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Rogue-like card game
Submitted by Christophe Coyard (@twotinydice) — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline
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  • Oh, my... This one is good, for real. Not sure if it can be called true roguelike, but damn... It's addictive. Sometimes random is a bit unfair , but still it manages to scratch that itch of "one more time, I know I can do it, I'll get lucky!". The only complain is that I found additional characters somewhat lacking. They do not have unique traits. As a result, if you played long enough with the first character, other characters are kind of do not bring anything new to the table. But that's minor. We are talking about 7drl after all. And for a 7drl is damn impressive! I could bring up a bit of nitpicking, but don't want to. Good game.

  • Well polished, balanced and visually great. It's quite light on the roguelike department but doesn't stray too far from it. The balance seems spot on, but the decision making is pretty easy to make most of the time which is the only thing I would love to see improved on, especially since it's just very solid in every other aspect.

  • What a fun to play experience. The game feels complete and polished with different areas to explore and a punishing final level (which might be a bit too hard, I haven't beaten it yet). The aesthetics are cohesive and the UI really simple to understand and the game play as simple as a card game can get. I would have really missed out on this fun title had I not played it. The scope is what I've come to expect from a 7DRL. While not a classic roguelike the game is definitely a roguelike-like! I really had a ball with this and I hope you polish it up even more and publish it.

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nice game


i really wish i could figure out all the code behng this to mod it and add or remove stuff then try it out

A really nice and addicting game!

Probably the best rogue-like game with card mechanic I've seen!

This was so fun! I would love to play it on my phone.
I'll probably replay it soon, hope it'll get an update!

(1 edit)

Very nice game :)

Of course some functionality to impress about my succeedings on several social media are missing ;)


I LOVE this title! the turn based strategy turn based components of it makes the game really fun and addictive. 10/10. I'd like to get an Android version of it!


It's a brilliant game worth playing.


Rather fun game :) I doubted I'd play so much of it, brilliant!


I'm a sucker for games that nail the feeling of moving cards around. Absolutely wonderful. 


I really enjoyed this game. I can't believe how polished and well designed it is for such a short amount of time. I'd absolutely keep playing more of this!


Amazing. Its a piece of art.


Very fun, though feels like you're too often at the RNG's mercy. Would love to see this fleshed out with some ways to mitigate luck.


Great Game


Way fun! Just enough variety to keep you coming back.


Nice game, all the best to author and wish new development.




so good to pass time and relax and addicitive as hell,if was on my phone i would have problem XD



This game is super fun! Really enjoyed playing It! Really feels like a rogue like dungion crawl. Gives you lots of intresting choices to make and you get to unlock new locations and characters.

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