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Yes, this is a great update but a video tutorials would really help out. 


Mind Blown! You can see, and feel the love and care that went into this game. So much fun! Great sense of humor, amazing gameplay, memoriable characters, unique story where your choices matter. I will be relaying this one. Top notch title with quality visuals! Would recommend to all.

A great point and click adventure. I really enjoyed the first half of the game. The story gets a little off the rails mid late game and their are some not so fun mini games there as well. But, the visuals and voice acting are really enjoyable and the when a puzzle is fun its alot of fun. Would recomend a play though if your a point and click adventure fan.

I ended up using Play On Linux to launch it and give it a play though. Would have been nice to get the Linux version as well though. Native is always better.

This game is awsome so far. This is everything I love about video games in what I feel is a  love letter direct to me. Light Platforming, RPG elements, great turnbased combat,  monster collecting. Wish I had known about the kickstarter.

Looking Good! Would love some documentation and a github link :). 

Is the linux build of this application working for anyone else? The .appimage will not launch the program for me.

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This project looks dead :( Really a great looking project though. Wonder what happend? Very fun alpha build.

Wow! This is one of the best games I have played on The visuals are amazing, the game play is intresting. Just wish it was longer. 

Very cool! We are going to clean up some the code and fix a few typos before we submit. But, will do for sure. Thanks for the comment and bringing the competition to our attention.

Awesome! Would love to see a WebGL version and the addition of sprite sheet exports. Hope you find the time. Very cool project!

Thanks for uploading a linux version! Saddly it is not working :( When I launch the application is loads a black screen, it flickers, and then nothing happens.  All I can do is press esc to return to my desktop.  Anyway you could look into that? Also my question about export options was becuase I am running linux and could not open the app to see if it gave any options to export the flame animations as png frames or sprite sheets for use in game engines like godot or billboards in blender. Let me know! Looking forward to using this on linux.

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Does this offer export options? Also... Linux version? :/

This game is super fun! Really enjoyed playing It! Really feels like a rogue like dungion crawl. Gives you lots of intresting choices to make and you get to unlock new locations and characters.