomly, or do different characters have different decks for their personality? Can't tell. 

Overall cool concept. Well done!

A couple entries I enjoyed:

Pancaketheon, which has superlative art supporting a great theme. 

Wyrm’s Wrath, which is a fascinating hex-based spin on Snake. 

And I might as well throw in a plug for my game omnihexahedron, a 3D roguelike focused on geometry puzzles and build diversity. 

Looking forward to the stream!!

Wow, congrats on getting that far! 

You got me—I was betting nobody would be dedicated enough to hit level 10! Lesson learned for the next jam :D

Thanks for playing and sorry for lying to you!

Love the colour schemes and funky controls. Great work!

The vocals really sell this.

I'm a sucker for games that nail the feeling of moving cards around. Absolutely wonderful. 

Very cool idea with some nice strategy about when to use items. Great!

Fantastic idea! Especially loved the moment I realized pawns are trash because they can't move backward :D

I'm torn on whether bishops/rooks should move you the maximum distance. It's simpler to control but limits combo ability!