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Somehow this message got past me. Sorry for missing your message. If your looking to pick up the physical copy the pledgemanager for the project is still open. Production will finish around 4/17 and then fulfillment will follow soon after. Use this link to join the project. : D

I must agree with Romeo Reject. This is an awesome piece of software you've made. Can't wait for more sample packs. Thanks for making something so cool :D

Hey thanks for reaching out over here on! If your looking for info on progress towards the completion and fulfillment of this project in physical format I have been updating the Kickstarter page regularly to make sure everyone is informed. If you have any specific questions please do reach out. I am working out and finalizing manufacturing on some of the delayed components. Rewards should start fulfillment sometimes in the first half of this year. I am sorry for the insanely slow turn around on the physical rewards for this project. There have been a lot of bumps in the road. I appreciate you!

😂 yeah, it surprises me as well. the game just keeps getting downloads. so I guess someone likes it. We are at almost 2,000 downloads with 8 5 star reviews and part of 147 collections. People Continue to throw tips my way for this little one pager as well. It has made almost as much as some of my Paid items.  so all that keeps drawing me back to the project. I am Excited to hear your going to give it a go! Please do try out the expansion for it. TPK combat expanded adds grid based combat and I think really helps add that much more unique flavor to the game. :) best of luck! Let me know how it goes. :D

Thanks so much!

Sorry for the delay. This post slipped past me. As for models currently causing print failure the biggest offenders are Baccarat Rot due to a pocket that holds uncured resin in the top face region and Puppet Grass is a bit of a mess with all the bits of grass on its back. I may just provide a version with all that scooped out so people can add synthetic accent grass after the print is done instead of that nightmare of tangled thin grass elements. You may have issues with Rushlights as well developing a pocket but it seems hit and miss there. As for splitting from the base. You may run into that splitting across the board on the combined model and base stl files. They are provided seperate so I would just print them separate. I need to just make the base and model closer to one another before export. Thankfully we have had no issues with the bases warping. They are just the right thickness. Other than that as long as you are using a resin printer you should have a reasonable good time. We are testing on an 8K resin machine so your luck may vary. More supports are better. These models often have lots of overhang. Bonus advice. Maybe hollow out the Gleb Tick. We placed holes on the back side of our test so it was not just a block of resin. I hope that info helps. These will improve over time as more tests are done and I get more feedback on them. Let me know how it goes for you. Would love to see some user prints. :D

Very cool. Yeah, I can't really see the binding very well in that image but it's unique to see it in print again yet in a unique special custom print version.  When you get the official version I would love an image of it up against your custom order if you remember to do it. Thanks again!

Holy shit! This is kind of amazing lol. Glad you love the book that much! I can promise you that the finished version will be very fancy, smyth sewn binding, true pantone spot inks and such with a screen printed bookmark but damn if I don't think this DIY version is fuckin cool. Thanks so much for the kind words!

I think the results were worth the effort for both parties :D

Thanks so much! Also, thanks for illustrating 100000 arms. So many arms so sculpt. lol, Dear lord it was a lot of arms. I think it turned out pretty sweet though. It was honestly one of my favorite to sculpt. :D

Hey, this may sound crazy but the project has not shipped yet... I am crossing my fingers the pledge manager will launch by the 15th of next month. Sooo, if you wanted to pick up a physical copy here is the link to be notified when it goes live in open pledge status. Thanks for reaching out!

Yup, so many cards. lol

Sure! Shoot me an email at and I will send you back a sample set of print and play cards. As for the reason why the cards are so large. The PDF actually explains this haha.  So, just copy and pasting that here. "Well, the idea is to allow all participants in a session to be able to see these cards from across the table. It also gives more room for info."

oh, wow, 5 months ago? I am the worst at keeping up with comments on itch apparently. Yes, my email is

Hey Conley! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. These  cards are laid out on vertical A4 sheets. That said, they should print just fine on 8.5x11 US standard sheets. To insure they print to scale when you enter the print dialogue uncheck "Scale To Fit" if it is selected. It may also help to set the document to print with center alignment top and bottom so that it is not offset to the upper left  corner. A little of the top and bottom  of each page may get cropped off using this method but it will print the cards to scale. Each card should print at the size 2.75" x 4.75" (70 mm x 120 mm) If they are this size but still don't fit check your tarot card sleeves. There are actually a few variations on the Tarot card size and I have run into oversized sleeves a few times. Hope this helps! Best of luck printing! Reach back out if you continue to have issues and I will see what more I can do to assist.

Thank you for your patience with me and the kind words! I am excited to have the pdfs officially out.

lol, sorry, 3 months is a long wait but here it is. :D

Sorry for the super slow response time. I was glancing at itch and noticed this comment slipped through the cracks. To answer your question. Your just in time. The pledge manager should launch very soon and late pledges will be offered there. The pledge manager will have two projects in one so I can offer combined shipping. So, dispite it looking like it is not for Ossarium it is. Hope that helps. 

Hey! Thanks for checking in! When the pledge manager finally goes live all the things will be there waiting for you.  :D Bear with me and signup to get notified when its ready for you with the link below.  Thanks again for your interest in the project! 

Hey Whiizom, thanks for checking in on this project. I updated the main KS campaign page with a project update a while back to let everyone know the project is alive and well. I have simply been working on the solo/coop zine alot and have recently moved homes, it has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things. I am behind schedule, but plan on digital versions going out to backers by July. Physical copies will take longer as they have yet to even go to the printer yet. I apologize for the delay. Life have recently just been eating up alot of my personal work time. I again apologize for the delay. I had hoped to have the project done and to the printer by now but life had other things planned. :( 

Glad you're excited for it! Just to clarify though the cards have no red foil. It's only on the cover of the zine at this point. That may change but its not planned to at this time :D Yay for monsters!

I have said it before and I will say it again. Monsters, I love them and there are never enough to populate a place such as the dying lands. Some great lore, some unique mechanics. A great submission for sure.

Freaking amazing work! SO much great lore and storytelling here. Looking forward to more stuff from you. :D

Great first jam submission! Keep up the good work. Love the concepts throughout this.

This is very fun indeed. I love the bloody snowfall. lol A lot of great work throughout this entire thing. 

The willow bruiser is a great weapon. Gonna get some play even after the holidays I would imagine. Love the weapons' lore and ability.  Cool creature as well. I wish it was also a class. great work!

The Silent Night is a very cool event mechanically.  It really adds to the scariness of it all not to be able to use scrolls. Great game design work here. also, lol to the creepy rendition of the song.

A great addition to the pool of monsters roaming the dying lands. The design work on this is also top notch!

Blowing it out of the water with your first submission to a jam! "Oh come let us abhor him!" Some great humor, blasphemy and, storytelling for sure. :D

Love the lore on this creature! 

Blasphemy! 5 Stars! This game needed a savior based class! 

Blasphemy! 5 Stars! This game needed a savior based class! 

MONSTERS! I do love some monsters. These are solid holiday themed killers. I am a fan of the Bite ability of the Bah Humbugs. Very cool! I have not seen that mechanic before. Great work!

Thanks so much

This is a great monster generator! That image of the nutcracker and the bloody sword is very creepy and fitting as well. Love it!

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. I was not sure how it turned out. It's always nice to get that positive feed back. 

Thanks for the comment! The phrase "Hell yes" has never made me feel more appreciated. lol Please do spread the word about the project. I am no social media master lol.

Thanks So Much!

Ah shucks. I am a nobody haha. Thanks for the vote of confidence though :D The ego enjoys your words! lol

Ah, your killing it with your latest work my friend. Glad you are enjoying this thing though. It was a fun one. :D