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Thanks for the comment! The phrase "Hell yes" has never made me feel more appreciated. lol Please do spread the word about the project. I am no social media master lol.

Thanks So Much!

Ah shucks. I am a nobody haha. Thanks for the vote of confidence though :D The ego enjoys your words! lol

Ah, your killing it with your latest work my friend. Glad you are enjoying this thing though. It was a fun one. :D

I know it’s not done yet but this is shaping up to be some of your best work yet! Excite!

DOO IT! (fountains of Blood are classic!)  Your welcome!

Thanks so much! I have a whole zine filled with monsters coming that will have 31 unique baddies in it. Many are already posted in a rough form across my social media. I will be compiling them and polishing up the monsters for the final PDF and a physical Print Zine that's coming to Kickstarter after I relaunch and finish the MB reference cards KS. Lots of new content on the way!

also, I got a chance to read your other comment but didn’t have time to respond. To answer it in short, yeah I am not great at promoting myself. I am working on it. Haha. Please do spread the word about my  little projects. Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth.

ah, so glad you are enjoying it! If your looking for more content like that The Box of shadows is less of a toolkit and more of a story. Similar but different. The two are tied together via story hooks and feed into one another. I really appreciate the purchase and the positive feedback!

Ah, thanks so much! Glad your enjoying it all!

No problem! lol

This is awesome! Also, thanks so much for the shout out!

Thanks so much!


That is some meta filth right there sir. You got me with the "convert this game to 5e" loled

OMG that was painful. Amazing work. I got quite a giggle as I reached the bottom of the page second page in the spread and kept trying to scroll down but half the letters are cut off. SO frustrating. took me am moment to realize my PDF viewer was not glitching out. I am proud of you! amazing work!

You get lots of stars! This thing is very yellow, filthy, slimy, and all the other things that this jam is about. Great work!

SO Good! Will 100% be using this next time I run a session! Amazing work!

Finally getting a chance to read this.... and you said there was something wrong with me. WTF in wrong with you? lol

oh, well, I may do that when I get to the end of my story telling. The box of shadows, Ucalegon, The bridges of Mur, the road of light and next up unreleased Kickstarter, Blood countess are all connected. I will be creating a campaign style book for each of the major cities + little supplements and will end the epic with a final book set in Bergan chrypt. Once all of that is complete I may compile it all into one massive tome, at the very least offer a slipcase 😂 

I don't have a physical bundle or compilation. Just the upcoming individual print versions of a select few. I may bring others into print but my focus at the moment is making sure the 2 books, Zine, and cards that are already on their way are top quality :D I am also working on a new kickstarter launching at the end of the month. Not sure that helps you  though. For my own interest why do you ask? Would it help to have them ll compiled into a single document or am I confused? I may offer bundled deals in the future for products on my site but things are just getting up and running so trying to keep things simple at the moment. lol. Let me know how I can help. thanks!

Thanks so much! I do hope your excited for the physical version coming out in Nov/Dec! Check it out in preview format on

That Valravn Illustration on the last page is "chefs kiss"

I love the look of this! Also, a big fan of the addition of the courbers hook! Awesome work!

I do hope so! If you ever run Dukk Börg and throw it in a session do let me know how many players it kills please. lol

thanks!!! I appreciate the support! Stay tuned. More on the way! 

Will do! Thanks for asking :D happy to help. Will upload sometime this week.

Also, please do give the project a review if your enjoying it. It really helps! Thanks again!

Glad your enjoying the work! Do you mean just a single pages instead of the current spreads? I mean Its no trouble I guess if that's what your asking for. Please confirm and I will do that for you. 

Thanks so much for the kind words! haha, yeah, that is an issue. I got a little crunched for time and did not optimize at all. I plan on it. I will also be adding bookmarks to the pdf for faster navigation. Glad your enjoying the book! Cheers!

The Box of Shadows

The Box of Shadows is a campaign setting
for the Rules Light TTRPG MÖRK BORG.

Within you can expect to find the following:

-100 fully designed pages

-166 Illustrations give or take a few (A unique mashup of Public Domain images and custom illustration work.

-An dreary slog through Grift filled with monsters, miserable people and death -Special Rules for torches, entering dark spaces and intoxication -Rich lore for the GM and Players to dig into

-18 locations filled with story to explore

-23 unique characters to interact with

-14 new monsters to get killed by

-10 New unique magical Items

-20 New weapons to cut yourselves with

-13 New scrolls to fail casting

-15 tables of various sizes to generate stuff or get items

-A fun little drinking game for when your sick of rolling new characters

- Customized Handouts for use at the table

+++ You get a set of 46 reference cards that detail and give additional lore and usage for all of the equipment and Scrolls unique to The Box of Shadows Campaign Book.

I have used this 3rd party rule-set for dual wielding alot. Thanks. for creating it. I am going to reference it in a project I am doing and send people this way. Thanks again fro this great addition to the game.

I would say the False Stronghold is the best way to start a campaign and then immediately end it. lol Enjoy your party kill :D Thanks for the comment! Glad your enjoying it!

Very cool! Loving the illustration work on this one!

I never even thought about it actually having an inside that could be navigated haha. I just assume it's full of strange organs and teeth. It is  a False Stronghold you know. lol

Love the lore here!

none are worthy. So good! Some really great puzzles/riddle like options. I look forward to running this!

I love #6 where a childish god puts PCs into a children’s RPG! What a fun idea. 😂 

Flipping the mountain upside down was genius. Awesome dungeon !

Thanks! Glad you like it!